One of the most titled clubs in the history of the NBA is the “Chicago Bulls”. How was the star team formed and who today defends the honor of the club from Chicago?

Club history

The club from Chicago (Illinois, USA) spent its first season back in 1966. In the history of the NBA, this is actually the third team after Peckers and Stegs. The start was more than successful for beginners - “Chicago Bulls” showed excellent results and were able to reach the playoffs.

All their home meetings “bulls” held at the International Amphitheater, and after two years began to play at the “Chicago Stadium”. During the following years, the club management managed to create such a composition that demonstrated tough defensive basketball. The stars of those years, around which the whole scheme of the game was built, were Jerry Sloan, Chet Volker and Bob Love. But despite the tremendous efforts, “Chicago Bulls” never went into the final part of the championship and only once became the champions of his division.

Chicago Bulls - star club with a rich history

The Age of Great Jordan

But the history of the club from Chicago radically changed in 1984, when a young graduate of the University of North Carolina — American basketball legend Michael Jordan — joined the team. He played the position of the attacking defender, and the coaching staff of the bulls decided to build a game around the young talent. In the same season, “Chicago Bulls,” which added to the Hakim Oladzhyuvona and John Pekson, went into the playoffs, and Michael received the title of “Rookie of the Year.”

Next season, Jordan does not hold at full strength due to a leg injury and misses 64 games of the regular season. In subsequent seasons, the leader of “Chicago Bulls” sets record performance - 3000 points and 200 interceptions for the season.

But the real success of the club comes with the purchase of another legendary basketball player is Scottie Pippen. In the season 1989-90 of a mentor Chicago gets Phil Jackson, who was destined to lead the team to the first championship titles.

First awards

The season of 90/91, the club ends in first place in its division, which happens for the first time in 16 years. Pippen scored the best shape and became a member of the All-Star Game, and Jordan received the MVP award for the second time in his career.

In the Eastern Conference finals, the bulls can finally defeat their opponents from Detroit, and they will play for the first time in the NBA Finals. Opponent to the decisive game caught a difficult - “Los Angeles Lakers”. “Chicago Bulls” almost defeated Magic Johnson's club and became the champion of the NBA (4: 1).

The title of champions Chicagoans gave only in 1993, after leaving the club, Michael Jordan. A great player made that decision after killing his father.

Since 1994, the Chicago Bulls Club has been holding all its home meetings at the United Center.

Who plays for the club today?

In the 2016/17 season, the club received a new mentor. In October, Fred Heuberg was appointed to this position. Today the club colors protect:

  1. Ituan Moore.
  2. Tony Snell.
  3. Doug McDermott.
  4. Nicola Mirotich.
  5. Taj Gibson.
  6. Aaron Brooks.
  7. Jimmy Butler.
  8. Rajon Rondo.
  9. Dwayne Wade.
  10. Cristiano Ficcio.

The coaching staff “Chicago Bulls” relies on the younger generation, and I want to believe that the club will be able to get the highest award of the NBA more than once.