Who would have guessed that ancestors used pouches and pockets for wearing coins will undergo drastic changes in the 21st century and become a self-sufficient accessory. It's about bags. Some thoughtful person decided to help a modern girl at the time of her shopping and was dreaming to increase the average size of bags. Thus, freeing women's hands from plastic bags. Innovation in the world of fashion was christened as a bag-shopper. That is an accessory intended for visiting shopping centers, supermarkets and filling it with purchases.

History of bags

An ancestor of the product is a purse, which was thought up as an alternative to a coin bag and pocket. Until the 17th century, men wore pouches with money on their belts, and women hid them under lush skirts. Then fashion designers provided pockets for men's waistcoats, trousers. Then there was no need for bags, and women had no choice but to decorate an unremarkable monetary accessory, make it of different sizes, from diverse materials and show people.

In the 17-18 centuries there were embroidered beads, wicker, lace and crocheted pencils. In the 18th century they invented the first, side skirts sewn on the side, women's pockets.

In 1790, for the first time, ladies came out with a handbag that needed to be held in their hands. Then came the saying: "Men should keep their hands in their pockets, and women pockets (that is, bags) in their hands."

What is a shopping bag? With what to wear a shopping bag

Protection for reticuli as locks and snakes appeared in the 19th century. The first industrial production belonged to such companies as Louis Vuitton and Hermès.

Men are puzzled why the girl in the wardrobe should have several handbags. This question can be redirected to the designers, they say, why they come up with new products, which do not want to refuse the modern lady. For example, in the winter of 2013 the bag-shopper became popular, "Oriflame", by the way, has already offered its customers to purchase a novelty from them. And how can you refuse such a model, when you buy food, you can all throw them into one bag on your shoulder and continue shopping with free hands?

In addition to this model, there are classic types of bags:

  • The postman is a leather product with a valve and patch pockets.
  • The dome is an oblong, frame bag, usually with two short handles and one long one.
  • Diplomat is a business case with a rigid frame, in a modern version, covered with leather.
  • The bucket is a large pouch, with a dense bottom and closed at the top by tightening elements.
  • A flat bag is an elongated envelope. It consists of two main parts: the front and back parts without the bottom sewn together.
  • Clutch - an evening version of storing personal ladies' things.

And, of course, the types of bags include: all sorts of road reticule; sports suitcases; backpacks and belt products for money storage.

What is a bag-shopper

Initially, this product was designed to replace polyethylene bags with eco-friendly cotton pockets. Then the household accessory clearly entered the TOP of popular office bags, naturally, after upgrading and replacing the main material: cotton with suede or leather.

Structurally it is a three-dimensional product, the length of which is greater in relation to the height. Has a rectangular or trapezoidal shape. Inside the bag, as a rule, one large department. A feature of the product is the absence of lightning at the top, valves. There are models with untreated edges of the main material.

A convenient thing to relax. The spaciousness of the accessory allows you to take it to the beach. The bag-shopper "Sea cruise", created in classical blue-and-white colors, is especially popular for firm "Oriflame".

How to dress

2015 fashion dictated the possibility to combine in the wardrobe of clothes of different styles. So, shoes are perfectly combined with a chiffon dress and sneakers with a coat. This style combines elegance, comfort and practicality, called casual. To him in its original form was meant for the female shopper.

Kazhal is also present in the business style. Allowed: replacement of ties and jackets, monotonous shirts with jumpers; the presence of patch pockets; dark jeans with a medium landing; sweaters over shirts; low shoes with no glossy buckles. Therefore, the admirers of business-kehalala are quite suitable for the image of a shopper.

To students of girls in schools, universities such a capacious accessory is simply necessary: ​​both fashionable and convenient. Also, the bag-shopper is combined with the sporting style. The only thing that does not fit such an attribute of the wardrobe, so it's in an elegant evening image, which only a clutch can emphasize.

Shopper but: reviews

Known in the Russian and Ukrainian markets, the company for the production and promotion of the mass of cosmetics "Oriflame" pleases its customers not only with skin care products, but also with the sale of fashion bags. So, in the autumn of 2014, a marine shopper appeared in the company's catalogs, which managed to acquire many regular customers and leave a feedback about the product.

On the well-known "otzovik", the product estimated by users of 5 stars scored 4.5. The bag is made in China and is made of 100% polyester. People pay attention to the contrasting combination of the outer blue fabric with a red lining that looks impressive. Inside there are pockets for small things. Quality sewing, even lines were noted. The product is fastened with a magnetic button. The price, under the conditions of the catalog, was 250 rubles or 80 hryvnia. The cost of the shopper was not set for the consultants a little too high - 1000 rubles or 300 hryvnia.

TOP shopping bags for office

In August 2015, a women's magazine analyzed the market of office bags and selected five of the most sought-after variants from the designers' options.

  1. Classic tote – accessory clear geometric forms, with two short handles. Colors: from delicate tones to bright options. Material leather or imitation leather of reptiles.
  2. Torba, or a bag-hobo. Preferred model to a nonstrict style. Formless (in a good sense) thing in the form of a crescent with one thick handle.
  3. Bag. The main condition when choosing such a bag for office style - the absence of variegated patterns, which often decorate the product of this type.
  4. Shopping bags. Feedback from owners of such an accessory as an addition to the business style confirms the evolution of the product from the "rag pack" to the elegant attribute.
  5. Satchel. A bag in the form of a school briefcase with a valve and patch pockets.

With your own hands

Summer version of a roomy accessory for walking, shopping and recreation can be sewn by yourself. From the tissue it is recommended to stop on burlap, jeans or dense flax. Lining at the discretion of the master, if the main fabric overflow the edges, then you can do without it. But then there will be no inner small pockets.

The pattern is primitive. Two rectangles, 45 cm long, 35 cm wide. Side details 2 pcs.: 45x10 cm. Handles: 85x10 cm, after fitting, then they can be shortened. Face-to-face are applied in the following sequence of the part of the product and with an indent of 1 cm sewn: first the front part with one sidewall, then the back part and the second sidewall join the sewn sidewall, which is lastly attached to the front part. On the underside folds the product in half, in such a way that the bends are in the middle of the side elements. This is necessary for sewing the base. Handles are tied up, and all - a trendy bag is ready.

Bag-Shopper Rouge "Oriflame"

The demand for the "Sea Breeze" model inspired the creators of the firm "Oriflame" for a bag for walking and shopping "Rouge". First in the catalog appeared a model of burgundy color, later - black.

The material of the product is a leatherette, in front imitation of crocodile leather. Accessory immediately fell in love with the girls, first, the price factor is an affordable model, and secondly, the bag is solid.

Which to choose

Before buying a fashion accessory, you need to analyze the existing wardrobe. If it is dominated by restrained things of an office character, then a small shopping bag with a single-tone design will suit you.

Animal, floral or camouflaged print on the accessory is better to choose for everyday wear, shopping and even visiting the gym.

When choosing a bag, in addition to the wardrobe, it is necessary to take into account the features of the figure and growth. To low girls the three-dimensional model or too extended, such attribute in a wardrobe visually will steal some more centimeters of growth does not approach. To high girls, on the contrary, to be modest with volumes of a bag it is not necessary, it is possible to take boldly models of the big sizes.