Choosing a suitable for your child's name, parents ponder where it came to Russian culture, who wore it, how the people it was invented. For example, what does the name Victoria came from? It felt strong energy inherent in the real victors. But whether or not to give the girl such a warlike name? This will be discussed in this article.What does the name Victoria for a girl? The origin, history and mystery of the name Victoria


So what does the name Vick, Victoria? It owes its origin to the ancient Romans. They formed it from the man's name Victor, which goes back to the Latin word "victory", which means "winner, victory", and named them one of the most revered of their goddesses. In honor of the winner palaces and temples were erected, to it have devoted an altar in a curia of the Senate, its image within several centuries was present on monetary coins of empire. Unfortunately, this high-profile name did not have a place in the Christian calendars, but from this it did not lose its former popularity.

Western Tradition

So, wondering what the name Victoria means, you need to remember that he does not have a patron saint. In Russia, it probably would have been lost forever and gone down in history along with other beautiful, but obsolete female names. However, in the Protestant and Catholic ecclesiastical tradition, a rigid binding of the newborn's name to a particular saint is not required. In addition, in Europe, the child is called just a few names. Therefore, there were cases when parents gave their children not church, but ancient and euphonious names. Let's return to our question.

Remembering what Victoria's name means, fathers and mothers gave it to their daughters with pleasure, hoping that it would give them life-long fortitude and give luck. This name was for many years spread in the West only in the upper strata of society, among barons, dukes and royal dynasties. The most famous of its owners was the Queen of Great Britain Victoria. It left an indelible mark on the history of the British monarchy, its reign was reflected not only in the country's foreign and domestic policies, but also in cultural traditions - in sculpture and architecture there is a style that is commonly called Victorian.

Before the revolution in our country, all educated people, of course, knew what the name Victoria means, but very rarely they called their daughters. It was too pompous and pretentious for the Russian ear. In Russian literature this "divine" name also occurs infrequently. Only the story of Amfiteatrov known as "Victoria Pavlovna" is known, in which the main character with this name appears. In the post-revolutionary period, the situation changed somewhat. In the Russian culture, new, mostly borrowed, names appeared, including Victoria. It quickly gained popularity among the population, because its form resembled our primordial words. From him began to form numerous diminutive-caressing options: Vika, Vicochka, Vita. Now parents are happy to call their daughters this noble and ancient name. It is firmly included in the Russian names and is considered one of the most used.

In Japanese

Some people ask themselves the question: "What does the name Victoria in Japanese mean?" In the eastern tradition, it is also customary to translate it as a "winner", but it will sound completely different. The fact is that for writing foreign words in Japan a special syllabic alphabet is used - katakana. True, in the traditional version there are some modern letters (sounds). So, the name Victoria, written in the Japanese mode, will sound like Bucutorium. Over time, katakana was supplemented by a number of new designations. Now Vika's name in Japanese can sound like Bika (ビ カ) or in a new way - Vika (ヴ ィ カ). Of course, it is very difficult to pronounce a foreign word in the Western manner to the people of the Land of the Rising Sun. But they try and use not only katakana, but also familiar hieroglyphs for writing foreign words.

Victoria in the childhood

Let's see what the name Victoria means for a girl these days. Since early childhood Vika has a strong character. She constantly stands out among her peers and strives to be a ringleader in any company. In adolescence, a girl with this name acquires a stubborn, cunning and assertive temper. However, these traits of her character are combined with kindness, indecisiveness and shyness. Over the years, learning the complex nature of his child, parents begin to comprehend, which means Victoria's name for the girl: her owners have an analytical mind and a heavy temper. Externally timid and timid, Vika has great inner potential and is able to make a great career.

The personal life of Victoria

This woman, as a rule, has excellent external data, a bright temperament and natural charm, so she can turn a head to any man. However, it will be a difficult fate for her. In his personal life Vick makes very high demands on men, which can be difficult to match. Even after marriage, she will long doubt the correctness of her choice. At the same time Victoria will be a faithful and caring wife, as well as a loving mother. Her partner should be a sensitive and loving man who knows how to smooth out sharp angles and appreciate her kindness and dedication. Vika will never forgive his wife for infidelity or deceit. She can create a strong alliance with Sergei, Semyon, Mikhail, Leo and Edward. Due to the man's character warehouse, it will be hard for her to get along with Vitaly, Yuri, Grigory and Alexander.

Career Victoria

The owner of this name is difficult to win leadership positions, but due to her perseverance and dedication, she can always achieve good results. She approaches such professions, the result of which will depend entirely on her. Victoria will make an excellent doctor, teacher, scientific worker, educator, electronic engineer, nurse. In her youth, with external data, she can show herself well in the modeling business. Also Vika can take place as a talented leader, because she has outstanding organizational skills. However, the real success will come to her only with the years. A noble name will give her power, strength and firmness, which will allow a woman to win in the most difficult situations and win a worthy place in the sun.

Victoria in friendship

Thinking about what the name Victoria means, you need to remember that this woman has a communicative temper, but she has few friends. She knows how to understand people and prefers to have several trusted friends, rather than hundreds of stupid ones. In friendship, Vika does not strive for leadership, she is satisfied with a passive role. In friendly relations, he values ​​harmony and beauty, but he will not tolerate shamelessness on the part of carefree girlfriends. This is a sincere and sincere nature, with great love not only related to friends and relatives, but also to surrounding people in general.

Now you know what the name Victoria means. The summary of this article can not convey the multifaceted nature of its owner. Vic is obsessed with a will to live, determination and self-reliance. A girl with this name will emerge victorious from any conflict and will be able to loudly declare herself in any field of activity.