The focus of this article is whey protein, which has experienced a series of conversations among athletes, doctors, cosmetologists and other professions, is inextricably linked with human health. Some believe protein is a cure-all, others call it a meal replacement, and still others call it a chemical drug affecting hormone levels. Anyway, to understand, where truth and lies, and make whey protein fair “sentence”.

What is whey protein? The composition and application of whey protein

Terrible word protein

On all foreign-made products the buyer will not be able to find the words "protein" on the packaging. But the word "protein" will show off large, clearly visible letters. So before you proceed with reading this article, you need to pay attention to the English language in which the word "protein" is read and pronounced as "protein". No substitution of concepts in the last hundred years did not happen, so make sure that anyone opening a normal dictionary in any year of the publication.

Accordingly, about any hormonal product, pharmaceutical or narcotic drugs discussed in this article is not. Only natural product of whey protein derived by processing of meat and dairy products. It is necessary to understand from that imposed on other people stupidity about the dangers of protein does not interfere with the learning of information presented in this article.

Mode of existence of protein bodies

In the twentieth century that every student knew that life is the mode of existence of protein bodies, which is based on metabolism. Only a few decades these concepts have been replaced by unknown personalities, and the result is that the vital products of plant and animal organism, such as whey protein, have turned to others in chemistry. And Essentials such as salt, vodka, sweets, mayonnaise and the like, obtained by chemical means, has received the status of natural products.

In fact, to deal with the situation, it is sufficient to refer to the biology textbook or medical dictionary, in which you can find the full definition of "metabolism". Then you look at the composition of food consumed. Found a lot of interesting facts. For example, the fact that, in addition to food additives and flavor substitutes, nothing useful in 99.99% of products on store shelves, no.

Production technology

Initially, whey protein mixed with casein, which is also of value because of the high percentage of protein is a by-product of milk processing. Separating the liquid part goes to the production of whey products, but the hard part is susceptible to setting, which is separated from the main mass of casein. The remaining mix is used to produce curd, cheese, and similar dairy products.

If before the liquid whey just merged in the earth on dairy companies in the country, over the last few decades, thanks to technology, managed to establish her receipt of several kinds whey proteins with different percentages of protein and different digestibility. Every trade should meet separately, because very often buyers in sporting goods stores can't give a clear answer what they need: whey protein concentrate, isolate or hydrolysate.

Instant digestibility

Hydrolysates of whey proteins derived as a result of processing whey with the help of acids and enzymes is considered to be the fastest by assimilation products for the human body. In fact, the production itself is vaguely reminiscent of protein digestion products in the gastrointestinal tract. Logically, having entered the body, protein bypasses all processing stages, hitting directly into the blood. This is actually a myth. The protective system of the body is still immersed inside the food arrived in gastric juice. Although the digestion will be much faster than similar products without pre-treatment with acid.

Technology of production of hydrolysates is considered the most expensive, however the product price does not stop buyers, especially those who wish to get rid of excess fat. The fact that protein degradation in the acidic environment completely eliminates all the fat and carbohydrate compounds, making the resulting product is low-calorie.

Practical use of hydrolysates

Oddly enough, the most popular is hydrolyzed whey protein. Feedback is more commonly found in women's magazines, which are devoted to body care. The fact is that, compared to other types of protein hydrolysate does not cause allergies. Accordingly, it can be use to create creams, gels and other cosmetics for women.

But in professional sports this type of protein athletes not in a hurry to give preference. To pay fabulous money for the protein, which, unlike their cheap counterparts, has a terrible bitter taste (many manufacturers actually mentions that after acid treatment the protein is strongly bitter)? This makes no sense, because the market for such a large range that many buyers look at first. Take an isolate, which is several times cheaper, but not inferior to the hydrolysate caloric and percentage of protein can still be disputed.

Dehydration serum

Whey protein isolate is obtained by dehydration of the whey. The result eliminated many complex substances that make up the lion's share of primary product: animal fat, lactose, harmful cholesterol, complex salt and mineral composition. In addition to dehydration, the product is subjected to filtration, which is of two types: ionic and microfiltration. Both purification method aimed at increasing the percentage of protein content in the final product, their effectiveness and cost are almost equal, so the market is the manufacturer cannot emphasize on this buyer.

