In each sphere, mainly in the economy, there are quantitative values ​​that have restrictions established by the state. In this article we will look at what a quota is, where you can use it and how to get it.

What is a quota? What does quota mean

Definition of concepts in economics

A quota is a share or portion of something owned by each participant of a joint venture. There is a share of imports and exports of various goods, also called quota. This control of the maximum admissible import of goods helps domestic producers will not get lost in the competition. This method of protection causes an increase in the profitability of the sectors received quota. On the other hand, the pressure of enterprises in need of quota, causes costs that have to compensate for the expense of the consumer. In this case, local goods have a higher price than imported products. The magnitude and timing constraints affect both the foreign and the economic situation of countries. What is the quota in foreign trade, we have reviewed, but there are other areas in which it is provided.

Immigration restrictions

In our country every year attracts a large number of foreigners living, students working. What is the quota for non-residents? This concept is used in immigration policy, limiting the influx of foreigners into the country. On the territory of the Russian Federation immigrants allowed to stay for three years. But this permission must also be obtained by submitting an application for a quota in FMS. Those citizens who have grounds to obtain a temporary residence permit may not use a quota. For example, the spouse or spouses are citizens of Russia, the presence of disabled children with Russian citizenship, the pensioners with Russian children, foreigners serving in the Russian army and others. Other foreigners must obtain a quota of sun.

How do I apply and how is the quota to

Adult, legally capable foreign citizens and persons without citizenship wishing to obtain permission to stay and temporary residence in the Russian Federation, must apply to the FMS of Russia personally. For quotas minors statement writing parents, adoptive parents or guardians. If the applicant is outside of the Russian Federation, it goes to the Russian Consulate at the place of residence. In addition, foreigners can use the online official portal.

The documents for the quota sun

If the order of arrival of a foreign person is not required to have a visa, to obtain quotas for temporary residence in FMS must submit the following documents:

– Two identical statements of a certain form.

Documents that can confirm the identity of the citizen applying.

- Receipt of state duty for receipt of quota, which must be paid before applying.

- Two photos of size 3.5 X 4.5 cm for foreign citizens and three for stateless persons.

– The documents confirming knowledge of the Russian language and history of Russia. Also need to be familiar with the laws in force in the territory of Russia.

- Medical certificate of the absence of drug addiction, infectious and HIV diseases and other pathologies. Help is provided within 30 days from the submission of the application.

- Migration card with a mark about the entry of a foreign person in the Russian Federation.

In addition, it is necessary to register with the tax authorities within a year. If relatives have different surnames, additional documents will be required confirming this fact.

Medical care

What is the quota in medicine? It is money provided by the state to receive medical treatment or surgery. To get it, not everyone can. There is a list of certain diseases that are not included in the list of OMS, the treatment of which is given a quota. Basically it is a disease that requires surgical treatment or a full course of therapy and rehabilitation. In order to receive the cash you need to overcome several mandatory steps, such as referral, the conclusion of the Commission.

Quota execution procedure

Before a quota to get, you first need to consult your doctor, who based on surveys and information about ongoing treatment and the current condition of the patient will direct the data for consideration by the health authorities of the Russian Federation. Also you need to make an appeal in writing, the results of clinical and diagnostic tests, copy of passport, MHI policy, SNILS.

Further, the Commission received the documents, examining them and studying. Then, the paper is sent to the main specialist who, in turn, gives the conclusion about the operation. After reviewing the doctor's findings, the Commission decides where to send you for more help.

Quota on IVF

One of the most expensive medical services related to infertility treatment. To date, reproductive medicine specialists high-level: andrologists, embryologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, psychologists, and human reproduction. The latest technology, equipment, laboratories help families to fight the disease. But not every couple is able to pay for medical services for the treatment of infertility. Therefore, the state budget provides the Federal quota for in vitro fertilization.

As a quota to get and what to do? Before you seek help, you need to obtain from the attending physician diagnosis of infertility and recommended IVF as the only possible method of fertilization. Then you need to prepare the documents for the quota and be familiar with the requirements of a candidate. The paper discusses the medical Commission, which decides on their transfer to the Department of the Ministry of health. In case of failure in obtaining quota is a sick statement with explanation and direction for further examination in the Commission office. If the Commission's decision is positive, then the candidate receives a pass in the center of the reproduction on the procedure.