Recently, black soap is becoming more popular. Many tourists bring this novelty from abroad as a precious souvenir. What are the useful properties of black soap, described in this article.

What is black soap? Formulation

It is a means consisting of oil and ash. The last component determines the color of the product. To make black soaps use ash from the leaves of bananas, cocoa beans, palm trees and plantain, shea bark. Among the oils most popular in the production of exotic soap are olive, palm, coconut and shea butter. The composition of the means of different brands may vary. Each manufacturer uses his own recipe for black soap.

Black soap can be liquid or solid. Although it is called black, but in fact its color is dark brown. It has an ancient history and was used to treat skin diseases. Also, the peoples of Africa made black soap for washing hair.


The manufacture of black soap occurs according to a simple scheme. First, the leaves and bark of trees are burnt to get ashes. Then it is mixed with water and passed through a filter. To get a black soap, one or more oils are added to the aqueous solution of the ash. All components are constantly interfered with for 24 hours and left for 2 weeks so that the soap reaches.

Most manufacturers produce a black product in beautifully packaged briquettes or in liquid form in branded glass or plastic containers. But natural black soap should be sold in formless briquettes of large size and have a viscous structure. Each buyer, the seller cuts a piece of a certain weight or size with a knife.

Today, black soap is sold in every store that specializes in organic cosmetics. All counters are filled with this tool in Egypt, Africa and many other countries. Also, black briquettes can be ordered on the Internet.

Black soap has a unique composition. Ash and oils contain many useful substances that favorably affect the skin and help normalize metabolic processes. So, the composition of black soap includes vitamins A and E, known as antioxidants. They affect the regeneration of the skin and help to keep its youth longer.

Also, black soap has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is recommended to use it for the treatment of acne and other skin diseases.

An important advantage of black soap is its natural composition. For its manufacture use only ash, organic oils and water. No sulphates, dyes, fragrances and preservatives. Therefore, black soap is considered a real treasure for those who value natural products.

Application of soap for beauty

Black soap can be used for both face and body. It helps exfoliate dead cells and gives the skin freshness. Therefore, to prolong the beauty of the face and preserve his youth, experts advise using a black soap for daily washing. It is enough to cut a small piece of briquettes and grate it well until a thick foam forms. The procedure is preferably carried out in cotton gloves. The resulting foam is applied to the face and body, then rinse with warm water.

It is very useful to periodically make a face mask from black soap. To make it, you need to cut a small piece of briquette and put it in a container with warm water at a rate of 1: 2. Wait 10 minutes until the product is wet. Then add a little honey to make a thick paste. The resulting agent should be applied to the face and neck and left for half an hour. After this time, wash off the mask with warm water.

This tool is shown to people with problem skin. Mask of black soap copes well with acne and acne.

Application for hair

Many experts advise using black hair soap. It well restores the head of hear with a damaged structure and saturates it with useful substances. To this end, manufacturers produce special shampoos based on black soap. They have a soft consistency and gently caress the curls.

Wash hair with black soap should be gently. For wet curls, only foam should be applied.

Do not wash your hair with a hard soap! First, such manipulations can severely damage the head of hearing. Secondly, the soap is washed off badly.

Use for medicinal purposes

Black soap is often used to treat skin diseases. So, many people with eczema, acne and dermatitis do not fit cosmetics with chemical composition. Aggressive components can cause side effects in the form of redness, dry skin and itching. Black soap has no chemical additives, which excludes complications. Therefore, people with skin problems can safely use African soap.

In addition to the natural composition, it is important to note the presence of vitamins and nutrients that have a calming effect. Also, black soap has a low level of pH, close to that of the skin. This means that the African remedy carefully cares for the skin compared to conventional cleaning products.

Black soap can be used for preventive purposes. It has antibacterial action and protects the skin from harmful microorganisms.

Body care

For the skin care of the whole body, some manufacturers release black soap for the bath. This tool can also be used for washing hair.

The bath remedy is usually produced in a plastic jar with a large lid on the twist. It has a liquid, uniform consistency, like a shampoo or a shower gel.

Soap for a bath well nourishes a skin, promotes its restoration. Regular application of the drug significantly improves the condition of the integument. This soap can be used in the shower. But to achieve a better effect, it is recommended to use it in the bath.

Black soap

Unique properties have a dark soap, known as economic. This brown briquettes with an unpleasant odor is an indispensable tool in everyday life.

Household soap contains from 65 to 72% of fatty acids, which effectively fight infection and dirt.

Advantages of laundry soap:

  1. Natural composition.   Household soap is made from environmentally friendly hypoallergenic raw materials. It is recommended to use it for washing children's clothes, bed linen.
  2. Favorable effect on some tissues.   For example, woolen products after washing with soap are softer.
  3. Medical properties.   Such a detergent is used to treat inflammatory processes, some gynecological diseases, for disinfection of wounds and cuts.
  4. Antibacterial action.   Soap successfully copes with fungi and dangerous microorganisms. In some areas of medicine it is still used as an antiseptic.

Consumer Opinions

It turns out that many people buy black soap. Reviews about its quality and usefulness are only positive. Especially appreciated soap is the black color of a woman. In their opinion, this product is ideal for daily face and body care. Soap does not dry the skin at all and feeds it with useful substances. And those who had acne or dermatitis, managed to successfully get rid of their problems.

Many reviews refer to the composition of black soap. The lack of chemicals is an important advantage of this detergent. Therefore, black soap is completely safe.

The briquettes of black color have no smell, although many people seem to associate it with soap. But these are completely different means.

Black soap is advised by cosmetologists and dermatologists. In comparison with chemical preparations, it does not give side effects and is always well tolerated by the skin. At the same time, it costs cheap and is sold in almost every store.

As for the disadvantages of black soap, it is poorly washed off hair. Most people use this remedy only for washing their skin.