"How to deal with a child in 1 year?" - this question is often asked by parents. After all, babies grow so fast. Sometimes it is impossible to keep track when the baby has gone, has started talking. Each parent should always decide in advance what to do with the child from the year. The kid always has to do something. And it is desirable that it should be some development games or a set of activities designed for a certain age. When your child starts to just sit down, it is already necessary to give him games that will develop the motor skills of the fingers.

Than to be engaged with the child from year of the house?

If the baby starts walking, you need to make sure that the posture is even. A child at any age needs support and development. We will try to understand what is needed by the smallest, and where they can be given from a tiny age.

Feature Games

How to deal with a child in 1 year? Whichever occupation the parent chooses for his crumb at this age, it must be remembered that games should be primarily safe for him, interesting and developing. After all, in such a period, kids begin to learn the world. They are all around interesting.

Puzzles and figures

What can I do with my child per year? Many mothers, embraced by the idea of ​​making a child prodigy from their child, begin to do everything with him, as far as possible, forgetting that the child may not be interested or he can not absorb all incoming information.

Try to start with puzzles. They should be big so that the kid does not get confused. After he has mastered them, he will be able to give puzzles smaller in size from more. You can also buy toys with different holes. They need to place the figures. Each hole must correspond, and the child himself must learn how to pick them correctly. Different geometric objects by the Montessori method will not be superfluous. In addition to geometric, there may be figures in the form of animals, fruits. For the early development of your baby you can buy a special book. In her mother herself will be able to insert figures of characters. After that, the baby can learn it. Figures must be signed by syllables. So the baby will quickly learn how to read correctly. Also, the cubes are perfect, from which the child himself can stack various turrets and pyramids. Remember that at this age the attention of the little ones is very diffuse, it is difficult for them to focus on one thing. It is very important to be able to interest crumbs, then you will succeed. But do not expect instant results that you show the child one or two times a game, and he immediately starts to repeat for you. The main thing is to have patience and time. Of course, do not overdo it. From a great load or a monotonous occupation, the child will begin to get irritated and cry. And this will significantly slow down the process of obtaining the result.

Rings with a core

What to do with the child in the year of the house? Each mother can buy rings of different sizes and a rod, which the baby in a certain order will have to wear them. It is important to ensure that the child takes the ring with his fingertips, clasping his thumb. What is the task of the game? Before the baby needs to expand five rings (there may be more).

It should be shown to the crumb that at the beginning it is necessary to string the largest ring on the rod, and then in descending order. If you find one, get a musical pyramid that will make sounds with each drop of the ring on the rod. For example, if a child wears the right ring, then one sound, if mistaken, then the other. This is even more interesting for the baby. Repeat this until he remembers the order of the rings on the rod and will not lose interest. This game helps to develop mindfulness and concentration.

Forming the skills of the child will help the pan with vegetables

To develop the memory of the baby, an ordinary saucepan, which is found by every mistress, and a set of completely different objects, will suit perfectly. For a start, it can be fruits and vegetables. The essence of the lesson is that the mother lays out several foods in the pan and one by one pulls them out, giving the baby to examine, touch, examine. Then the occupation repeats itself. Then mum spreads the same vegetables and asks the baby to get one of the pan, which she will call. Babies at this age like to hide and seek. Therefore, such a game will not remain without their attention.

Balls and nested dolls

How to develop a child in a year? Thanks to the doll's little dolls, you can get acquainted with how to assemble and disassemble the structure. Only in this game it is important to interest him. Do not just add one to another, but you need to come up with an interesting story. For example, you play with him in hide and seek and in each secret place leave one matryoshka. The kid will need to find them and put them in the right order. It will be interesting to beat classes with balls. The kid must learn to take them with his fingers.

Then roll on the whole palm. Initially, you can type a box of small balls and teach the baby to fold them one by one into it. Then complicate the task and show the child how to not carry the balls, and roll from one point to another.

What is already able? What to teach the crumb?

Before deciding what to do with the child from a year, we must determine for ourselves clearly what he already knows and what he could not learn. For one year of life, children should be able to walk without help. And now the kid is interested in everything, and he wants to know and touch more. First of all, try to protect the space in which the child is. There should not be any sharp corners, as far as possible, plug all the sockets. Based on the skills, you can decide what games for him to choose. Many parents do not like it when children everywhere climb and can not sit still. They think that they are not properly educating him and begin to punish the baby. They must understand that at this age the child simply needs an active lifestyle. And every day their activity will increase. Many children already at this age can themselves bring small things, and some can already drink and try to eat on their own.

Teaching schools for the youngest

Where should I give up my child in a year? To date, many groups are opening up to develop the youngest. You can even find a nursery on a paid basis, which recruit in groups of children from one to three years old.

