In our world there are a large number of different symbols, the history of the worship of which stretches through the millennia. Some of them are forgotten, while others still live with us. One of these symbols can be considered a turtle. Its influence has spread to many areas of life. From this article you will find out the answer to the question: “Is the turtle the symbol of what's feng shui?” And also we will talk about the many other beliefs of different peoples and religions that are associated with this slow-moving animal.

Turtle: a symbol of what for Feng Shui? Is the turtle a symbol of what in Russia?

Turtle image

The turtle in each locality is revered in completely different ways. For example, for a prosperous and respectable Europe, it is a symbol of sluggishness, softness and inactivity. In traditional Asia, this animal is associated with moving forward, stable development, responsibility for material well-being. In China, the tortoise is considered the protector of people. The symbol of what this animal is for man? Obviously, you can get different answers.

The significance of the tortoise in religion

This animal is especially revered in religion. For example, in the Hindu tradition, the symbol of spiritual concentration and return to its original state is a hidden turtle in its shell. This is where the character of this animal, which prefers loneliness, is shown.

The tortoise (symbol) is of great importance for religions. What in Buddhism just can not find! This religion is characterized by reincarnations of people who have already left. The turtle is considered the embodiment of the bodhisattva.

This animal can also be found in Vedic culture. It was in the guise of a tortoise that the god Vishnu came to earth to save people after the flood. Also from her back grows a cosmic tree.

The image of a turtle can be found in ancient Japanese legends. In them, it is considered the support of the sky, the mountain seat of the gods, and also the marriage of Heaven and Earth.

Turtle in Feng Shui

Now consider the following question: “Is the turtle a symbol of what is feng shui?” If it is very important for you to improve your career, then an animal with a black shell should be placed in the north, but only one. You can even put there an aquarium with a live individual.

For family well-being, use a statuette of three turtles that stand on top of each other. It should be placed in the east.

The presence of the turtle in the wealth sector in the southeast also has a positive effect. If you are interested in a turtle (the symbol of which is a living individual), then we can say that this animal has a great influence on the welfare of the house. Put an aquarium in this sector, and an increase in your budget is guaranteed. Of course, if you do not want to care for animals or you simply do not have time for this, then place a wooden statuette painted in gold color there.

In the sector, which is responsible for the presence of teachers and assistants, you can place up to six statuettes of turtles. Put them in the northwest and wait for support from influential people.

You can also put this animal in the workplace: so you will be able to ensure reliability and stability.

Now about the placement. If your table is located in such a way that there is a wall behind it, then the best solution would be an image of a turtle on it (on a poster, picture or fan). If behind you there are shelves or a window with a window sill, then you can easily put a statuette there. Do not place behind a live turtle in an aquarium, as water adversely affects the construction of a career.

The magical significance of the turtle

Turtles are very often used in the magical field. For example, to protect against the evil eye or the negative impact (especially for children). You can use one bug, but you can use several, for example, three. In the latter case, protection comes from three generations.

A very effective protective amulet are gold-framed turtle eyes. They protect their owner from any negative impact, for example from damage or the evil eye.

The turtle is very popular in alchemical experiments. Here this animal is considered a symbol of matter at the very beginning of its transformation.

For the Chinese, the tortoise in the magical sense personified the ability to prevent wars, as well as confronting fire. It is no coincidence that for this people it is a symbol of the cosmic order.

Amulet of the animal. Stuff for him

So, now you know the answer to the question of what the turtle is a symbol of. However, if you decide to purchase a figure of this animal, you should know what material and in what cases you need to choose.

For a successful career, choose a statuette made of ceramics. She will be able to increase your financial well-being, as well as give wisdom.

A metal tortoise (it is possible that the material will be silvered or gilded) will assist in various work affairs.

The impact on the career and the implementation of its goal can have a simple picture of an animal, cut from a magazine or newspaper. Draw a blue triangle on it (water symbol), then paste your portrait on it. Post this “poster” will be in the north side of his office. It symbolizes your success up the career ladder, so glue it upside down.

Turtle in tattoo art

Due to their importance, images of a turtle are used for tattoos. As mentioned above, this animal is associated with various qualities (wisdom, resilience, protection, poise). At a special place is the shell of a turtle, which is a barrier against any troubles of the outside world. Obviously, this is why this animal plays an important role in the art of tattooing.

As an image on the skin, the turtle looks very elegant. And in both color and black and white. An interesting point in her image is the shell, which acquires various beautiful drawings. Also, it is often depicted in a blue or dark blue frame of water.

It should be noted that people who choose a turtle for a picture on the body, strive for wise decisions and a calm, measured life.

The Legend of the Turtle

Now you know what values ​​the turtle has (the symbol of what?). But you need to understand the age-old perception of people of this animal. There is an interesting legend about him, which is built on the ancient belief that the tortoise is like a support for our land. Many peoples believed that it was on this earth that our land floated in the World Ocean.

In ancient India, there is a legend that tells of a big battle between mighty giants and ancient gods. This battle took place in ancient times. In this battle, the giants were defeated, abandoning their weapons on the battlefield. It was from the shields of these huge people that turtles originated. Having grown heads, paws and tails, they spread all over the world.

China is characterized by the belief that the wooden columns of the Heavenly Temple in their beginning were installed precisely on the backs of large living turtles. This was done in order to protect the wood from rotting, and also because the inhabitants of this country believed in the incredible longevity of these animals (more than 3000 years).

The value of the turtle in different countries

As mentioned above, the turtle is particularly revered in China and India. However, this animal is mentioned in other countries. For example, if you want to know what value a turtle carries, the symbol of which in Russia is an animal, then you can say that it is its patroness. However, like other northern countries.

For the people of Mexico, turtles are a manifestation of the Great Mother, which shows itself from a terrible side. Here they personify the ancestral race animals.

For the peoples of Africa, the tortoise is a protective talisman. In addition, it is considered a feminine, lunar and water sign. It is also sometimes associated with male fertility.


So, now you know the answer to the question: “The turtle is a symbol of what according to different interpretations?” As you can see, this animal is of great importance in different countries, as well as religions. The image of turtles can often be found in the form of tattoos on the human body. Thus, this animal has a fairly large impact on people's lives.