So, today we will try to understand what to write to the guy so that he will answer. Indeed, recently, communication between boys and girls has not been delayed for a long time. Either the first, or the second, sooner or later simply stop responding to incoming messages. And so that this does not happen, we have to constantly think about new interesting questions and information. Let's try to figure out what to write to the guy to answer. Consider with you several types of communication - the Internet and messages by phone.What to write to the guy that he answered: examples

The first scenario is a completely new beginning of the conversation. So you want to meet someone. And then you have to think what to write to the guy so that he will answer. In fact, it is very easy to interest a completely new person to a girl. You'll have to start by preparing your profile. It is about the page on the Internet.

First you need to put a beautiful photo on the avatar. And yours. This will increase your chances of success. After that, grab the form. It should publish their interests, preferences, goals, age - everything that you see fit. If the profile turns out to be very good and useful, then you will not have to think that you can write a guy to answer.

In the case of messages on the phone you will have to invent the original text of the letter. But more on that later. For now let's try to find out how to interest the young man you like and “get” him to communicate with you.

We write the truth

Of course, if you do not want to think what to write to the guy so that he will answer you, then you have to tell the truth. Tell me if you want to meet. Men are arranged a little differently than women. It’s really enough for them to know that you want to chat and get to know each other to continue the dialogue.

What to write to the guy that he answered: examples

After that, you will have to talk about yourself, as well as find out information about your interlocutor. Do not overwhelm him with questions. In truth, if you are pretty cute, then problems will not arise in principle. Then the guy himself will most likely be asking you questions. And so build your dialogue. But how it should be developed is up to you. And that writing a guy to answer in this case is also your business and circumstances. No one can say exactly where the dialogue will lead you.

However, it is worth a little more to think about what to write to the guy to answer. Examples can be infinite. Only we will pay attention to the best of them. Let's get down to this business.

Dating offer

The following question works well when you know for sure that your potential interlocutor is lonely and is also not a sex maniac. After all, if you do not know what to write to the guy so that he will respond to you in return, then you can simply print the time and place for a date.

After that, it will be better to disappear from the “network”. That is, wait until your message is read, and then mysteriously disappear. The offer of a date, as soon as that, as a rule, shocks the young man. And if he likes you externally, he will surely appear at the appointed time at the appointed place. Write something from the category: “Hi. Come back tomorrow evening, at 18:00 at the Grand Café. I will wear a red T-shirt and dark blue jeans. ” You can be sure that it will work.

But this method is suitable only for self-confident girls. Yes, and with great prospects. After all, if the young man really appears, you will have to think about what to talk with him. It is better to prepare for this in advance. An indispensable assistant will be a virtual profile of your interlocutor. Only this is not all that to write a guy to answer. Let's try to understand what other tricks to use.

Messages by phone

If you look, SMS is something that is almost always answered. So manifests the politeness of man. You think what SMS to write to the guy that he answered? For example, wish him a good day, and also ask about how he is doing: at work, in school, at home, in his family, and so on. The main thing is that your "letter" was fun and interesting. For example, use something like: “Good morning. Have a good day. How are you? =) “. Smiley here, by the way, plays an important role. Put them generously, but without excesses.

No need to learn via SMS (and indeed) about those moments that can cause discomfort. For example, do not specify how a person has a business in a family, if recently someone died or was seriously ill with him. It is better to ask about what will bring a lot of pleasant and positive emotions. For example, about the career or success in the field of passing a particular game (this move is especially successful for “gamers”). Your message should look something like this: “Prev-ee! Well, passed “GTA 5 ″, how did you want?”

In addition, in the evening you can say good night and find out how the day went. In particular, if you know for sure that the person turned out to be just awesome. This technique is well applicable to friends and old acquaintances. But there are some more interesting scenarios. What to write to the guy that he answered? Let's try to understand this difficult matter to the end.

Most often, girls are interested in what to write to the ex-boyfriend to answer. Especially if the break with him was painful, and you are not left with the past subject of adoration in friendly relations.

Frankly, contact with the old relationship is not worth it. If you are still friends, you can simply ask how a person is doing. Learn about successes and failures, support a friend. But if you have enemy relations with the former, to put it mildly, then you don’t need to write anything, in principle.

It is better to choose an ignore strategy. When you are sure that your “enemy” accurately views your profile, you can simply upload photos of your life to your page on the Internet. Happy moments where you look fun and interesting. Sometimes it forces the former to write to you independently. And even better - forget about the past and put a person in the “ignore”. This will help you avoid unnecessary problems that are now far from uncommon.

Forbidden topics

In fact, if you want to know what to write to a guy for him to answer, then it is worth taking into account several prohibitions. They apply to both women and men. And their use often makes interlocutors almost enemies.

To start, try not to be interested in past relationships. And don't tell about yours until you are asked about it. Often, former relationships and memories of them cause a lot of negative emotions and pain. And it does not bring pleasure in communication.

In addition, it is not necessary to learn from the guy (and the girls, by the way, too) about his (her) sex life. Intimacy is a ban, which ceases to be such only for very close friends, as well as for those who are connected by relationships.

No need to ask and sample questions. For example, “How are you?”, “How old are you?”, “Where do you live?” And so on. Often this information can be found in the questionnaire. Nor should you “get” questions about your career, education, or relationships, if you think that a person in these areas is “not very”.


So, today we have learned what to write to the guy so that he will answer you. We have become aware of the most successful and original techniques. But they do not give you an exact guarantee of the answer.

The main thing - show originality and activity during a conversation. Show that you are interested in chatting with the chosen guy. Then you can always direct the conversation in the right direction. Remember also that all inquiries should be in place. No need to overwhelm them interlocutor. Dose them - and then you can hope for success.