There is a huge number of development schools, where mummies bring their kids and are engaged with them. What is the advantage of such schools in front of the nursery school, and why should they even drive their children there? Such institutions always exist on a fee basis. There, each child will be given the amount of time that he needs. Specialists are also involved with them and monitor their timely development. In addition, the baby has new friends. That is, children learn to contact others. Thus, it will be easier for them to decide in the future in the society.

Also a big plus for these schools is that Mom will be able to properly select games for her child, she will be told and shown how to do it properly and what to do with the child from the year. When the baby becomes older, he can already be alone in the group without a mother. This will greatly facilitate his transfer to a kindergarten. For toddlers is a very great stress, when from home they suddenly start to bring him to some place where there are no relatives, there is no mother, and in general he does not know anything. And usually in state kindergartens, educators do not pay enough attention to each child. As a consequence, it can become very closed or, conversely, aggressive. After such schools, children adapt more easily to new conditions.

How to deal with the child (year and month)?

The first month after the year is very important for every baby. As he begins to take his first steps and every day becomes stronger and more mobile. And already put him on the carpet, pore toys and go to do their own things with my mother will not work. The kid will constantly need your support. All games should be focused this month on the work of fine motor skills, that is, they must be more mobile than before. You can buy a car without pedals, on which the baby can ride, pushing his legs. This will help in the development of lower limbs. Also play with him in hide and seek. Children are very fond of games of this kind. You can come up with games to gradually acquaint the child with the apartment. The child is explained what a table, dishes, chair is and how to treat them properly. Also the child is introduced to the outside world, to vehicles. The child studies animals, their habits and sounds, which they publish. At home, it is possible to stage different scenes with puppets. The parent takes a few puppets, animals and projects some scene from life, explaining to the kid, who has what role and what everyone should do.

Also with the help of pictures of the child you can learn to distinguish between different images. At this age the baby can already be introduced to different literature. He needs to read simple pieces and ask him to show the characters in the illustrations to the book.

Continuing to introduce the child to the items, the mother needs to hide behind the door and start to make the sounds of the approaching car, but do not show it to the baby. This will strengthen his interest and concentration. Mom needs to make sounds that are close to those that the machine makes. The second part of the session should already show the child a car. At the same time it is worth continuing to make sounds. Then my mother starts to drive the car in different directions, focusing attention crumbs. In your game you can enter other characters, for example, a doll that sits behind the wheel or a second car.

To form a sense of rhythm in the baby, the mother needs to learn a few childish little things with him and constantly repeat them.

We are engaged with the child (1-2 years)

Remember that during this period the baby grows every day. He acquires new skills, and to be engaged in 1-2 years with the child it is necessary constantly. At this age, the closest person to a baby is his mother. Well, when in this period of development the child plays with the children. But he can develop only when interacting with an adult. A good contact is the launch of soap bubbles. All children are interested in watching the process. They look where these balls come from, where they go.

Than to be engaged with the child in 1,5 years? At this age, the child will easily cope with gouache. Therefore, you can start drawing with him. The surface on which this will occur, it is better to lay a large roll of paper to the child was where to turn, and he did not soil the surface. Baby to put on a diaper and clothes, which will not be a pity to spoil. Arrange the jars of paint to make it convenient for them to get. It is not necessary to sit next to the child at this moment. He can draw. He will be interested in studying the quality of colors, mixing colors, creating his own unique pictures.

What to do with the child (1.5 years) at home? Also at this age the baby can easily start modeling. Take an ordinary clay. Show how you can make different figures from it, and let it repeat. Then he can do it himself. At this age the child can repeat for the parents, that is, reproduce everything that he sees at home. She begins to feed and swaddle a doll, put her to sleep. To look after a toy dog. Therefore, remember that right now you need to watch how you talk, what you do. Since this all will affect your baby.

Active Fun

What to do with the child from a year? Do not forget, of course, about active games. The child will not be able to sit constantly and draw or sculpt something. Every day he should have time to run, jump and frolic. Still at children at this age there is an interest to rustling of a paper. They like to tear it up, crumple it. For this exercise, a roll of toilet paper is quite suitable. They also will not miss balls. The kid is very interested in how a large ball appears from a small piece of rubber material. Attention is also drawn to the sound that is produced when the balloon comes down. You can show how to inflate it, and he will try to do the same.

When mom prepares dinner and does not know how to combine classes with the child and cooking, she can take it with her to the kitchen. It is enough to open a locker with pots and allow the baby to move all these intricate jars from place to place.


Now you know what to do with the child from the year. We hope that the advice that we gave in the article was helpful to you.