Today one of the most common items of clothing are trousers. And this trend applies to both men and women.

Among a wide variety of styles and models, you can choose the option that is most comfortable and will correspond to the life situation.

Due to its convenience, cargo pants occupy one of the leading positions in the top of the trouser varieties.

What are cargo pants

What is characteristic of the style of cargo

The most distinctive features of this style is considered convenient and simple cut, wide pockets. The basis of this style is the working form. Due to the obvious similarity there is an opinion that the style of the Cargo is one of the branches of the military style. For example, a large number of pockets are justified: there you can store a card and other necessary things.

Fabric and color of the product

Cargo pants are made of natural materials. There are details in which there is a small amount of synthetics in order to give the pants strength and elasticity.

The color scheme is very diverse. Especially when it comes to dressing this style for women: from bright to calm dark tones.

Men's cargo pants

For this garment is characterized by straight cut. Cargo pants are held on the hips, can be flared.

This type of trousers does not imply the presence of arrows.

The main feature is the large number of pockets. They vary in size: the same model can be very large and very small. Pockets can be located rivets, buckles, the straps.

The most popular are the camouflage pants, dark blue, beige, black and brown pants. At the moment, this wardrobe element has acquired a more modern look.

Models of trousers designed for winter sports are lined.

With what they wear

Cargo pants become an integral part of the wardrobe due to its practicality and functionality. Depending on the model, they can be relevant both in a business setting and at an informal meeting.

If this is a copy with legged bottoms, then in combination with a jacket and a strict tie, you can safely wear it to work in the office. If these pants are made of denim, it will be beneficial to combine them with a jumper and shirt.

For recreation it is best to wear these pants with a shirt or a T-shirt. If the weather is cool, a quilted jacket will perfectly complement the kit. For hiking, hunting or fishing there are pants in this style that are made of special waterproof fabric.

It is important that the larger the width of the trousers, the less formal style they refer to. And the already - the more classically will look pants.

Which shoes to choose

Depending on the style of clothing, shoes are chosen.

If the cargo pants are more classic cut, it is best to wear them with leather shoes or shoes. Shoes made from textile or suede are also a good option.

For informal surroundings, outdoor recreation is more appropriate sneakers.

What headwear to choose

Here is the opportunity for a huge flight of fantasy: from the hat to the baseball cap. With more informal trouser models, wider and with more pockets, the bandanna, made in the same style as all the elements of the image, will look good.

This type of trousers is not without reason so often appears in various collections of contemporary fashion designers: due to their versatility they are gaining more and more fans. This kind of clothes has no age restrictions: they look equally good both on teenagers, and on men in the age of.