Most people have come across punching holes in the skin. And if the thin membrane on the shoe can be pierced with an awl or a large needle, then the hole in the thick material of the leather belt is better to perform with a special tool. Such as a skin piercer. The need for this tool in the manufacture of leather products is also not subject to doubt.

Cylindrical piercers

Serious tools, with the help of which holes are made in the saddlery production or leather industry, differ from household ones only in the quality and durability of the materials used.

To make a hole on the skin or other soft material, the latter is placed on a solid base (a smooth board is best), marked up, set the piercer vertically and hit it with a hammer. But this is a radical decision. Usually it is enough to press the tube with your hand and turn it around. The hole turns out equal and accurate, material is not chewed.

Revolving punch

For braid, a revolver type skin piercer is more commonly used. It is very similar to metal pliers, only a drum with six sharpened cones of different sizes from 1.4 to 5 mm is located on the head. The leather blank is clamped between the punch and the anvil, the handles are compressed, and a hole of the specified diameter is obtained.What is a skin piercer

Professional punches are made of stainless steel with a brass anvil and are equipped with an opening spring and replaceable steel punches with a lifetime warranty. However, for different models there are limitations on the thickness of the material being punched.

Step punches

To sew thick leather by hand, first punch holes using a stepper punch for the skin. Such a tool resembles a fork, the teeth of which are sharpened in a special way, most often a diamond. The sets usually sell punches with a certain pitch, the same width of teeth, which is from one to ten.

The teeth in certain models of punches are located to the line of holes at an angle of 45 °. Using such a tool, you can not only perform a straight seam, but also sweep over the product over the edge.

For the preparation of the holes for the braid or the Mexican pigtail use stepper punch with a diagonal arrangement of teeth.

Whatever the shape of the teeth and their location, such a tool is used to pierce suede and leather up to five millimeters thick.

Lower punches

This tool is not much different from the stepper, they are often combined into one category. The lower skin punch is usually performed with small round strikers, from one and a half millimeters, with a diameter and a step between them of 5-6 mm. It serves for punching not only leather, but also cardboard, fabric and other materials. Heads are screwed into the base and can be replaced by a spare in case of breakage.

During the work it is necessary to use a substrate made of soft wood or rubber.

There are pruner pruning type for making holes in thick or glued skin, in which the teeth are spikes to each other. The holes are even and from the front and from the wrong side of the punched material. Trims with teeth are mounted on threaded connections.

Self-made leather punches

Making a punch for the skin with their own hands is easy. It is only necessary to pick up a thin tube of the desired diameter and sharpen its edge. It is also possible for the execution of decorative holes to give the working part the shape of a semicircle, oval, crescent, if there is no desire or opportunity to purchase such a tool.

The craftsmen use small Chinese screwdrivers, removing the stinger from them, twisting the edge and cutting a groove to push the pieces. Similarly, telescopic antennas from old radios are processed. Someone uses dropper needles and micromotors with a collet clamp.

An improvised means for making a stepping tool can be a regular table fork. True, the holder must be thick and the teeth of a square shape in cross section (or triangular, if it comes across). The fork is heated, aligned in the same plane with the holder, the cutting and excess teeth are cut with a hacksaw (only fifteen millimeters remain, or even less). Then the workpiece is brought to a working condition: the cutting of the cutting is leveled, the width of the teeth and their height, the teeth are sharpened with a file.

Soft and thin skin is best pierced with needles for sewing leather. It is clear that, using one needle, it is difficult to make an even seam with the same stitches, and the process lasts long enough. There are craftsmen who with the help of available tools and thick needles for sewing machines can assemble a punch for the skin with their own hands. Such a tool can simultaneously pierce five holes, but sewing needles, even the thickest ones, break easily, so you need to use a hammer for punching very carefully.

Leather - material, thankful in the work. Using even simple tools, it can be used to make unusual beauty and functional things. It can be wallets, purses, bags, belts, sheaths and more. And so that the creative process was not too time consuming, the seams were smooth and of high quality, and piercers are needed.