Many girls often think about what men like about sex. Let's look at this topic in detail.

Initiative is not punishable

Men like it when a girl in sex takes the initiative. It will be even better if she provokes sexual intercourse. For a man there is nothing more seductive than a girl who is excited, who wants sex with him. A young man needs to know that you want him. What do men like best about sex? Spontaneous decisions of the partner.

What do men like about sex? What kind of sex do men like?

So do not be afraid to be enthusiastic. For example, you can still play his fantasy in the afternoon, sending an erotic SMS. But do not flirt with the authorities, because the reins still have to remain with the man. The transition of a woman to aggressive behavior will not be liked by everyone.

New tricks

What do men like best about sex? Of course, experiments. Such women's actions are a good stimulant for men. After all, sexual desire, like an appetite, always want to try something new. The guy dreams of having with him in bed a woman who will be able to give him new sensations.

Turn on the light

What do men like about sex? See your partner naked. Every guy likes to look at every part of the girl's body.

Men prefer to have sex under light. There is no need to light all the bulbs in intimate proximity, there will be enough pairs of candles, a beam of light that brazenly pierced through the curtain, or the shining of the included TV. Thanks to this, you will be able to create the effect "as in a movie".

Men are visuals, so they are excited, looking at their partner. In addition, many guys dream that their ladies like to observe intimacy.


Men like to fantasize and implement their most passionate intimate desires. This is what they expect from their partner. So do not be afraid to tell the young man about your fantasies.

Words words…

During sex, many men like it when the girl something (of course, the topic) says in a soft voice. Some guys get "dirty" words during intimate amusements, but you need to be careful not to overdo the stick.

Get dressed up

Do not think that erotic underwear is an unnecessary attribute. Men like beautifully packaged gifts, they like to unwrap such presents. Therefore, buying new clothes and presenting it in front of your loved ones, do not rush: undress very slowly, in order to get a man even more. He will be delighted that the picture he saw will soon be in his hands. If you wear a beautiful underwear, then do not forget to supplement the image with lace stockings.

What do men like about sex? When it happens spontaneously. You can make love in a non-standard place, for example, in the pool or on a private picnic. There are lots of options, choose interesting ones.

Movement — life

After some time, partners in sex find a couple of positions in which they feel comfortable. But many unions fall apart precisely because they are bored in bed. So do not be shy, you need to try something new. Men like to replenish their luggage of sexual experience with something interesting. Move, look for new poses that will inspire you and your partner.

And whether men like sex with two girls? You can't be sure, because every guy individually, and hence have different preferences of men vary. There are men who like sex with two beautiful women, others prefer to make love with a partner.

Oral sex

Why do men like oral sex? Because during it they get a lot of pleasant sensations. Some guys believe that oral sex gives something that during the ordinary it is impossible to experience. In such intimate proximity, lips, hands, tongue, and even teeth are also involved.

In addition, oral sex is almost without stress. A man does not need to worry about whether his genitals are large enough, whether intimate closeness lasts for a long time, and so on.

Oral sex can be practiced without fear, because from him the partner does not become pregnant. So you can only get pleasure.

Another reason why guys like oral sex is that they can watch their partner. In the course of this lesson they seem to watch a movie of an erotic nature and simultaneously participate in it.

Also, men like oral caresses, because the girl does them completely unselfishly, while not getting anything in the present in return. This means that such sex is the true manifestation of love.

Anal sex

What do men like in anal sex and why do many prefer this kind of intimacy? Let's figure it out. We list all the possible benefits of anal sex for him.

  1. A man wants to feel the partner as close as possible.
  2. During such sex, do not be afraid that the girl will become pregnant.
  3. If the partner agrees to such an experiment, then she trusts the partner.
  4. During anal sex, he feels like a real male, demonstrates strength and power over the world.
  5. He likes to watch the partner from behind.
  6. During such intimacy, he is a conqueror who conquered the "fortress" hidden behind lacy panties.
  7. Anal sex reminds him of sex with a virgin.
  8. If you have problems with potency such intimacy is preferred. The muscles of the anus grasping the male organ, in any condition.
  9. Anal sex allows you to learn something new and diversify your intimate life, to bring a zest to it.

What sex positions do men like? This is another topic that is particularly interesting to the fair sex. Sexologists have found the favorite poses of men. Let's consider them.

Especially on all fours

How to have sex in this position? It's the same as with the usual pose on all fours. But there is one feature. Which one? The partner takes one leg of the girl and holds it opposite her hip or puts it on him. Thanks to this position, a man can penetrate deeper into the partner. He will also have the opportunity to massage the clitoris.

Missionary and pillows

Of course, it seems that the missionary position is something ordinary. But if you change a little position, you can get a lot of fun. The girl lies down on the bed, bends her knees, her feet stand on the bed. Under the ass, she puts a couple (maybe more) of pillows. This position allows the partner to penetrate deeper, as well as additional stimulation of the clitoris. Experts say that this position allows a man and a woman to reach orgasm at the same time.

"Updated spoons"

This position is sometimes called the morning position. It allows partners to experience not only physical sensations, but also deep psychological ones. This position gives the man full access to the female body. Such an opportunity is not to use sin. If you throw a leg of a partner on the thigh of a man, you can get a new deep feeling.

"Rider with back"

The most beloved position of a man is, of course, the one when a woman is on top. But we offer a slightly modified version of it. A man must kneel, then sit on his heels. The partner turns back to him, also squats and starts moving up and down.

69 + 1

Another favorite pose for men is "69". But to bring a twist (as you remember, guys like to experiment), we suggest you change the position of the bodies a little. You will not have sex lying on your side, but on your side. So you will have more freedom to perform various maneuvers. This applies to both the girl and the guy. In addition to the mouth, now the hands can also participate in the erotic act, which will bring more passion into the intimate life.


Now you know that men like sex. As you can see, there is much that you can please your partner. We wish you success!