Probably each of us at least once in my life heard the word "plan." True, the word “project” is very fashionable now. “Plan” and “project” are quite similar concepts, but today we will focus on the first and answer the question of what a plan is and how it relates to the goal and objectives. As always, examples will be as simple and accessible as possible.

Do you need a life plan?

What is a plan? How do the concepts of the plan, objectives and goals

Generally, few have a life plan. Well, because life is unpredictable. There is another expression: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." Nevertheless, serious boys and girls (regardless of age) love to plan their future, and not very serious life guides are neglected and live as God will for their souls. Life allows variations. Therefore, it is possible both. True, after all, those who have a motion vector live easier.

The reader is probably already exhausted and wants to know what a plan is. The answer is not long in coming.

A child who dreams of being a football player

A man wants to become a football player and he wishes it with all his heart, and from a very early age. Imagine that he is also mature beyond his years and has made a certain list of tasks that he needs to accomplish in order to achieve his goal. We give it in the third person.

  1. At 7 years old go to football school.
  2. From 7 to 15 work hard and attend views in different eminent and not very teams.
  3. From 15 to 18 to get into the youth team "Spartak", "CSKA" or "Barcelona".
  4. From 19 to 37 - professional career.

Simple life plan of 4 points.

Unfortunately, the number of trophies and world fame can not be planned, as well as all the zigzags of human destiny.

In this example we can understand that the question “what is the plan” is not so simple. In our case we see, plan to become a footballer. There are tasks, i.e., steps needed to carry out the main quest. There is an approximate implementation time of each task. If the person doesn't tolerate defeat and track, he brings to life is actually my dream.

Thus, the plan itself is a detailed outline of a process that includes the time frame (schedule) and certain methods (tasks) to achieve the result (goal). This is one value and one answer to the question of what a plan is.

The building map is a plan.

Sometimes under the plan understand only the map of the building. For example, in each building there is a scheme of how to escape in the event of a fire. If people do not know the plan of the building, then under unforeseen circumstances they, unfortunately, will disappear. For the sake of fairness, it must be said that this meaning of the word “plan” is not used very often in comparison with the one we quoted at the beginning. We turn to synonyms.

Is the plan and the project the same? Synonyms for the word "plan"

We return to what was said at the very beginning of the article - to the fashionable word “project”. If you often watch the Internet, then here and there it flashes. You can often hear: "This is a good project." And so they say not only Western people, but also Russian-speaking. Soon it will be ridiculous, and any person, even a child, will say that this elite kindergarten (or school) is a good project for me, a good opportunity to realize oneself, etc.

The answer to the question posed in the title - yes, the project and plan are synonymous terms. The reader probably wants to know something else about synonyms. We rush to his aid.

If we are talking about the concept of a plan as a specific set of actions to achieve a goal, then synonyms will do:schedule, project, ordered list, desired image, intent .

By the way, and this is very entertaining, some textbooks on psychology bring together the concepts of “plan” and “dream”, which fundamentally contradicts the conventional idea of ​​a dream as something unrealizable.

If we are talking about a plan as a building scheme, then only a “drawing” is synonymous.

Hopefully, we did not disappoint the reader with how we picked up a synonym for the word “plan”. We tried our best.