Happy families are similar, but unfortunate ones are always different. Alcoholism is a common and very sad problem.Chemerichna water from alcoholism: dosage, overdose, reviewsEvery person who is in trouble with such a plan is looking for a way out and discovering new ways to fight. On the threshold of despair, you can believe in any fiction, even in the healing power, which gives mercy water from alcoholism.

Drinking is a fight!

What is dangerous drinking? This is an insidious disease. She sneaks up gradually. The patient does not understand his condition, shrugs off the care of loved ones and more and more seeks solace in a bottle with a strong drink. In such a situation it is very difficult to assist. Everything is easier when a person realizes his problem and tries to deal with it. A family familiar with the problem of alcoholism will sooner or later find out how mercy water works from alcoholism. This is not a magic potion at all, but a decoction based on a perennial herb, called the hellebore Lyubel or puppeteer. In height, this plant can reach several meters. Chemeritsa has a number of useful properties. In particular, the plant gives anesthetic, antiparasitic and antimycotic effect. But, I must say, in fact, the hellebore is poisonous, with the highest concentration of poison falling to the roots. Chemerichnaya water from alcoholism is created on the basis of a plant with many additives, and therefore not dangerous for humans. In the pharmacy, this product can be bought without a prescription.

Secret of use

People say about the benefits of the drug in the presence of parasites in the body. Also, the indication for use is pediculosis in humans.If you look at the composition of the drug, it turns out that when chemomeric water is prepared from alcoholism, the dose of alcohol tincture from the roots of the puppeteer is approximately 50 ml per 100 grams of water. Particularly recommend the drug supporters of alternative medicine, but, truth, in the fight against drunken drunkards the power of the means is greatly exaggerated. Many years of experience in the treatment of alcoholism suggest that with respect to the dosage and course, irresistible craving can be overcome. As with any medicine, procameric water from alcoholism has an instruction, which states that only external use is possible, but it cannot be taken orally because of its toxicity. Although it is poison that allows you to fight alcoholism.

It is strictly necessary to read the instructions, because otherwise it is not possible to exclude possible side effects for a drinking person. For example, it is prohibited to take more than ten drops of the drug per day. In addition, you need to start taking with small doses, gradually increasing, based on the patient's state of health.

Cook at home

If a person has decided to engage in the preparation of man-made medicines, then, most likely, he has already tried a lot of means.Probably, acupuncture, blood cleaning and vitamin droppers were left behind. Of course, there are risks of treating alcoholism using traditional methods, but if you observe the dosage of negative effects, you can not wait. The patient must be constantly monitored, and homemade water from alcoholism has a special effect. Patient reviews are controversial, as often the infusion is taken just because of the presence of alcohol in the composition. It is known that even poisonous mushrooms can be eaten in microscopic doses, so a diluted tincture can do no harm.

The recipe for water is not so complicated. A teaspoon of puppeteer's dry roots should be poured with half a glass of boiling water. It is necessary to insist means for about an hour, then strain through a sieve. Prepared water should be stored in a cool, dark place. It should be warned that the infusion can not be used for another week. And, by the way, every time you need to prepare a new portion of infusion. Every day a sick person must take two drops of infusion three times, and it is mixed into the food. If the dose is not increased, the patient will not notice the presence of the infusion in the food.The action manifests itself in the use of alcohol. The patient feels weak, nauseous, dizzy and even vomiting. Logically, the alcoholic puts the blame on alcohol and therefore begins to feel disgust for him. If the patient does not have the expected action, then this indicates a strong immunity of the person, and therefore it is necessary to increase the dosage, but not more than 15 drops per day. Increase the dosage has to be gradually, drop by drop per day. Otherwise, it may be dangerous than water from alcoholism. Overdose is fraught with poisoning and a sharp deterioration in health.

Dangerous consequences

Only traditional medicine implies the use of the method of treatment for hellebore. But this is not always the case. Most often, people do not realize the dangers of the means and the fact that it can lead to a fatal outcome. The tool is popular because of its low cost, especially compared to expensive medications that help from alcohol dependence. More often water is chosen by women who have become desperate from the hard drinking of their husbands. There is simply no other way to fight. You can not infinitely be convinced of the effectiveness of the tool, as you can cause intoxication of the body. Therefore, it is better to take the medicine after consulting a doctor. The patient's body is at great risk; skin turns pale, thirst and dry mouth appear, problems with the gastrointestinal tract arise and heart failure can develop.This is how dangerous hellebore water is from alcoholism. Exceeding the optimal dosage may even provoke a lethal outcome.


It is not surprising that the reception of this strongly means is not shown to everyone. First of all, water is forbidden to people with heart problems and blood vessels. In addition, the body of an alcoholic and so is very weak, but because of traditional medicine can give the opposite effect. It is better to find a qualified narcologist to cure your loved ones from addiction. Alcoholism is a disaster, dangerous not only for the person himself, but also for his family. It is difficult to maintain clarity of mind, being in close proximity with a sick person. Hands involuntarily fall, and the way out is already here - at hand - in a bottle.

Alcoholism is called an incurable and insidious disease. Even if an alcoholic may not drink for some time, the probability of a relapse never disappears completely. Enough random hint, the temptation that has arisen in the form of wine purchased for the holiday, as an alcoholic can break. No encoding, no herbal treatment, not even psychotherapy gives a full guarantee. Only all means in a complex with constant care and attention can bring the desired result. Herbal treatment is called the most budget and therefore helmer is in demand.

Chemeritsa in natural habitat

What is the hellebore? This is a plant of the family Lilein. The amazing properties of the plant are described by ancient doctors. From Latin, the name of the grass is translated as “prophetess” or “sorceress”. There are confirmed facts about flowering plants only upon reaching 16 years of age. Flowering begins in mid-summer, and in its completion the flowers are replaced by seed boxes. In the tincture is the rhizome of the plant, which has a garlic aroma. In the people, the plant does not indulge in good names; in addition to the puppeteer, he is called a death-eater or even a lousy seed. Herbalists, speaking of the properties of the plant, mention its ability to induce vomiting.

What do people say?

It is difficult to find users who are able to share accurate information about the process of treating the human blood. Pharmacists recommend exclusively external use, as was mentioned above, but the ingestion is fraught with severe poisoning and therefore useful in treating poremotic water from alcoholism. Dosage, reviews and results are individual in each case. Alcoholics say that the sensations are extremely unpleasant, when drinking alcohol is dizzy, weakness in the intestines is felt, spasms appear in the muscles, and therefore limbs tremble. Add to this chills, vomiting and sneezing to get the most unpleasant picture and a powerful incentive for recovery and relief from addiction.