Childbirth is such a long-awaited moment in the life of a woman. Certainly, this is happiness, with which nothing can compare. But for complete happiness, a woman always wants to remain attractive. For this we have to pay attention to the figure. After nine months of childbearing and childbirth, you need to work a lot on yourself in order to return to the previous form or at least come close to it. When can a woman start exercising?

Sports and the postpartum period

How long can you play sports after giving birth? How many after childbirth do you need to play sports?Naturally, in the first days after the birth of a small miracle, a young mommy does not have enough time to even think about sports exercises. All the worries and chores requires a baby born recently. But it takes several days, and the woman begins to pay attention to the tummy, which is still not in its place, the sides are the most problematic part of the fair sex, and she has a question: “And yet, how long can you do sports after giving birth?”.

In the first period of time after delivery, doctors do not recommend sports loads, since the uterus has not yet declined and cannot be strained. If you can’t wait to start exercising, you can consult a doctor or you can do the next test yourself. You need to lie on your back, bend your legs, put your hands near the navel. After that, gradually raise the shoulders, head. Now the most important thing: if you have a few fingers at your fingertips, you can start exercising. This gap between the abdominal muscles suggests that the uterus is in its place. Thus, after how many after childbirth you can go in for sports, a woman can determine for herself.

Willingness to sports a young mother

Willingness to play sports for each woman is determined individually. Each young mother had a prenatal period and childbirth in her own way. Not everyone can boast of prosperous and problem-free labor. There may be complications: bleeding, internal and external impulses, a weak uterine contraction, and so on. Do not rush to physical activities, because the form itself is often restored. The question “how much you can do sports after giving birth” may not be relevant. Caring for the baby, cleansing the body, breastfeeding - all this contributes to the rapid care of excess weight, which is so annoying. Immediately after the birth of the baby, up to 5 kilograms of water, placenta, etc. go away. But if the desire to play sports is strong, you must surely be sure that the body is ready for it. Earlier than after at least 2 months, you should not even think about classes, and then you can go for a visit to a gynecologist to confirm readiness for sports activities.

What sport to choose?

The question “how much you can do sports after childbirth” asks every second woman. And this is the right question! Of course, after giving birth any exercise is prohibited. Childbirth is a megastress for the female body, so it takes time to get stronger and bounce back.

If the birth was in normal mode, then after 60 days (two months), you can start training. With a caesarean section, it is recommended not to hurry and start practicing sports after three to four months. Although there are other opinions, which with the question: “How much can you do sports after childbirth?” They say that during normal labor it takes five weeks, and for caesarean section after 60–65 days, in other words, after 2 months. Why such difference? The fact is that after surgery, a woman needs more time to recover. After all, not only the internal organs are restored, but also the external surface of the uterus and skin. It should take a long time to fully ensure that the seams do not disperse at the slightest load.

Many young moms ask: "What kind of sport is better to do after childbirth: jogging or swimming?". The answer is simple: if nothing bothers and the delivery was normal, without complications, then you can do swimming and jogging. In the case of cesarean section - you can only do swimming and not earlier than two months later. The stitches should be completely healed, and the state of health should be normal.

Of course, the question of how much after childbirth you can do sports can be answered like this: just 21 days after birth, you can start doing exercises in the morning. Even if you are a professional athlete, any exercise after childbirth is better to start with morning exercises. Useful will be yoga. There are also quite interesting programs for practicing babies with mothers, which significantly increases the level of endorphins, which means you will feel happier! Exercise should be free from worries and troubles, so as not to be distracted, since we started. It is necessary to plan the time so that the child is asleep, household chores have accumulated a minimum, and also the mood and well-being correspond to the sports mood.

Press exercises

There is one more important point to which attention should be paid. When they ask how much after childbirth you can do sports, you definitely need to focus on the press. It can not swing earlier than 60 days after the birth of the baby. It is this time that the female reproductive organs need to recover, otherwise the uterus may be below the prescribed level. If a woman had any complications (severe traumatic labor, endometritis, seam divergence, fever during inflammatory processes, exacerbation of chronic diseases), then the question of how much after childbirth you can do sports, the answer is obvious - only after complete recovery!

Muscle stretching

It should be understood that after giving birth in women, many ligaments lose their elasticity. The same is true of joints. Therefore, before you decide for yourself how long after delivery you can do sports, you need to weigh everything and correctly assess the level of recovery of your body.

Caution during class

Young moms need to exercise with great care. The load must be increased gradually. And this is the main condition! The classroom must have fresh air, and the mood must be fresh. You can, of course, do it yourself, and some turn to a professional who will distribute the load, prompt effective exercises and show you how to do them correctly.

Previous generations of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers hardly asked themselves the question of how much after childbirth you need to go in for sports, and at the same time they looked attractive to their husbands. Maybe the main thing is love! When a woman is loved - it blooms! So, the young mother needs to prioritize correctly: health, attention to her neighbor and herself, the value of herself. When everything is in its place in consciousness, then the excess weight goes away.