Birthday is the most joyous day of the year. It all waiting for with bated breath, wanting to receive gifts. This is especially true of kids. At an early age any child happy donated things, toys and everything else. And what to please and what to give a girl for 6 years?

Variants of Presents

What to give a girl for 6 years? What to give a girl six years for the New year?

Options for the choice is very much here to consider, of course, wishes and interests of the child. Before choosing a gift, watch a little Princess as she spends free time, what interests, then a gift falls into the hands of the birthday girl. This age borders on early childhood and preparing for school. Therefore, selecting the first or second category, you can't go wrong.

What to give a girl for 6 years birthday? In today's world, the range of toys is so huge that choose a certain thing is not so easy. You can just get lost in their multitude. If you are considered gift dolls, here you can find pups from small size to large dolls in full growth. In this case they are divided in their beauty, skills and capabilities. Some of them can talk, others sing songs, but the following are those who know how to walk. So if you are sure that the girl likes to play with dolls, feel free to choose any option.

Children's computers

Children's game computers are very popular. Their main goal is the development of mental and creative abilities to prepare for school. They are completely different in internal composition, so before purchasing it is recommended to read the instructions. With this device it is possible to study the letters, and not only the Russian alphabet, learn how to make sentences, to count, to read and to perform other necessary actions.

Soft toys

What to give a girl for 6 years? Soft toys. They are also represented in large numbers. For example, the girl can give a big beautiful bear or hare. Or maybe it will be a couple of toys – a well-known Masha and the Bear. Pofantaziruyte, and you will definitely find the right solution.

Children's household appliances

Recently, toys that imitate real household appliances have become especially popular for gifts. For example, you can buy a children's washing machine or dishwasher, stove, combine, electric kettle and other necessary things.

And what to give a girl for 6 years on your birthday? Toy not all girls will be a pleasant surprise, someone in these years dreaming of your own phone or tablet. So if you can satisfy that desire and have money, then maybe this is the gift that is needed!

Musical instrument

Girls who are fond of early music, you can give a tool for learning. It can be piano, synth, guitar, and other interesting options. Perhaps she attends a music school or future plans. So this gift will be most welcome.

The artist set and other similar sets

If you are interested in the birthday girl's painting and she always enjoyed drawing, it is possible to present on the holiday set of the young artist. He would help her later when she goes to school. Also relevant are educational kits, logic games, creative kits, which affects the personality of the child.

What to give a girl for 6 years? An interesting option could be the album. Then photo will always be in a certain place. And time and again they can be reviewed by tracking every stage of one's life.

Handicraft kits

At this age, girls are already well developed instinct of the hostess – my mother's assistant. So you can give kits for needlework. Here is crochet, knitting, embroidery. With their help will develop perseverance, which positively affects the child's character. And this is a fascinating exercise that in the future, it will probably do.

Portfolio, school supplies and book

Childhood is almost over, and soon six year old girl have to go to school. So, alternatively, you can buy a nice portfolio. School supplies were also presented, but usually as a Supplement to the main show. Original gift will be a beautiful and interesting book that will help you to find the road to knowledge. A souvenir you can keep for life.

A set of cosmetics for the princess

We all know that at this age little beauties begin to look in the mirror. While using my mother's lipstick, necklaces and various accessories. May be it is better to give the fashionista in your cosmetic kit created especially for children. He will love the baby, because there are so many things beautiful and right!

Handmade handbag for a little girl of six years

Every girl, despite his age, likes to brag about his things, especially those that are created in a single copy. Therefore, it is necessary to think in this direction. That you can sew, make? What to give a girl for 6 years? Your hands actually can be done. For example, a handbag made with your own hands will take a lot of pleasure baby. Especially when you embroider it with rhinestones, beads, sequins. This unique gift will be useful to her walking, and at school, and in a joint campaign with parents in the shop. And most importantly, that none of these treasures will be no more, because the thing unique!

Gifts for physical activities

But again, in all important personal approach. If these types of gifts is not interested, then what to give a girl for 6 years? Not all girls of this age will approach the above gifts, because there is another type children. For example, some girls like to spend time actively with friends and girlfriends on the street. In this case it is possible to give to the feast a Bicycle, roller skates, beautiful rope, ball or badminton. Because we all know that it is necessary to develop not only creatively and mentally, but also physically. But at least I bought this one from this list the gift will help to achieve a good physical preparation that will positively impact on the health of the child.

Give emotions to kids

But what to give a girl for 6 years who has everything? Here, of course, to choose a suitable gift would be a little more complicated. But as they say, nothing is impossible. In this situation, you can resort to entertainment gifts. That is, for example, can give the tickets to the circus, cinema, children's theatre to change the familiar surroundings. And you can go to a cafe, where will be prepared for the birthday girl fancy ice cream and delicious cake with her photo.

Thinking about what to give a girl for 6 years, you need to consider that a distinctive feature of this age is the transition to adult life. The children begin to do certain duties that show their responsibility. So the gift even more necessary to stress the importance of this life stage. Then you will not be a big problem, what to give a girl for 6 years.

New Year

What to give 6-year-old girl on the most important holiday of the year? Here you can see all of the above options, but a great addition would serve as a sweet gift (candy, candy bars, etc.). Because almost all girls – a sweet tooth. So choose these children's joy and give their little Princess! You can also buy the girl a sled or a beautiful winter kit of the mittens and beanie.

A small conclusion

Now I understand what to give a girl for 6 years. Photo of interesting ideas presented in our article. I hope that you will be able to pick up a surprise for the little one. Always consider the character of the little Princess, choosing a present to please her.