As the hydrolyzate, whey protein, which is isolated from impurities by the method of dehydration, not acid, along with low calorie and high protein, can cause allergies due to the complete absence in its composition of lactose. And low production cost makes this product the most popular and in demand in the sports nutrition market.

A big piece of cake

Many people very difficult to convince that the protein is not chemistry. And if the Anglo-Russian dictionary will be able to prove what is hidden in the title, it's usefulness can cause problems. Don't despair, it is enough to take any baby food that is recommended for use for babies from the age of three to five years. On the package of any children's product can detect the words "whey protein isolate", indicating the percentage of pure substance.

In addition to baby food, isolate very popular among athletes. First and foremost, it is interesting in bodybuilding, arm wrestling, triathlon and wrestling, where the primary role is played by the muscle mass of a person. Absence of lactose and animal fats are attracted to isolate manufacturers of dietary food such as "Rouge", "Doctor Stoletov", "Herbalife" and other, less well-known companies, whose protein shakes have quality certificates issued by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

With KSB on weight

Popular among the Russian-speaking population, the whey protein concentrate is the cheapest product on the sports nutrition market and, consequently, the most affordable. It is considered that KSB does not have its own production technology, as it is a by-product in the preparation of the casein. However, after separation of the liquid must be filtered and dry, that requires a certain cost.

As a result, many manufacturers carry out thermal treatment of the resulting product to increase in it percentage of protein content, but, judging from the numerous examinations conducted in different parts of our planet, this improvement reduces the biological properties of the final product. For example, a lot of information in the absence of protein branched chain amino acids after processing at high temperatures.

Low price is the key to success

Very often you can find whey protein in food products. Since concentrate is the cheapest to manufacture, it is used to raise the level of protein in products. Cheese, yoghurt, desserts, bakery products, candy and similar products in the KSB.

Many manufacturers of sports nutrition offered on the shelves of specialty stores of protein and energy bars, which also are composed of whey protein concentrate. With its high caloric content, carbohydrates and lactose in the protein, the intake of chocolate bar will quickly replenish the body's energy and put to the tired muscles of the construction material in the form of protein.

Some manufacturers of baby food creates a protein complexes based on whey protein concentrate. The mixture turns a high-calorie and promotes rapid weight baby. However, the presence of lactose or incomplete composition of amino acids in a protein cocktail can cause an allergic reaction in the baby. Therefore, when buying baby food all parents are encouraged to review the composition of the mixture.

Most popular protein

The most famous protein in the post-Soviet space is considered to be whey protein KSB-55. Popularity brought him extensive publicity in the media. A popular Russian athletes in front of the camera recommended customers to use for fast muscle growth this wonderful product.

Initially, the protein was produced in Belarus on the basis of the Berezovsky cheese-making plant, however, after aggressive advertising in the media market filled with similar foreign products with bar codes. Many buyers are attracted to low price for whey protein concentrate with its high content per serving, however, much afraid of typos, grammatical and spelling errors in the text, available directly on the product packaging.

Manufacturer KSB-55 departed from international standards and pointed out that the portion of the product not measured in grams and spoons. One teaspoon contains 55 grams of pure protein (as a result of independent measurements the user can calculate that the percentage of protein content in the mixture is theoretically 70%).

And pant are transformed into elegant shorts.

Whey protein KSB-55 is very popular among beginners who want to achieve any results within a very short time and without taking. After all, a catchy label on the package States that the fat quickly turns into muscle. In addition, the manufacturer promises that the protein can give a person energy, and increase stamina, it contains vitamins and stimulates the immune system. Such a universal complex, which is not thought of any one foreign manufacturer of sports nutrition.

