The name given to a person at birth constantly affects his life, actions, character. Knowing the strong and weak features, you can choose the right profession, environment, and even your soulmate. What does the name Maria mean? This article will tell.


Many are interested in the question: “In translation, what does the name Maria mean from Greek?” It should be immediately noted that it is of Hebrew origin. There are several versions of his translation: "bitter", "beloved", "stubborn" and "serene". In the Slavs, it has the meaning of "Mrs."What does the name Mary mean to a girl?

The name is popular all over the world, possibly because it was worn by the mother of Jesus. In many countries it is pronounced differently. In England, this is Mary, Marie, Mariah, in Germany - Marike, Mitsel, in Greece - Marietta, Marigula.

Even the emphasis one put on the first syllable, and others - on the second.


What does the name Mary mean to a girl? She grows sociable and fun, easy to get in touch with both children and adults. Little Masha is very kind, will always help the younger, will not pass by an abandoned kitten or puppy.

She is calm, but at the same time is an inexhaustible source of energy. Her parents are constantly surrounded by attention, the childhood of Mary is bright and happy. She likes to help her mother and grandmother at home. But more stretches to the father.

In kindergarten, it rarely becomes the center of attention, but loves outdoor games, dancing, reading and spends a lot of time with other children.

Answering the question: “What does the name Maria mean to a child?” - do not forget about such qualities as touchiness and capriciousness. Even a small remark about her is perceived by the girl very sharply. Masha can also be restless and undisciplined. She always has a lot of questions in stock, which have to be answered both by parents, teachers, and even completely strangers.

What does the name Maria mean for a girl during her school years and how does she affect her life? She studies well, if she wishes, she can become an excellent student. Responsible, teachers can always rely on it. In the classroom, she usually has few friends. Relations with the other classmates are good, Masha is ready to share everything she has. Some acts committed by mood.

Hardworking, if she does not get something, she is very worried. But such inherent traits of character, like hardness and self-esteem, help to cope with any problems.

What does the name Masha (Maria) mean: character

Growing up, she retains many of the qualities she had in her childhood. Sensitivity is added, sometimes she just does not understand the jokes.

With her inner warmth, sincerity, the ability to empathize and the desire to help, Mary warms everyone around. She is capable of self-sacrifice. If the result is beneficial, then she will be happy.

The meaning of the name Mary characterizes her as an unforgiving woman. Any, even petty quarrels give her inner discomfort, so she easily and quickly forgives her abuser. In some situations, can make the first step. The very initiator of the conflict becomes rare, but this does not mean that she cannot stand up for herself.

Sometimes she feels jealous, but throughout her life Maria tries to get rid of this feeling. She is also stubborn, defends her point of view actively and violently. Failure does not turn into a tragedy, but, given the mistakes, it starts all over again. She has a very good intuition.

Character traits

"Winter" Masha differ restraint. Before they say something, they will think a few times.

What does the name Maria mean for its “spring” owners? These women are emotional and capricious. They commit their actions in the mood. Sometimes very arrogant.

"Summer" Mary cheerful, they attract people to her. Also, women born in the warm season are good-natured.

"Autumn" girls with this name is peculiar to greed. They surround themselves with people from whom they can benefit. Most often use it in work.

How does a name affect health?

Unfortunately, Maria is sick a lot. Since childhood, many owners of this name are prone to allergic diseases. Especially in the spring they should be attentive to their health.

Weak organs are the lungs, kidneys, stomach, intestines. Often they are faced with female illnesses.

Maria has a predisposition to corpulence, so she should watch her figure carefully. Hardening is necessary for raising immunity, for which swimming is excellent.

The meaning of the name Maria characterizes its owner as a girl who is not afraid of difficulties. In her work attracted those professions in which you need to give all the best.

Among colleagues, she is respected for her hard work, her bosses appreciate her sense of responsibility.

If you wish, she can be anyone. But most often he finds himself in the humanities - in pedagogy, medicine, or in the arts. It makes a good psychologist.

How will the activity affect and what does the name Maria mean if its owner decides to do business? In this case, the woman becomes the most serious, the same will be expected from her partners. She does not like to take risks if she does something - this is a well thought out transaction without risk, with a guaranteed positive result.

Money is not thrown into the wind, in business it becomes very reasonable. It is important for Mary to succeed, she will never work for money.

Marriage and family

The meaning of the name Maria speaks of her as a beautiful mother, wife, mistress. Family for her in the first place.

She chooses her life partner carefully and is not inclined to fleeting connections. Thanks to her inherent sociability, she can take the first step herself.

She loves her family madly. She takes the appearance of a child very seriously, reads a lot of literature so that her baby is brought up correctly. For the sake of children, Maria is ready to step over the interests of other people.

She is faithful to her husband; if it seems to her that new true feelings have come, she will be recognized and leave the family. But the betrayal of the spouse will never forgive. Will be very worried, but still will file for divorce.

Masha has a good relationship with her mother-in-law, but she will not live with her.

The question: “What does the name Maria (or Masha) mean and how does it affect the life of her owner?” - many people are interested, especially men who want to associate their lives with her. In this, she is almost ideal - a beautiful hostess, whose home is always clean, and on the stove a delicious lunch. Manages to finish the case, even if the hands of small children. Maria has enough power for everything, she will not demand the distribution of duties from her husband. She pays much attention to domestic trifles, unfortunately, because of this, she communicates with children less.

She will be happily married to Anatoly, Alexander, Andrey, Vasily, Vyacheslav, Danila, Ivan, Zakhar, Makar, Roman, Fyodor and Svyatoslav. It is best for her to avoid Valeria, Yefim, Leo, Laurus, Rostislav. With them, most likely, she will be unhappy.

The value of the name Mary: horoscope

She is protected by the planet Proserpina and the star Sun, the zodiac signs Virgo and Scorpio. They gave Masha such a controversial character.

Her totem plants are lily and cornflower, as well as birch. Like them, Mary, with outward simplicity, has a rich inner world, and this draws people to her. Perhaps these features determine the colors of the name - steel and orange.

Totem animal - a dove, symbolizing holiness and reconciliation.

Particular attention should be paid to the name stone, as long as it is constantly worn, it has a great influence on a person. It is very important to make the right choice. For Mary, it is jasper and diamond. If she will wear them all the time, they will bring her good luck and success in all her endeavors and undertakings.

Name in history

There are many women who wore it. What does the name Mary mean in history? The most famous of its owner can be considered the mother of Jesus. And the woman-bearer Mary Magdalena was beside him. This name was borne by the mother of Sergey Radonezhsky and the sister of Lazar the Four-Day.

Mary Tudor was the English queen in the 16th century. She was considered one of the most beautiful women of that time.

Marie de Medici - French queen in the 17th century. She had a powerful character, her husband was tormented by jealousy, but could become a good ruler.

Outstanding scientist Marie Curie. She discovered radioactivity and was awarded two Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry.

Nowadays, a lot of women who have this name are also known: actresses, sportswomen, scientists.

It never lost its popularity, and now young parents often call their newborn daughters Masha.