Time is a very significant resource, which is always lacking. It is never enough. Always want to have it more.What is a quarter? How many months in each quarter?People who know how to correctly allocate this resource, achieve a lot in their lives. Those who do not value time and waste it, rarely achieve serious success. In order to perform any task on time, it is necessary to assign a certain period of time for which to actually implement it and adhere to the established deadlines. Only by setting specific goals, you can achieve the goals. How can there be a period of time? It can be different: a week, a month, a half year, a year, etc. In this article, we'll talk about a period like a quarter.

What is the quarter. How many months in each quarter

In Latin it means "quarter". Accordingly, the quarter is ¼ year. Thus, it becomes clear that in the year we have only four quarters. Knowing that a year consists of twelve months, you can calculate the number of months per quarter. How many months in every quarter of the year? By simple mathematical calculations we arrive at the following: 12/4 = 3. Total, in a year we have 4 quarters, each of which has three months. Quarters are numbered in Latin numerals. In English-speaking countries, this period of time is indicated by Arabic numerals. Before each of them is written the letter Q.

What months in each quarter

A similar division has the year of the seasons. They are also four, each three months. However, between a quarter and a season of differences. The seasons represent times of the year. There are four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. However, the winter season does not begin with the beginning of the year. The first month of winter is the last month of the year - December. The quarter is characterized by a division from the beginning of the year. That is, the first quarter begins on January 1. Further, that in the seasons, that in the quarters, the months are considered in order.

So, we can find out what months in the first quarter. This is January, February and March. In total, 31 + 28 (29) + 31 = 90 (91) days are obtained in the first quarter of the year. The number of days can change only in the first quarter, because February is not in a leap year has 28 days, and once in 4 years it consists of 29 days.

Q2 - What are the months? The second quarter of the year includes the next three months - this April, May and June. Total number of days: 30 + 31 + 30 = 91. This number of days is invariably from year to year.

3 quarter - this is what months? July, August, September - these are the three months of which the third quarter of the year consists. Total number of days: 31 + 31 + 30 = 92.

And finally, the last quarter of the year consists of such months: October, November and December. The total amount of days: 31 + 30 + 31 = 92.

Why you need such a division of the year

Normally the term "quarter" used in those establishments where it is necessary to make the statements, for example in statistics or accounting. This division allows you to bring the records into the system, correctly plan and monitor their implementation. The annual report is, of course, very important, however, until a whole year passes, quarterly reporting allows you to see how timely the tasks are being performed. This makes it possible in time, if necessary, to adjust their implementation in order to achieve the required indicators by the end of the year. Reports are executed once a quarter. How many months it takes to accomplish this or that task determines the number of quarters allocated for each goal.

Interesting Facts

In the word "quarter" the stress falls on the second syllable. However, very many people pronounce this word incorrectly, singling out the first syllable. You need to remember how to pronounce it correctly so as not to look illiterate.

Earlier, in Soviet times, the quarterly year began in October. This fact caused confusion in the documentation, so soon such practice was canceled.

Since at the end of each quarter, as a rule, accountants, statisticians and other organizations have to make a report, this period of time is also called reporting, as well as tax.

The word "quarter" can denote not only a period of time, but also a number of houses between two intersections in the street.


In this article, we found that this quarter, how many months in each quarter, etc. this knowledge will be useful in the first place the employees of those organizations that is compiled quarterly reports. People not related to the reporting periods, does not hurt to know this information to expand their horizons. The division into quarters – this is a worldwide practice. It allows you to properly plan the time to complete various tasks in order to achieve your goals. The only one who paints my time by the minute, puts before itself specific tasks and oversees their implementation is able to achieve something. The division of the year into a quarter is very convenient, since it allows you to track in time the overall results, and in case of what - to timely adjust your activities.