Only one turning fat into muscle suggests that conceals whey protein concentrate 55. Reviews of professional nutritionists, trainers and the buyers are drowning in advertising, which is actively promoted by manufacturers and members of the affiliate program. Of course, the buyer is better to give money for an inexpensive product that solves all the problems of the athlete, rather than spent on the purchase of protein, vitamins, amino acids, fat burner, creatine and energy separately.


And no matter how advertised KSB-55 on the Russian market, there will always be people who will be able very simply to explain to customers how profitable they are becoming popular whey protein concentrate. The doctors, coaches, famous actors and athletes will not make buyers richer in financial terms. In fact, applying school knowledge in mathematics, any buyer will be convinced independently that the manufacturer sells his goods at an inflated price.

All the processing plants of dairy products in the former Soviet Union, including Russian, offer KSB at an average price of 5 specific units per 1 kg of product. It is clear that the price of wholesale, and protein needs a bit of tweaking to give taste, but does that entitle the seller to increase the price in 10 times?

On the market you can find products of foreign manufacture, having in its name the numbers "55". For example, the notorious Czech brand ŠvalyFit offers a complete protein with vitamins and amino acids for quick muscle mass. The product has received hundreds of awards and quality certificates from leading laboratories for the testing of sports nutrition. Of course, respected worldwide production has no relation to the KSB-55.

Effective burning of fat

And if the beginner want to quickly get rid of excess fat, then the first thing to pay attention to cardio training, the purpose of which will be a huge calorie consumption. It's running, walking at an angle 5-6 degrees up, Cycling, tennis, swimming and other active sports. Will not prevent the beginner athlete to reconsider and its own diet, limiting consumption to 30 kcal per one kilogram of body weight per day.

Of course, without the consumption of protein there is not enough, because in the process of breakdown of fats involved and proteins taken by the body the muscles that need to recover. On a diet you need to strictly follow the extra calories, so professionals recommend to use two kinds of proteins. Of course, at night you need to make protein with a low digestibility, which has casein. Whey protein as a protein isolate or hydrolysate will help to provide the body with protein in the morning.

A decent set of muscle mass

But for the weight, when the protein goes to building and to energy need healthy fats and carbohydrates, it is suitable whey protein milk concentrate. First, it is the cheapest one on the market of protein (if not to take into account soya that many athletes reluctant to take due to the heavy rumors about the reduction of testosterone after application). Second, KSB has the largest range on the market power, respectively, you can pick up not only any weight, packing and price, and taste, which is important for the athlete during protein intake.

If during a set of muscle mass in the priority is the maintenance of musculature, it is preferable to use casein as a protein for the night, otherwise the extra calories in the body is destined to be deposited as fat on the waist and hips.

Replacing sports nutrition with regular products

It is clear that in a typical meal, in addition to the necessary body proteins contain amino acids, vitamins and minerals, but many nutritionists, professional athletes and coaches are in no hurry to share tips for delicious and healthy food, and offer to buy in a store the protein and amino acids. It's not the affiliate program.

For muscle growth a healthy person needs to consume daily 1.5-2 grams of protein per kilogram of your own body. For example, a man weighing 80 kg needs to obtain in your diet 120-160 grams of protein daily. And if the athlete thinks that it is very simple, he is mistaken. The protein in the amounts that can be obtained collectively from chicken, beef or pork tongue, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, peanuts and other high protein foods, however you need to take into account the caloric content, which by far exceed the daily rate by several times. But in such situations will help whey protein. The protein will enter the body without extra calories.

In conclusion

As can be seen from the review, not so useless whey protein for the human body. Naturally, neither of which harm cannot be and speeches, except for obesity, when instead of reducing caloric newcomers raise the consumption of carbohydrates and fats methods of KSB. No need to avoid the use of sports nutrition, in any case, there will come a day when muscle growth will be impossible because of the lack of protein in the body. Only two options: to stop, either to start taking protein and amino acids.

Don't need budding athletes to believe in miracles, which guarantee manufacturers of sports nutrition. If it were possible to turn fat into muscle, that would make a third of the population of the planet, and on Earth there would be people suffering from excess weight. You need to always remember about free cheese, which happens only in a mousetrap!