The ability to take a photo of yourself on the background of any of the sights, during the journey or just for a family dinner, without the help of strangers is exactly what allows you to make a monopod. Of course, a selfie can be done at arm's length. But in this case not get such a broad overview, as in the photo with a selfie stick. Let's understand what is a monopod what they are and how to use them.

Description of the device

Tripod, monopod for cameras or smartphones have become an integral part of modern life: everywhere you can see people taking pictures of themselves on the device, resembling a stick. By and large, the answer to the question, what is a monopod, is quite simple: this is the stick, which is installed on the phone.

What is a monopod how to choose, connect and configure the selfie stick

That is, a monopod is some sort of usual tripod for the camera, allowing you to make photo by pressing the button installed on it or via a Bluetooth headset, but not on photostrictive. Monopod for camera or smartphone, as a rule, made of plastic or metal.

There are several varieties of selfie sticks, so everyone can choose the option that it is most convenient. By the way, a big plus of the present invention is a wide price range and a great variety of choice on the market. Monopod telescopic instrument that allows the owner to effortlessly take photos from a distance, which extends its handle, which may be of plastic, metal or rubberized. The latter is particularly comfortable to hold, it fits the hand and does not slip.

On the back of the monopod is a special "nest" in which is clamped a smartphone. By the way, the selfie stick can be not only classic black, but also all kinds of bright colors.

Monopod for smartphone with button

Having dealt with what is a monopod, and deciding whether he needs you, you need to decide on one of them. All four of them. Let's start listing in descending order of their convenience and popularity. First – selfie stick with Bluetooth button. It is considered to be the most convenient, of him more will be said below.

The next option – selfie-stick with a button and wire. The handle has a push button, and at the top, with small transactions, through which the monopod is connected to the smartphone, whereby and works without activating Bluetooth. This selfie stick does not require recharging, which is a definite plus, no need for the remote, which is often lost.

But the wire is made most often in white color, due to which does not look too stylish and beautiful. Besides, it is quite thin, so can easily be damaged. By the way, recording video on this selfie-stick, be sure to remove the wire from the connector (plugs into the headphone Jack), otherwise it will not have sound.

Tripod: monopod without button

Another kind of selfie-sticks are the easiest and, unfortunately, not so convenient. This monopod for smartphone with no buttons, that is, an ordinary tripod. To make photography possible only with the help of a timer installed in the photographing device. After the specified time will be taken, and if you want to reshoot, will have to set the timer again.

Because of the great popularity of such devices are not used due to the inconvenience in use, but they are cheap. Although, if you have already purchased this, do not worry: it is possible to separately buy a Bluetooth button.

Bluetooth Monopod for Selfie

Monopod for smartphone is the most convenient and, of course, the most sought after. Photos like this selfie-stick and easy to do, fast and simple, there is no need to insert the cable into the socket on the phone, which many often forget to do. Especially when photographed against the run. Its main advantage is mounted on the tripod the Bluetooth button. A monopod works on a battery that requires charging at regular intervals, as well as any smartphone or camera. If you forget to do it, does not work. This is probably the only disadvantage of this kind of sticks selfie.

Selfie stick with bluetooth button on the remote

Another option is running via Bluetooth monopod. But unlike the previous – button is not on the tripod, but on a special control panel button. The convenience of this device is that it can be installed as an ordinary tripod, a monopod will easily perform its function, if it can be strengthened.

Selecting the area you want to capture, and steadily installing the desired distance button remote to take with you and click any point desired number of times. This photo will turn out not simply as self, and almost as if taken by a photographer or at least a different person. Of course, the standard selfie to do is equally easy: enable Bluetooth on the monopod and smartphone, to pull the tripod, change the angle and position, click.

Despite all the advantages, the disadvantages of this device still has the remote is very small, because you can lose it very easily. If you decided to do a selfie, one hand busy with the handle of the tripod and the second is the button that is not too convenient. In addition, the remote button does not always staffed by a monopod, so there is the likelihood the individual purchase.

Monopod for the camera

Many fans to be photographed can argue with the fact that the new-fangled gadgets are able to take pictures whose quality is not worse and even better than on many cameras. Nevertheless followers of standard photographic equipment or those who do not have smartphone, you might want a monopod for the camera.

From the same smartphone he has more strength, because the cameras are much heavier. For each of them to pick up the monopod separately, because they come in different sizes and, consequently, weight. And therefore must be extremely reliable and properly clamping photostrictive in a special slot, so as not to damage it.

Connecting and setting up the monopod

Now you know what a selfie stick and what it can be. Now we need to collect and understand how to connect the monopod. Install the smartphone into a special slot, picking the right size. Make sure that the mount is not scratched and not damaged the screen. Check that the mobile is not hanging in the fastening, if necessary tighten the clamps.

If your monopod without button, set the timer and pull the tripod to the desired distance by sliding it. If a button and a cut wire, insert that into the headphone Jack. Transactions are usually mounted on a selfie-stick. To open the camera on your smartphone and take a picture by pressing the button. Sometimes, instead of photos includes the volume of the radio. Log in to camera settings and adjust there volume button on the monopod.

The selfie stick with Bluetooth button must charge at least an hour. Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and the monopod, set the connection between them, and then set the required length of the tripod and press – ready photos!

Now you see that in how to connect a monopod, there is nothing complicated, the rules are the same everywhere. Although sometimes each individual model may have its own nuances.

Why the device does not work

The very first reason that the monopod does not work is the wrong device. Before buying, be sure to check with the seller whether this model is suitable for your smartphone, and only then make a purchase.

Perhaps the wire is not properly inserted into the phone jack or in the wrong connector.

For some models of monopods, you must install a special application, so check this point before buying. When a photo is constantly sound and even the settings in the camera of the phone does not help, again, probably need a special program. But better a monopod to change. Probably on your smartphone obsolete operating system that does not feature a selfie stick.

Recommendations for selfie photos

To take good selfie shots, not just to know what a monopod is and how to use it. Besides, if you want to be in the trend, is to follow the latest fashion trends in the field of selfie photos. Photos themselves require compliance with some tricks to make you look it is not distorted, not boring and not banal.

If you want to make an interesting photo, even in the shot not only the face but also part of the surrounding area. For this you need to photograph myself a bit from the top will be visible and part of the clothing and the face to appear thinner. Don't forget to smile, emotions – always the sign of a good photo, most importantly, they were sincere.

Under natural light to make photos much better, the images are more natural colour rendition close to this. By the way, it is believed that the best lighting for photos after 16.00: still light, but the sun was blinding and there are no unnecessary shadows.