This holiday is for everyone since childhood one of the most important. And it is quite understandable why. Mom, who was close to the happiest and most sad moments, during the illness of the little one did not sleep at night, and at the time when he was growing up, did not sleep again from anxiety, a man who always understood and supported, inspired hope, faith, taught and helped in everything, celebrates his birthday. As a child, we give our mother drawings and handicrafts with our own hands, causing tears of affection with our touching efforts. And now my mother does not have an ordinary birthday.

What to give mom for the anniversary of 50, 55, 60 years?

Nuances of good taste in the choice of a gift to my mother

Fiftieth anniversary is a day that not all women cause positive emotions, because life, so interesting and complete, has remained to the frontier in half a century. If your mother is active and curious, this moment will pass painlessly, but any woman thinks about age anyway, so in thinking about what to give to her mother for the 50th anniversary, you need to take a closer look at the choice of a gift so that the girl does not offend inadvertently.

Do not give anti-aging cosmetics, it is better to give money, which she will get what she needs. Do not say that the pension is just around the corner, and promise grandchildren. Do not give drugs that are hinted at health, even if it is very expensive knee pads or a corset for the back. And, of course, there is no need to focus on sports appearance or activity, emphasizing what, perhaps, is not quite easy already given. It is best that in the gifts the themes of age and health are neutral, and the emphasis should be on the holiday, pleasure, joy, family and beauty of the birthday girl, on her feelings of love for her and gratitude for everything she has done for you.


It is important for any woman to remain young and beautiful, so a gift should be a compliment, not a hint of age. Of course, much depends on how much Mama herself perceives herself. But also how successfully you think about what you can give to your mother for the anniversary, how much you organize presenting a gift and realizing your idea. Why not arrange a surprise from the very morning of the balloons, creating a holiday atmosphere, ending with a quest from the original mini-cards leading to the main prize. Of course, you can not forget about the flowers. And the options of the classic bouquet are inferior to live flowers in a pot, a bonsai tree or bamboo. Stretching out beautiful pictures "Happy anniversary!" And evening festive fireworks will make Mom a little happier.

What to give?

Of course, you should think ahead of the gift and not postpone his purchase at the last minute. The gift should be not only pleasant, but also useful. Being, in turn, one of the closest people to your mother, you can know about her wishes. Of the possible options that give mom at the jubilee of 50 years, it is worth considering household appliances, with which household chores will be more pleasant: electric meat grinder, steamer, rice cooker, ice cream maker, freezer, electric dryer, bread maker or multivarker. If there is a need, or it is the wish of the birthday girl herself, you can present a dishwasher or a vacuum cleaner, but in general, you should abstract from the line of household chores, hinting with your gift from the field of home appliances only for family warmth.

Such a gift can be a spectacular bio fireplace, the installation of which is not laborious, and the feeling of comfort and warmth that he will give is very much in tune with the concept of a family hearth.

Ideas for a gift

If the mother is a creative person, she will appreciate and enjoy beautiful and stylish gifts for the house that will remind you of your desire to give a special souvenir. From what to give to my mother at the jubilee of 50, can come up with options from glass: souvenirs with laser engraving. Here the range is truly extensive - from a family photo engraved inside a glass prism or sphere, to a personal portrait or symbol (for example, the zodiac sign of the mother).

A beautiful gift can be watches or dishes for those who do not believe in prejudice (watches and stakes are usually not given). An excellent gift for the anniversary is a chic chandelier or a picture with illumination, provided that they are appropriate in the interior.

Among the options for what to give mom for the jubilee in fifty years, jewelry is also appropriate: gold and silver pendants, pendants, earrings, chains, brooches. The gift can be selected by engraving on the anniversary theme on the inside of the product. Engraving can be done on another gift - a hot mug, a spoon, a teapot or a tea pot.

Top 5 gifts for mom

The gift should be taken care of in advance, especially if something grand is planned. In the top of the options for what to give mom for the anniversary 55, a very romantic and beautiful gift - a tourist trip to rest in interesting places, on excursions or rest at the sea (a voucher to a sanatorium) - takes one of the first places.

The second item is one of the practical and useful gifts - a modern gadget: an electronic book, a tablet, an electronic photo frame, a digital camera, a smartphone, a digital video camera.

A great option for a gift to mom, who appreciates the achievements of high-tech - a laptop or a stationary computer with an Internet connection for a year. This will ensure communication with friends from abroad, accessibility of any books and recipes, video lessons, and, how to know, maybe next year the choice of a gift for mom will be much easier with her wish to buy a knitting machine or a carving set.

Good as a gift for the anniversary and TV for the kitchen, where the whole family often gathers.

If there is a financial opportunity to make a smart gift to mom, you can give a good massage chair, any woman will be happy with such a gift (unless, of course, there are no contraindications to health). In the same group of options that will be given to my mother for the 55th anniversary, the certificate for a course of SPA procedures or massages for specialists, and maybe an annual subscription to a swimming pool, aqua aerobics or yoga, will perfectly fit in.

Anniversary in the sixty

Most often at the age of sixty years my mother has definitely become grandmothers, so thinking about what to give mom on the anniversary of 60 years, don't forget that one of the most pleasant surprises can be crafts for grandma from grandchildren. Give the gift of children, and you just moved the grandmother in such detail.
Don't forget about this advantage, as the retirement age, that is plenty of time and opportunity to devote to his hobby must be taken into account in the choice of what to give mom on the anniversary of 60 years.
A sweet surprise should please my mother, in addition to traveling on excursions to different countries, the annual subscription to the theater or to the ballet can also make her eyes shine with happiness.

A gift with your own hands from a beloved child is now perceived with a smile and tenderness, even if the child is already a parent. But that the gift was still the appropriate anniversary, it is worth using original modern ideas and methods.

Embroidery with your own hands

The variety of options captivates the imagination. In fact, this is a very important matter, to embroider a picture on topics close to the birthday girl, or her portrait, or maybe a chic triplex. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find the needlewoman, or to start work long before the holiday, in order to have time to decorate it beautifully.

Family tree

This option can be executed in any form. A tree woven from beads or carved from stainless steel, embroidered, painted, molded - all means are good. The main thing is that it is beautiful and reliable, and family photos of family members are only pleased.

This fashionable trend can be expressed in collusion all the family or friends of the mother, arrangement and scenarios of the festival, which will help to hold professionals, and can be video greeting in the form recorded on the disc. You can connect here friends living abroad to greetings video postcard sounded in different languages.
You can think of what to give to mom for the anniversary, depending on the season, when the holiday is to be, and make a surprise in nature or invite to the restaurant. You can give a photo collage with your history, such a gift will be very sincere.

Favorite perfume, a cake baked by yourself and decorated with fondant in the form of a fantasy element – it is also a great gift.
That's what you can give mom for an anniversary, if you do not come up with ideas in the head:
• Animal mother dreams – lilac kitten-British or toy Terrier, German shepherd dog or Canary (or rather, singing Kenar).
• Blanket made from soft fleece or a fashionable variant on the same theme, the blanket with sleeves.
• Bouquet of sweets. Today, craftsmen make real masterpieces of sweets and chocolates.
And so on. The main thing is that your gift is made with a soul.