Initially, a denim waistcoat was part of the working form of mechanics. Like many things from denim, it was the subject of an exclusively male wardrobe. But thanks to its practicality, comfort and undeniable sexuality, moved to ladies' cabinets, becoming almost an integral part of the image.

Description and types

What to wear with a denim vest? Advice

Denim women's vests constantly changed and were supplemented by various decor elements: rhinestones, rivets, lace and inserts from other materials. And now in our time there is a wide variety of models: long, short, with and without sleeves, fitted, wide and many others. It is almost universal garment, which will suit absolutely any combination and a wide range of colors.

The male model

Men's denim vest also has not lost its popularity and is still a detail of the wardrobe of the stronger sex. True, after moving from the category of working robes, she became on a par with everyday clothes. But it is chosen, as a rule, by more and more young people who possess a beautiful, well-balanced figure and rebellious spirit, and in clothes adhere to rocker style.

What to wear with a denim vest

A denim vest is perfect for short tops and T-shirts, as well as for various T-shirts, tunics, shirts and jumpers, of course, complementing them. It can be worn as an independent clothing item or as part of a beach outfit. Also, the waistcoat will help to hide the shortcomings of your figure. If you need to divert attention from the sides and tummy, it is better to choose a wide model. But if your discontent is caused by hips, and you want to visually extend your legs, you should take a long waistcoat that will cope with this task.

The combination of a denim vest with a dress

What to wear with a denim vest? Bright and good solution will be an easy summer dress. It's great that this jeans waistcoat fits perfectly to almost any model, whether it's a dress that is long or short, tight or free. The main thing - do not forget about the color combination and choose the most suitable. So, vests of indigo, dark gray, blue-gray or shabby look best with dresses of dark colors. Accordingly, a light sarafan should choose a vest from blue, white or blue-green denim. Of accessories to such an outfit is a stack of thin bracelets and a handbag. And on your feet it is better to put sandals on a thin sole or with a lot of straps.

Denim vests female perfectly go in combination with a short dress. From shoes to such an addition should be added ankle boots with an open nose or open sandals on a high hairpin. And also stylish accessories and handbag that fit harmoniously into your image.

A waistcoat made of denim will look great with a flowing sarafan length in the floor. And if you still experiment with a combination of contrasting colors, get an interesting result. Do not be too lazy to pick up on your outfit sandals on a flat sole and a clutch that will add to your alongside brightness.

Denim vest and skirt

With what to wear a jeans waistcoat without sleeves? If your wardrobe has skirts of any length, but you are tired of wearing them in a simple combination with the t-shirts, then dilute your image with a stylish vest of jeans, adding pretty accessories.

So, for example, if you are attracted to the style of a bokho, then, thinking through your image, include a skirt with a length in the floor with perforations or laces, as well as suede accessories and, of course, complete the image with a denim vest. He will also be appropriate in combination with a lacy skirt-pencil of both a straight and a narrowed shape. And to emphasize the waist, a narrow jeans waistcoat in an ensemble with a lush tulle, chiffon or silk skirt is suitable.

It will also look great with a denim vest and a shorter model skirt: narrow, straight, casual, trapezoid or sun-flap. In this case, the waistcoat softens the appearance of the outfit, distracting from the length of the outfit and imparting an originality to the ensemble.

Denim vest in combination with pants and shorts

What to wear with a denim vest? A win-win option will be the presence in your wardrobe of various trousers, bridge or shorts - these are the elements of clothing most combined with this thing. Selecting a waistcoat, lean against contrast of things: with wide trousers it is necessary to put on the fitted, and with leggings or skins - more free and long cut. And if you remember about their rich color range, then you can pick up something for pants of more rigorous models, which will allow you to put it in the office.

Warm clothes and a vest. How best to combine these clothes?

With what to wear a jeans waistcoat without sleeves, when the weather does not allow to flaunt in a T-shirt or shirt? The answer is simple. As already mentioned, a waistcoat is a universal thing, and therefore you can safely include it in an ensemble with a leather jacket, a jumper. Various sweatshirts sweaters and swiss shirts are also no exception and are perfectly matched with denim vests. The bottom for such an outfit can be chosen any: from skirts to pants or shorts, supplementing them with dense black pantyhose or other colors.

Breaking your head over what to wear with a denim waistcoat, many avoid the option of combining it with another denim thing, whether it's a skirt, trousers or shorts. But just such an outfit is gaining popularity. Moreover, not only a combination of the same materials, but also this trend is observed in the coloring. The image created by such selection of the dress can have a strict appearance, or with the replacement of one part of the clothes become more festive.

A small conclusion

Now you know what to wear with a long denim vest. From all of the above, you can understand that this clothing refers to the type of things that have the ability to make cardinal changes to any image, while not at all spoiling it. Because it is worth seriously thinking about buying a similar wardrobe element, if it is not already in your closet.