Most girls like to experiment with hair. The case concerns not only haircuts, styling and curls, but also coloring. Blondes are the happiest in this regard; any hair dye will suit them. For black hair, paint is much more problematic. Moreover, if the owner of black hair decided to radically change her appearance and repaint her hair in lighter colors. Virtually no dye on black hair does not fall, as the pigment in such hair is dark. In most cases, it is necessary to use washes and bleaching compositions so that they can be repainted.

From brunette to blonde

If you have a desire to change this way, then it is not necessary to go to a beauty salon. You can make the transformation in the home. It will be much cheaper than at the hairdresser. Repainting at home in monetary terms will cost you about two thousand rubles (depending on what kind of paint and other chemicals you will get), and in the cabin - at least seven and in a few visits.

To approach the matter of such repainting is necessary thorough. Remember that the hair deteriorates during bleaching, and if you do not tint it in the roots, the hairstyle will not be aesthetically pleasing or tidy.

Bought on a dark color, not only hair dye. For black hair, you also need to purchase an oxidizing agent, a wash or a deep-cleaning shampoo, and color-bleaching powder.

According to reviews, Estel was named the highest quality paint for such a global repainting. It is acceptable for the price, it fits well on the hair and keeps the color for a long time. Consider repainting using the products of this company.Black hair dye

The complete reincarnation process

So, we bought a dye for black hair. What better colors, we have peeped in reviews of the girls, already painted. Many people note a very important plus in Estel products for hair dyeing - it is able to completely remove the yellowness, which is sure to manifest itself when bleaching and washing.

On the first day of the procedure, be prepared that the hair will turn reddish or yellow, so if you do not want to leave the house like this, then cancel all the business and meetings for a couple of days.

The first step is to make a wash. Instructions for use are in each package. After this procedure, it is worthwhile to wait one day until the discoloration, but if the hair is thick and healthy, then you can lighten it the same day.

Before continuing to work with hair, give them at least two days of rest and recovery. Otherwise, you just burn the roots, the hair can start to climb hard, break, become stiff and lifeless. We do not need this effect, so we are waiting.


To prepare the mixture, dye for black hair is taken - “Chocolate”, “Rusy”, “Blond”, “Ashen”. After washing and bleaching all light shades are available to you. For hair of medium length one package will be enough. To the paint you need to add the same amount of intensive toning. Mix well until smooth.

We take an oxidizer (preferably three percent, rather than six, in order not to injure the hair even more after all the above prescribed procedures), pour in one hundred and twenty milliliters into the mixture of dye and toning. Mix, add mikston (3 ml), it will help to neutralize the yellow and red tint. We mix, applies on hair on all their length. Be sure to use gloves.

Keep the mixture on the hair for no more than forty minutes, rinse well, using shampoo and balm. Done!

Black hair coloring to add shine

A lot of brunettes do not want to change their color. They buy paint to make the color more deep, brilliant or even out. Such coloring is necessary after burning out the hair in the sun.

To reduce the chance of hair damage, black henna-based hair dye is used. Henna is useful in itself, it cares for hair, enriches it with necessary substances. Many manufacturers of hair dye began to use this technology. So, to get a color like a crow's wing, you do not need to etch the hair with chemistry, use henna-based dye.

The advantage of henna based paints from henna

Many will ask: why pay more by buying some kind of paint? You can buy just henna or basma, they are many times cheaper. Of course, you can save. But there are at least two benefits of paint from herbal composition:

  • Ease of use.

The paint is much easier to apply and spread over the hair than its grassy counterpart. When flushing, too, the paint is easier to wash off than the grass. The grassy composition is poorly and long washed off, its particles entangled in the hair.

  • Additive extra oils.

Many manufacturers of such paints, for example, Lady Henna, use various caring essential oils to prepare the composition. Thus, the hair gets more benefits.

Dye ombra on black hair

Ombre has remained in fashion for several years. Hair with such coloring give its owner a style and a unique image. Ombre looks especially elegant on long hair.

