Girls - the creation of gentle, sensitive and unpredictable. They can enjoy chocolate and indifferently accept a car as a gift.

What to write girl to make her smile? Kind and gentle words

Let's say more, the dear gift a girl can not accept at all, and the usual compliments and bouquets of roses cause boredom, because they say that the elect does not want to get attention, but prefers to go beaten paths. Try to reach the heart of the chosen one. Think about what to write to the girl so she smiled.

What has not been working for a long time

A number of receptions have long outlived their lives, and they are used either by elderly gentlemen or modest unlucky lovers. Many girls are indifferent to roses, especially long and prickly. In a bouquet, they look beautiful, but create the impression of inaccessibility and closeness. It is difficult to feed warm feelings to a prickly flower, and roses live their age in an equally pretentious vase. Now it is not considered romantic to order musicians, give a star or tell a long parable about love. All this is partly outdated and does not cause emotions.

The main place of acquaintance has become a social network, and the subsequent communication mainly goes here. What to write to the girl in VK? No need to write about her appearance, speak hackneyed phrases and try to copy famous actors. Falseness can be seen immediately, and it causes a smile mocking, not sincere.

We start communication

Acquaintance with a girl does not need to start with a boring question, a search for mutual friends or recommendations of a loved one. What to write to the girl in VK? Your further communication depends on the first phrase, so think about it. What in a girl attracts your attention? Maybe just her smile? So write about her! For example, the phrase “Smile, honey!” You are not difficult, but I am pleased! ”. The girl notes the interlocutor's courage, his sincerity and originality. This phrase does not oblige to continue communication, but gives such an opportunity.

Do not write about your work, do not ask her about school and work. Casual routine is rarely a good topic. Flattering girl's vanity comparison with a model or actress. And it is better to pick up a little-known person, so that the girl could assess the interests of the interlocutor. To pass for the original, note the small nuances in the behavior and thinking of the girl. On the avatar in the VC, it is depicted with a favorite animal? Note its softness and tenderness of appearance.

Maybe it’s easier to laugh than a sweet smile? Remember some joke. For example, an anecdote, where the husband called his wife a bunny, and when she asked to expand the compliment and flavor him, the spouse answered “herd of hares”. A joke is short, but a funny message with such a foundation can work. The main thing is not to make fun of the girl, do not question her awareness of anything. Remember that you are not competing in wit, but want to interest the interlocutor. Every girl is waiting for tender words, but she gets tired of trite ones. Call it a star, chamomile, dewdrop. Focus on the depth of the eyes, the beauty of the dimples on the cheeks, mark the blush or aristocratic pallor. What to write to the girl that she smiled? Hmm, you can start communicating with grotesque treatment. For example, "Oh, beautiful, they did not execute, but they kept saying a word!" If the answer with fiction, then it means the girl is funny and quick-witted.

Bored with this will not be. Be sure that on the other side of the screen she is smiling.

From a smile will be all warmer.

Pay attention to the uniqueness of the interlocutor. No need to pour compliments, like a horn of plenty. Mark the line that you really like. After all, for some reason you paid attention to this person. What to write to the girl? The examples are simple and effective. “You're so interesting! I didn’t know that a girl might like computer games! ”,“ Do you really do boxing? And by sight such a fragile girl as a flower! ”. It will be pleasant to the girl, and she will not be kept from a smile. This is a good time to invite the interlocutor on a date, a walk in the park or a picnic.

What to write after a date?

The first date is an important stage. After him, evaluate your impressions and send your favorite message. What to write to the girl that she was pleased? Praise her choice of clothes, tell me that you still feel the fragrance of her perfume. Say that you were not mistaken in her and would like to meet again. If the date did not leave pleasant impressions, then ask about her impressions. Maybe you will find a friend in this girl? This happens often. What to write to the girl that she smiled? Remember the general themes, in a joking way, describe a familiar character, visit tomorrow's affairs. “Hey, now would be a cupcake, but not. “, - such a phrase is not expected from a beloved man, but it is possible from a friend. So you do not spoil the impression, and show your attitude towards the girl.

For the sole

And when is a time-tested relationship, is it easy to communicate or, on the contrary, difficult?

It all depends on the trust in the couple and the depth of feelings. What to write to your girlfriend? Once you are chatting, not talking, then you are separated by distance or business. Remember the common pleasant moments, call it a secret name, tell me how much you miss and store her photo under the pillow. Girls are very sentimental and appreciate such manifestations of feelings. Remember the taste of her lips, the scent of hair. These little things unite you and have relatives. “I so want to touch your hair, hold you close to me. “, - it seems to be a common phrase, but how much heat is in it! The girl will be moved and appreciate your words.

A trifle, but nice

What to write to the girl that she smiled? Be unpredictable, enter her personal space. Do not say that you adore or go crazy - this is no longer perceived. Say that you can not tear myself away from it, that you are nervous in the distance, that you are worried.

A sincere concern of a young man will cause a smile, asking him to dress warmer, grab cake for lunch from home, a promise to pick up after work. Scold the evil boss together, write a touching couplet about the past day. Let the rhyme be clumsy, but it comes from the heart. The girl will appreciate the naivety and openness of the soul. In a couple, you can fool around, laugh and talk nonsense. Writing a letter to your loved one is fun and pleasant, because this is the same conversation, but long and detailed. And what to write to the girl that she was pleased? Yes, anything! Provided that you are interested in her and her life. Write that you miss, that you cannot fall asleep without her voice, touch or smile. “I feel uncomfortable without you, the bed is empty and cold. “, - not every man will say such words, because they demonstrate his weakness. But now a woman will appreciate sincerity and smile from surging feelings. If you are chatting before bedtime, then end the conversation by asking you to visit you in a dream. “Dream to me, my little one. I so want you to be there. ” And, of course, a love declaration is always liked by a girl, if it is sincere and sincere.