What does the name Denis? This question is raised by many young parents who have been unable to determine how to name your baby. Denis is the patron Greek God of wine, fertility, inspiration, the productive forces and fun. His name is Dionysus.

According to ancient myth, he was the secret son of Zeus himself. On hearing this, Hera (wife of Zeus), gave him madness. That is why it is considered that Denis inherent tendency to depression and stress. But this is not the only quality that is given to people with this beautiful name. And talk about this in our article.

Many parents ask themselves the question: “What does the name Denis mean?”. From the Greek language, it translates as "dedicated, belonging to the god of wine". However, the meaning of the name has a different interpretation.

What does the name Denis for a boy?

What does the name Denis on the Church calendar?

Angel Denis celebrates October 16. This date is dedicated to the Holy Martyr Dionysius the Areopagite – one of the judges of the Areopagus in Athens.

25 may is the day of the Venerable Dionysius the Archimandrite of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. This Holy man was distinguished by his dedication and deep faith in the Lord God.

Which means in the old Slavonic language the name Denis, unknown. What is clear is that until the beginning of XX century it was a popular form of Church – Dionysius.

The early childhood of the boy

At the stage of pregnancy the parents are already beginning to think about how to name your baby. They consider a variety of options, including want to know, what does the name Denis for the boy. Parents should remember that parenting a child with such a name should be given special attention. Ask: "Why?" Now we will talk about it.

In early childhood he is very emotional and excited, so parents, be aware: it is necessary to restrict the child from over-voltages, stressful situations and emotional turmoil. This is perhaps the main component of education. If you do not think about it in time, then the stresses in early childhood can significantly affect the character in a later period of growing up.

Denis is quite naughty and playful, but that's not a reason to punish him, because the boy just wants to attract the attention of adults.

Positive, activity, amiability, sociability – all those qualities that will accompany Denis all of his life. The boy will never have problems with communication, both in childhood and as they grow older.

Denis – kind, sympathetic and compassionate child. He always takes every event to heart. It is therefore better not to quarrel in his presence, otherwise the child can receive psychological trauma.

The boy is always ready to help, so parents should be on guard, because he often will bring home a limping puppy or a sick kitten.

Parents of a teenager also interested in, what does the name Denis? Be sure your child is predetermined to be generous and helpful. He will always give his neighbors a bone and give his favorite toy.


What does the name Denis for a boy, we already figured out, and now we can talk about his favorite classes.

Denis is a born collectors, so parents should not be surprised when the baby will bring home all pieces of iron, coins and stickers. The boy is rather plodding in place, it's neat and meticulous in any work. He has a large fortune and luck, which is why it is quite easy to go through life. All this will detail personal horoscope.

What is the name of Dennis, in terms of abilities?

Denis is quite a diligent student, always striving for knowledge. Boys with this name analytical and synthetic mind. They love the clock to solve a particular problem and, therefore, the school Denisov often sent on all sorts of Olympics.

Boys with this name have a phenomenal memory, they perfectly sing, draw, dance. They like any activity a little, you can use creativity.

In some cases Denysy can throw things halfway. That is why the task of parents is to encourage their abilities, to develop interest in a particular occupation, etc.

With regard to adolescence, parents here will be more complicated, however, as all the rest.

Adult Denis

Adult Denis is quite emotional and quick-tempered, that's why in some situations it is simply not able to control myself. So if parents are wondering about the meaning of the name Denis, in this case, you should remember that from early childhood the boy should be taught restraint and self-control, otherwise in the future he can create anything out of the ordinary.

Men with the same name do not tolerate criticism, as a rule, and it causes them a lot of anger and emotional outburst. They are always the center of attention, especially in the female society.

Dennis is sensual and passionate. For love can commit unspeakable acts, which is why it is so loved by women.

Men with this name are very attentive and careful. In their house always full of guests they are greeted with a smile and a full refrigerator.

Denis – creative. He quickly finds something and usually brings the matter to an end. All goals and objectives that they pursued, achieved, come what may. Denis is particularly strong when there is decent support in the form of friends or beloved woman.

Love Denis

Denis is still at school age has immense charm the girls he never had and never will. A man with the same name loves women and will never insult them.

Denis, as a rule, quickly falls in love, but once on the horizon appears another woman, he is again ready to plunge into the ocean of passion, without even realizing how much pain he causes people.

Marriage Of Denis

Denis's marriages, as a rule, quickly fall apart due to his numerous betrayals. Closer to 40 years, he should finally settle down, and find the one and only, which he will never leave.

Denis is quick-tempered and touchy enough, so many problems in the family will arise precisely through his fault. This man needs a patient woman who would take his negative quality for granted.

The first marriage Denis, as a rule, by calculation. As they grow older he will understand what is real. In women he likes in the first place appearance and sexuality, and then the character, intellect and soul.

Second marriage Dennis will conclude in a more Mature age. He will it with the wall and support the rest of your life.