Men's loafers were first introduced in 1930, and since the 50s have become one of the classic types of shoes for the strong half of humanity. They are constantly changing and acquiring new elements, but always take their place of honor in the wardrobe. The combination of convenience and strictness of form is the most significant advantage that loafers for men can boast of. What to wear with such shoes? What is its feature and what are the types of loafers? Read on and you will find detailed answers to these questions.

What shoes are called "loafers"?

Previously, it was only men's shoes, but later there was a female version. In any case, lovers meet these requirements:

  • they have no shoelaces;
  • the ankle remains open;
  • the heel is separated from the rest of the sole and most often low;
  • the upper part is similar to moccasins.

But they differ from the latter precisely by the presence of the heel, the absence of embroidery, beads and national ornaments. In addition, these types of shoes appeared independently of each other on different continents.

Types of Loafers

During its existence, various versions of these shoes have appeared:

  • Venetian - this is the earliest version, simple form and with a minimum of decoration. Men's loafers first became known in 1930, they repeated the look of comfortable and practical shoes of the Norwegian shepherds. And in Great Britain they began to be called this because of their similarity in appearance with the barque - the Venetian narrow oblong boat.
  • Penny Loafers are classic shoes. Its main feature is a strip of leather along the top of a shoe with a narrow, elongated hole, into which you can put a small coin. They say that the beginning of such a fashion was put by American students, but according to another version, it was the perfect place to store trivia just in case.
  • Men's tassels with loafers is another very popular option. The history of its origin is unclear. Perhaps this model appeared after the famous American actor Paul Lucas wore oxfords with tassels, and the shoe manufacturer Alden Shoe Company was asked to do something similar. The new design took root and in 1950 began to be produced en masse.
  • Men's loafers with a buckle gave us a fashion house Gucci. Therefore, they are sometimes called "gucci loafers." While in America, these shoes became increasingly popular, in Europe it was considered too simple. But the father of the brand, Guccio Gucci, appreciated the potential of the loafers and during his visit to New York slightly modified their shape and decorated it with a buckle. They looked formal enough to fit with a suit and in the 70s almost became part of the uniform of dealers on Wall Street. Even John Kennedy wore gucci loafers. Along with the release of these shoes, the popularity of Gucci, which previously specialized in high-quality saddles and suitcases, began to grow.

All natural

Loafers are usually made from two materials: leather or suede. Since they often assume wearing without socks, any other material will not withstand the combination of heat and humidity for a long time, and legs will be uncomfortable in it.

The first option looks stricter, and these shoes are worn longer. Of course, they require careful maintenance: timely cleaning, polishing, etc.

Suede loafers are considered shoes exclusively for the warm season. You do not want to spoil them during wet rainy weather. Their textured surface looks less formal and goes well with spring-summer fashion.

With or without socks?

The answer to this question depends on the season. In the cold season, it is acceptable to wear socks, but they should be combined in color with the pants and be in perfect condition. Of course, fashionistas can try contrasting combinations, but here it is important to observe the fine line between style and bad taste.

And in the summer months you have to give up socks. What if this prospect frightens you? Look for cropped men's socks or make it a habit to powder talcum powder before going out.   In general, if you decide to wear such shoes, then you need to carefully monitor the condition of the feet.

What to wear with loafers?

With this type of shoe you have a wide selection.

Loafers can be worn with suits, but they must be of strict form and with a minimum of decorative elements. It is very important that the leg is of the correct length, namely, it ends at the level of the front edge of the shoes. So the silhouette will be clear and neat.

For a classic suit, black models of polished leather are best suited.

And lovers of smart casual style can combine jeans with a jacket and suede loafers.

Do you want to look strictly and at the same time comfortable even in the heat of summer? Here is a beautiful summer set: a light shirt, soft beige trousers, a woven brown belt and suede tassel loafers. But do not forget: no peeping socks.

Not only in the office would be appropriate lovers for men. What to wear to their followers of a relaxed street style? For example, with narrow or shortened trousers that will demonstrate your shoes in all its glory.

Jeans, T-shirt and men's loafers are a versatile, casual outfit.With a shirt with short sleeves or bright colors, they look no worse.

In the hot season, shorts of a classic cut are combined with loafers without socks.

Today in many stores you will find men's lovers. Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia and the CIS provide an opportunity for lovers of comfortable and stylish shoes to discover these shoes. They are all: politicians, stars, and managers. And which pair will you choose?