Relatively recently, pheromone perfume appeared on the domestic perfume market. Manufacturers claim that with their help any young lady will be able without special efforts to attract the attention of the man he liked. Therefore, many girls are interested in what pheromones are. Do these substances really possess such miraculous power or is it just another marketing ploy, invented by dexterous representatives of advertising agencies?

What are pheromones? What are pheromones in perfumes and how do they act?

What is pheromone?

This is a fairly large group of various chemical compounds with the ability to control neuroendocrine behavioral responses. Simply put, these substances affect individuals of the opposite sex, causing them to have certain reactions associated with social behavior or reproduction. Those who are interested in what pheromones are will find it helpful to know that these compounds are capable of influencing various processes. So, they can control the physiological state, emotions, behavior, and even the metabolism of representatives of one species.

How do these substances work?

Pheromones synthesized by special glands are gradually released into the environment. Despite the absence of smell, they are perfectly perceived by animals that have a well-developed Jacobson organ. For those who are interested in what pheromone is, it does not hurt to learn that these substances may have a very different structure. Some compounds, by their nature, are alcohols, the second are acids, and still others are aldehydes. One of the few properties that unite all pheromones is volatility. After the Jacobson organ has recognized these substances, it begins to transmit signals to the hypothalamus and to the part of the brain that is directly responsible for the instinct of reproduction, aggression and fear.

Effect on the human body

Realizing that this pheromone and how it works, you can move to, what is the impact of these substances on people. Some experts believe that not the last role in the synthesis of pheromones is given to the bacteria. These compounds are produced by special glands located on the scalp, nasolabial folds and armpits. But don't confuse them with the smell of sweat, because these substances have no scent. Those who have realized that such a pheromone would be curious to know that the main function of these substances is considered to be strengthening sexual attraction between members of the opposite sex. We should not discount the fact that the protect themselves the body of the man is worse than animals. Because people almost impervious to the action of pheromones. None of the numerous studies have not yielded conclusive evidence of the fact that some of these substances have a significant impact on people.

What is pheromone in perfume?

Most modern manufacturers of perfumery add these substances to their products. If you believe advertising, then the young lady, taking advantage of such spirits, there will be no shortage of fans. However, looking at the bottle, you can often see that not human pheromones were added to the perfume, but, for example, a beaver stream. Consequently, these perfumes will attract the beaver, but not men. Man, like animals, responds exclusively to those excitatory substances that are secreted by representatives of his species. It is possible that in a few years scientists will find a way to synthesize human pheromones, as long as this is impossible. Therefore, those who are interested in what pheromone in perfume means are upset when they learn that all this is nothing more than ordinary self-hypnosis.

What you need to pay attention when choosing this perfume?

Modern perfume manufacturers offer a wide range of famous perfumes with the addition of pheromones. This is very convenient for young ladies who prefer to use certain fragrances of popular brands. Those who in spite of everything, believe in the magical power of these substances, and decided to purchase perfumes with pheromones, you must follow a few simple rules. The first thing to look at is the composition of the perfume. They should not be alcohol, easily destroying the volatile pheromones. In the composition of the spirits, intended for purposeful seduction, must be present musk. This substance is extracted from the sex glands of an animal ready for mating. For those who already understand what pheromone is, it does not hurt to learn that in most European countries there is an official ban on the manufacture of perfumes containing natural sex pheromones. This is due to the fact that the use of such spirits can trigger the development of serious psychosexual disorders.

The most secure in this sense is considered to be the perfumes, which are the pheromones of plant origin or synthetic musk. Plant substances that enhance sexual attraction, include ylang-ylang, cumin, amber and ginger. The combination of these flavors with the natural human pheromones enhances the passion. When choosing a perfume you need to pay attention to their smell does not cause disgust and other negative emotions.

Terms of use of perfume with pheromones

It is recommended to apply such perfume only on cleanly washed skin. If your chosen perfume with pheromones does not have a distinct aroma, then it can be used in combination with your favorite perfume. If the usual perfume can be applied to clothing, then perfume with pheromones are applied only to exposed areas of the body. The best places for this are the wrists, the neck and the area behind the lobes of the ears. To prolong the effect of pheromones and prevent their rapid volatilization, it is advisable to use such perfume indoors.

Any girl should understand that such perfumery can be used only in special exceptional cases. Daily use of pheromones can turn into troubles in the form of attracting unwanted attention from an unbalanced or not quite sober man. Therefore, the best reason for the use of such spirits can be a first date, a trip to the theater or a romantic dinner with your spouse.