A rather unpleasant event for many people is the moment when black beetles are found in an apartment. The sooner you start taking measures to combat them, the faster and easier it will be to get rid of them.

Types of black beetles

In order to know which means to use against these uninvited guests more effectively, it is necessary to determine the type of insects. This is fairly easy to do if you know what they eat. In tanks with cereals, flour, beetles are often found, which are popularly called Khrushchev. Their larger representatives are found on the bookshelves. Many troubles are delivered by kozheedy, whose name speaks for itself. And in wooden buildings, the bark beetle is often wound up.

Khrushka beetles and methods of dealing with them

To find the larvae of these insects is quite difficult because of their smallest sizes. Later on, large black beetles (up to 2 cm in size) appear. In an apartment where they only began to explore the territory, it is enough to carry out a thorough cleaning to get rid of these insects forever.

Black beetles in the apartment: their types and methods of dealing with them

All cereals and flour should be checked for the presence of egg laying larvae. At the slightest suspicion of their presence from the products will have to get rid of, because sifting them is useless. All shelves are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate or vinegar, then dichlorvos and washed with any detergent.

Bark beetles: how to deal with them

They are most often found in wooden buildings and are much less likely to come across these black beetles in an apartment. How to get rid of these uninvited guests with the help of folk remedies is well known to the inhabitants of the countryside, where houses built of wood predominate. Measures aimed at combating this insect cannot be postponed. The bark beetle in a short time can destroy the structure of the structure, causing irreparable damage to the dwelling.

To do this, take a mixture of turpentine and kerosene in the ratio of 3: 1 and pour it all the visible passages of the pests, then seal them with paraffin.

Today, for this you can buy in the store and specialized chemicals. When detecting single holes, you can use tools such as "Confidor", "Antizhuk" or "Antishechelin", introducing them with a syringe. Pump the solution repeatedly, and then treat the surface with some antiseptic (stain, linseed oil or lube). If there are too many moves done by beetles, then the affected area is completely covered with several layers of chemical. Processing should be carried out immediately, as soon as black beetles were discovered in the apartment. In this case, it is necessary to leave the premises for a while, Chemicals mentioned are toxic.

Preventive actions

It is always easier to prevent the appearance of any insects in an apartment than to get rid of them later. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out preventive measures from time to time to prevent the appearance of pests in the house.

Special aerosol insecticides will help in this. They are even effective against insects like the little black flying beetles. The apartment can be used to combat them with boric acid. She daubed the back walls of the cabinets and the inside of the carpet. A fairly reliable prophylactic is lavender oil. Soaked cotton swabs in it are laid out in different parts of the apartment. In the same way you can use lavender tablets. In addition to the function of protection against insects, this tool also fills the room with a pleasant aroma.

Black cockroaches

If big black bugs appeared in an apartment that have such a dense exoskeleton that they crack when crushed, most likely they are so-called black cockroaches. It is necessary to get rid of them without delay, since these are carriers of dangerous pathogenic viruses. It is best to call the health service, because the fact that it will be possible to independently remove these insects is unlikely - they are immune to most insecticides.

Insects penetrate into the apartments in various ways - through open windows and doors, crevices in window frames, air vents, etc. But no matter how black beetles in an apartment turn out, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Their number is growing very fast. The result of delay can be damaged furniture, products, as well as the possibility of infection with infectious diseases.