Typically, several colors are used for such staining, so at home it is better not to experiment if you are not an expert. The master will do everything qualitatively and beautifully. Holders of dark hair often prefer a combination with a light shade. But this tendency has already bored everyone, various hair-dye has been used. For black hair with this dyeing it would be very cool to look red, scarlet and red. This will give the image a “rapacity”, uniqueness. Such a bright girl will not be overlooked, she will qualitatively stand out from the crowd.

Ombre at home

Some girls can not afford to go to hairdressing and beauty salons. But this does not mean that you have to make up the standard and abandon the ombra. If you really try, then everything will turn out at home!

In order to make such a coloring at home, there is a wonderful hair dye. For black hair, shade number one is perfect: “From light to dark chestnut” by L'Oreal. The paint is called Preference Ombres (“Perferance Ombre”).

The hairbrush is put in a set with paint, almost as at the professional. Therefore, painting the house will not be difficult. The main thing is to use the instructions to get the desired effect and not to spoil the hair.

Highlights on black hair

To change the image and refresh your image, it is not necessary to dye the entire hairstyle completely. Highlighting remains at the height of fashion; it has been chosen by many girls and women for many years.

Paint for highlighting on black hair in the past few years was chosen light shades. But it's time to change something in this coloring. In the barber shop you will be offered several options for highlighting black hair: chocolate, red, red, scarlet, currant, copper and coffee color. You can choose one shade or more.

Firstly, it will really look gorgeous and fashionable. This image will not remain out of sight.

Secondly, it is a more gentle option for your hair. The strands to be colored must be completely discolored before applying light tones, after which they will have to be tinted to get rid of yellowness. For highlighting by dark and bright shades, the strands undergo very little discoloration, it will be easy. Thus, you transform, maintaining healthy hair.

It is better to perform this procedure in the salon, so that the master can make high-quality highlights. Choose your favorite option and just enjoy the procedure.

Add volume to hair using highlighting

There are women and girls who are not satisfied with their own volume of hair. They want to visually enlarge it so that the hair plays with highlights.

This can be done with the help of creative or brondirovaniya - also types of highlighting. You can combine these two methods.

The creative is created with the help of red shades. Take thin strands of hair and dyed. Thus, there is a creation of a glare effect in the hair, which visually significantly adds volume. The image is interesting and bright.

It is possible to attach a booking method if the girl has her natural light brown or other light color. The procedure is done in the same way as the creative, only in light shades. Therefore, to get a reservation, the hair does not fade, because you have to process them completely. Then it will not be possible to return the dark color and make a reservation on it. It's just not realistic, because the strands are taken just a few hairs.

Black hair dye with shades

Black hair is really gorgeous. If nature gives you a different color, you can easily repaint. Many girls and women want to dye their hair dark or black, but they are afraid, as it is believed that this color “adds” years to age.

Perhaps, some time ago in most cases this was the case, because there was no such variety of shades of black colors. The main thing when coloring is to pick up your shade. In this choice, an important role is played by appearance, eye and skin color. If you take into account all the nuances correctly, then with the help of black hair you can not only avoid “aging”, but also “rejuvenate” for a couple of years.

It is advisable to come to a specialist in the salon so that he chooses the right shade for you, because it is almost impossible to do it yourself without any special knowledge and opinion. And poking at any paint with your finger while in the store is only to harm yourself.

There are many shades of black paint, but the most popular are three: with a coal, ash and blue tint. Consider briefly each of them.

  1. The most popular is coal. It is suitable for owners of dark skin, brown or blue eyes. This is the most advantageous option for those who are wearing red lipstick.
  2. With a bluish tinge, the so-called black feather color. This color is to choose only pale girls with the lightest skin. Eyes can be black, blue or green. It will look just perfect.
  3. Ashen. Light skin and gray eyes? This is your shade!

At home, dyeing hair, do not forget to use the advice of experts and instructions. Good luck to all the staining!