Any tourist not like a situation where he breaks down the planned trip. Especially if the tickets and the ticket already bought. In this case you need to compensate penalties to the receiving party, Consulate, organizers, airlines, etc. But these costs may be covered by the insurance, which can be purchased in addition to medical policy. Details about what is the essence of the service, read on in this article.

Insurance cases

It is worth to mention that the protected is not all the frustrations of the trip. Situations such as revolutionary movements, strikes, disasters are not included in the list of insurance claims. They are classified as "force majeure". The policy compensates for the disruption of travel only if they occurred on the territory of the Russian Federation to the insured person or members of his family.

What is the cancellation coverage abroad?

A list of risks include: death, illness, injury, failure to obtain visas (including persons who are traveling together), damage to property. There are more elegant options: call the court or the military. Cancellation coverage "PEGASUS" also covers the costs associated with changing the dates of travel: departure delay, early repayment or delayed abroad.

Why the policy does not cover failure of trip due to natural disasters? Because in the case of a force majeure event, all customers will be eligible to apply for compensation. In the end, this can lead to large losses as well as ruin of the insurance company (IC). Therefore, the policy covers only accidental, unanticipated events that affect the client. The whole list of such risks will be listed in the contract.

Rare cases

The insurance in some companies includes additional, unusual in relation to the standard program risks:

1. Cancellation because of the dismissal of a person after signing the contract. The reason should be downsizing, which furnished the employer with all legal requirements. In this case, the person was not aware of this risk at the time of signing.

2. Being late for a plane, ship or bus due to the delay of long-distance vehicles, if between scheduled arrival time and departure of trains was at least 1.5 hours.

3. Late for the flight because of involvement in an accident or accident, breakdown vehicle on the way to the airport.

4. The cancellation of the trip due to natural disaster up to the moment of departure from the country.

Cancellation insurance – this is a typical service. It can be useful to any tourist. The situations are different. People got sick before the trip. Thieves robbed the apartment. The Embassy did not issued visa. The border guards refused to allow tourists, as well as with electronic media the old model didn't read the information. The mass of options. So if the vacation will be ruined, you can return the money paid for the vouchers.

Principles of service

Rules, all companies are equal. But the approach is always the same: if a person had good reason to assume that the rest can be broken, then compensation should not count. Any events that determine the occurrence of the insured event prescribed in the Treaty and, thus, free from the responsibility of the client. For example, a guy takes out insurance for travel in the country, the Consulate which had previously refused him a visa. Or at the time of issue of the policy it was treated as an outpatient. Exacerbation of chronic diseases, which customers previously would not have guessed it, may also be the basis for rejection.

Concealing important factors will be regarded as withholding information. It will automatically appear in the form of refusal to pay compensation. This condition exists in all types of insurance. Therefore, in order to avoid the problems before signing the document you should carefully study the rules of the service.

People want to go to another country with a friend, then one of them gets sick. The rules can be told what the insurance abroad will only be paid to the injured party. The second participant, nothing prevents you to take a tour on their own.

The insurance of VSK is not available separately but only with the purchase of other policies. Many companies are working with customers through tour operators, "smearing", thus, risks. Individual customer orders are classified as "risky".

The amount of the reimbursement does not exceed actual expenditures. Moral damages are not kompensiruet. But deductible under such contracts may reach 10-15 %. While most often used absolute. Cancellation coverage "PEGASUS" includes the full cost of the tour, the cost of the visa. Other services may be excluded. It all depends on the rules of the company. Rate with minimum odds depending on the set of risks, may amount to 5-15 %. If there is a deductible, the reduced the insurance on his own recognizance. Insurance coverage the person must within 3 days after payment but not later than 2 weeks before the departure date. But to assert the occurrence of events during the day in writing, attaching to the application copies of supporting documents.

Be reimbursed only actual expenses. If I broke an unpaid trip, no compensation will not. The insurance of "INGOSSTRAKH" paid only after submission of complete package of documents. In the case of illness it can be a certificate from a medical institution, which confirms the hospitalization. But would be counted only sudden illness. If the failure is due to failure in obtaining visa, you must provide a copy of the passport with a stamp. The hearing, call in a military registration and enlistment office are based on appropriate agendas. You will also need to provide documents that confirm the payment vouchers, tickets, agreement with the travel Agency, etc.

Compensation can be provided in several forms. Some SK reimburse the entire amount, and then collect the unused portion of the money from the travel agent. Others compensate the expenses already incurred by the Agency and documented. The balance will be paid the travel Agency.

The client pays the tour operator 500 Euro for a ticket and signed a contract with a 10% deductible. There was a breakdown of the trip. The tour operator has documented only in the amount of 200 euros. Cancellation coverage "Biblio Globus" in this case will only cover 200 x (1 – 0,1) = 180 euros. 500 – 200 = 300 Euro return tour. The remaining 20 euros – deductible.

Potential customers

A complete list of risks that are covered by the policy, each company has its own. But most often the compensation is paid in such cases:

  • sudden illness/death of the tourist or close relative (spouse, parents, brothers, sisters, children)
  • the refusal of a visa (if documents were submitted in advance, in full kit, and bounce from the Consulate of the country people before received)
  • the delays in receiving permission to enter
  • the subpoena, the draft Board (if the agenda came after was insurance tour cancellation)
  • significant damage to client's property, which led to the deterioration of its financial situation: fire, robbery, flood, etc.
  • early return from the trip due to sudden illness/death of a close relative of the insured
  • the presence of the insured medical contraindications for compulsory vaccination, without which entry into the country is prohibited.


Cancellation coverage abroad does not apply to such cases:

  • the disease can be cured outpatient
  • injuries received in alcohol intoxication
  • pregnancy
  • suicide attempt
  • arrest/detention of the insured law enforcement
  • incorrectly drafted documents
  • the date of departure is transferred by the Agency
  • the bankruptcy of the carrier
  • return tourist requires the employer
  • the error of the Consul, the travel Agency, the carrier, in relation to the preparation and registration of documents
  • the trip was contraindicated to the client in physical and/or psychological health
  • the expected benefit if the purpose of the trip was commercial.


Although the list of risks is quite wide, not all of the existing cases are covered by the insurance. Traveler reviews confirm this. The majority of the companies does not pay because of the refusal of a visa. The most common cause of failure is the provision of a full package or incorrectly filling out paperwork. The reason for failure – error operator that insurance didn't kompensiruet. With regard to the refusal to call for an interview, it does not apply to group tours. And according to individual requests cancellation coverage will not be issued. Also, be aware that the policy applies only to risks associated with foreign tours.

Cancellation coverage – standard product offered to customers in the travel Agency. The policy covers costs associated with the disruption of travel due to personal reasons of the client. A natural disaster, "airplane scandal" and other large-scale factors not taken into account.