Bachelorette party - one of the most important events in preparation for the wedding. Indeed, after all, such a party is in essence a bride's farewell to the old life. And you always want her to be perfect. And what is needed for this? Right! Favorite girlfriends, good music, the sea of ​​creativity. And of course, gifts. This is where the invitees come up with a very difficult question. What to give a bachelorette party to the bride? Cool or useful, expensive or homemade? The questions are really very serious. Bride unfortunate surprise can spoil the mood, and the unlucky donator can do even more. Depending on the closeness of the relationship and the wit of the gift, such a mistake can turn into anything: from a moment of embarrassment to breaking the friendship.

Difficult choice

All that you can give at a bachelorette party for the bride, for convenience, should be divided into several groups:

  • useful gifts that are useful in everyday life;
  • cute little things and souvenirs;
  • comic surprises, designed to cheer up all those present;
  • things for her hobby;
  • romantic gifts.

Nowadays, there is a whole industry that specializes in celebrations. There is always the opportunity to buy something cute and unusual. However, it often happens that the most happiness brings the hero of the occasion is not an expensive purchase from a chic wedding salon, but something bought in the nearest supermarket, but taking into account her desires.

First of all - attention

The main advice that can be given in this situation: to show attention to the interests of the bride. Remember what she likes, what events can make her smile. Perhaps she has long dreamed of a new handbag or decorative toy? Or was she going to learn how to drive a car for a long time, but she did not have enough money for a course at a driving school? Very often, the girls themselves, without noticing it, mention their preferences in the conversation.

It is always convenient if the hero of the occasion has any hobby, be it stamp collecting or equestrian sport. In this case, any gift would be appropriate: a selection of your favorite movies, sports equipment, colorful album, set for embroidery ... Improvise!

A friend or friend?

Carefully analyze your relationship with the bride. How close are your girlfriends? Are you for her those who can be trusted with any secret and cry over a cup of tea, or are you just sympathizing with each other? The stronger your relationship, the more personal your gift can be. Consider that cozy pajamas will delight you if given by your beloved girlfriend. Who would not be pleased to show affection and concern? However, the same thing from the hands of a less expensive person will be at least a blatant tactlessness.

A friend needs to be especially careful when choosing a gift. Avoid things that are related to the appearance or clothing of the bride: in some cases this can be perceived as an impartial hint.

Little tricks

If the holiday is already close, and the appropriate idea has not yet appeared, you can go for a little trick. Try to find out what to give for a bachelorette party to the bride, her own. Call her for an easy conversation and during it, as if by chance, ask how she imagines the perfect gift. Just be very careful: too persistent inquiries can betray the purpose of your conversation, and then the festive surprise will lose the lion’s share of its value.

A great way to learn in detail about all the desires of the bride and at the same time make the gifts unexpected is to create a small conspiracy among the bridesmaids. Undoubtedly, the bride will perfectly remember to whom which of her desires she named. Now you just have to exchange information and each to buy the item that was ordered to another person.

With an eye to the future

This method is suitable only if you are on good terms with the groom. You can ask him what to give his future wife. Most often, a man knows much better the desires and secret dreams of his betrothed than her closest girlfriends. In addition, it will bring a bit of rationality into the merry madness of the bachelorette party. Most likely, many of the things ordered by the groom will be useful to the newlyweds in family life.

Perfume and lipstick - in the black list

Do not give cosmetics and personal care products. Even if you know exactly the preferences of your girlfriend and are sure that just at that moment she had not yet had time to get herself a favorite shower gel or foundation. By tradition, a man gives her perfume to a woman. And she will buy everything else for herself, often focusing not so much on her habits as on momentary desire. If you still really want to make such a gift, stop at the personal certificate from a well-known cosmetic company.

Remember the sense of humor

When preparing for a noisy youth party, at least one or two girlfriends will think that you can present a cool and creative girl at a bachelorette party. Cheerful surprise can give the party a special charm. The main thing here - do not overdo it with humor, otherwise the joke could turn into a mockery.

For example, a beautifully packaged “husband control panel” and a wall clock to the kitchen in the form of a frying pan or dinner pot can be an ingenious option.

But with the gifts below the belt you need to be very careful. It is quite acceptable to give a variety of sex toys and other naughty little things, but only if you have a strong friendship with the bride and you are sure that she will not be embarrassed by such an offering.

DIY gift

Needlewomen and avid handmaid fans do not need to think long and hard what to give to a bachelorette party. With your own hands you can make a gift much more valuable than those that are sold in stores. The main thing in this case is to remember a few simple rules:

  • The gift must be truly exclusive. Self-made cards are permissible only as a joke, and it is better if they are supplemented with something really valuable. An excellent memory of a happy day will be the soap you have created of an unusual shape or your own photo album.
  • Try to do something that is useful to the bride in her future family life. For example, a set of bath towels with the initials of the future spouses.
  • The main goal of such gifts is to demonstrate to the bride your affection for her. Tie a fashionable scarf for your girlfriend and make scented candles with your own hands. Does the bride love bright decorations? In this case, weave for her unusual beads made of natural stones.

If you have a good rhyme, you can not even think about what to give to a bachelorette party to the bride. A cool and heartfelt greeting in verse can be a great way to cheer everyone up.

Nominal gifts

Gifts that will remind of this pleasant event over the years are considered an excellent choice. Order your girlfriend a personalized mug with congratulations or an expensive pen with her initials. If the holiday is already tomorrow, and you still do not know what to give at the bachelorette party to the bride, photo mosaic with her portrait will be an excellent way out.

Tasty surprises

If your friend is a lover of sweets, she will be pleased with a delicious gift that she can eat with her guests. For example, a cake with figures of future newlyweds. Or a candy tree made by your hands.

A coffee or tea set of different varieties will always be appropriate. If you know the taste preferences of the bride, try to choose those varieties that she has never had to try or, perhaps, they can’t afford.

Gifts for the future mother

A young couple preparing to become parents is another serious reason to break their head over what to give to a bachelorette party to the bride. A pregnant friend will be pleased if her guests take care of not only her, but also her future baby. Watch for her any let but inexpensive, but useful thing, reminiscent of future motherhood. It can be:

  • special floor scales;
  • highchair;
  • set of diapers and sliders;
  • orthopedic pillow;
  • if you do not know what will please the bride more, stop your choice on a gift certificate or a subscription to the fitness room for pregnant women.

A bachelorette party is a very important event in the life of any girl, and it will be a shame if the mood is spoiled due to some trifles. So when choosing a holiday surprise, it is better to think in advance whether it will cause exactly the effect you are counting on. Do not chase the price: it is not customary to donate too expensive items for such parties. This is mainly the prerogative of the closest friends.

It will be very appropriate to discuss with other guests that each of them will give. Otherwise, you can be in an awkward position. A very original decision would be to negotiate with several future guests and buy some expensive jewelry or some household appliances. This will please the bride much more small, but useless at home trinkets.