Get a good harvest of strawberries at their summer cottage can only be subject to the technology of its cultivation. Plants should be watered in time, weeded and spud. Also, strawberries should be transplanted to a new place from time to time. And, of course, this culture should be fertilized periodically. In this article we will talk about what strawberries are fed after harvesting, as well as in spring and summer.

What fertilizers to use

Strawberry responds well to absolutely any kind of fertilizer, both mineral and organic. For example, wood ash is considered to be very useful for this plant. It contains just a huge amount of various microelements. Sometimes strawberries are fed with purchased complex fertilizers. For example, well known to all nitroammofoskoy. It consists of all the substances necessary for the good development of strawberries: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Sometimes plants are fed and urea. This fertilizer does not burn leaves and is inexpensive. However, it should be used carefully. In case of overdose, the plants will stop tying the fruit.

Than fertilize strawberries in the spring, fall, during flowering, after harvest, for a good harvest?

Of organic fertilizers for strawberries, cow manure and bird droppings are most often used. Experienced gardeners advise using these dressings as carefully as possible. The fact is that they may contain weed seeds. Use such organic matter in dry form and in the form of tinctures. Korovyak prepared in proportion 1x10, a solution of bird droppings - 1x20.

On the question of how strawberries are fed, there is one more answer. Compost can be used for this purpose. But only well rotted.

How many times per season do you need to feed

During the growing season, ordinary strawberries are fertilized at least three times. Young plants need additional feeding during the growth period. Strawberries especially need nutrients during fruiting.

Top dressing in the first year

Fertilize strawberries, taking into account including the age of planting. For the first time, dressing for it is made in September - when preparing the bed. In this case, phosphate fertilizers and organic matter are added to the soil in the area designated for this berry. Nitrogen top dressing for this crop in the first year of growth is not recommended. Otherwise, all the forces of the plant "throw" on the development of leaves, but not berries. A good answer to the question of how strawberries are fed for a good harvest is a mixture of the following composition: 8-9 kg of humus, 80 g of superphosphate and 50 g of potassium salt. If it is used for planting next year, strawberries are not fertilized. But if desired, before fruiting, the bushes can be poured with a special solution of mullein. To prepare it, take two glasses of manure and one tablespoon of ammonium. All this is stirred in a bucket of water and poured over a bed in the amount of one liter per bush.

Second year after planting: how to fertilize in spring

An excellent answer to the question of how strawberries are fed in the spring is primarily nitrogen or complex formulations. This may be, for example, urea. It is bred in the amount of 1 tbsp. l on a bucket of water and water the plants under the root. Very often, instead of urea use nitroammofosku in the same proportion.

Also sometimes gardeners use organic matter to support the growth of green mass of plants: mullein or chicken manure. They are used in the amount of half a liter of solution for each plant.

Summer feeding

Next, let's see what strawberries are fed during flowering and fruit ovary. During this period, the plants need a lot of potassium. Therefore, the best form of feeding for them will be wood ash. Potassium nitrate or bird droppings can also be used. Ashes are introduced into the aisle in the amount of one handful per bush. Often a solution is prepared from it. For this, a glass of ash is poured into hot water (1 liter). The resulting mixture is infused overnight and poured into a bucket filled with heated water. Top dressing is made at the rate of 1 l per bush.

Potassium nitrate is used in the amount of 100 g per 10 m 2. Bird droppings are bred standardly. Watering should be carried out strictly under the root.

Than they feed strawberries in autumn

After harvesting plants also need to fertilize. Most often at this time they use ashes in the same proportions as in summer. In its solution, you can add a little nitroammofoski - 2 tbsp. l

An excellent answer to the question of how strawberries are fed in the fall is also urea. The use of this fertilizer contributes to the establishment of new flower buds. Manure or compost can be used as mulch for strawberries before winter.

What you should know

Thus, we have figured out how to feed strawberries after harvesting, in spring and summer. The technology described above is considered standard. Thus, they feed strawberries planted on nutritious garden soil. However, many plots are located in areas with land that is not very suitable for growing garden crops. In this case, the plants just need to follow. If the strawberries suddenly turned pale leaves, and it began to bear fruit with very small berries, then it lacks nitrogen. That is, it is necessary to feed manure or urea.

If the strawberry berries are too sour, you should apply some potash fertilizer for the bushes. This may be, for example, wood ash or chicken droppings. If the leaves of strawberries have acquired a reddish-brown hue, and its growth has slowed down - it is worth using phosphorus compounds.

How to fertilize

So, than strawberries are fed, you now know. Next, let's see how to do it right. When performing such an operation as feeding strawberries, be sure to consider the fact that:

  • Fertilizer can only be applied to clean beds. That is, the planting should be cleared of debris and cut from the plants all dead leaves.
  • It is impossible to use any chloride fertilizers for feeding strawberries.
  • Lime acidic soil under this crop is allowed only in the fall.
  • You can feed strawberries anytime. However, during the flowering period it should not be done more than once.
  • Urea, nitrophoska, etc. - this is what strawberries are fed most often. Fertilizers are environmentally friendly. However, to observe their dosage should be exactly.
  • Chicken droppings should be used only in solution. Being covered with dry plants can no longer bear fruit.

Nettle infusion

The fertilizers described above are what feed strawberries most often. However, you can use for this vegetable crop and other means. For example, in recent times, many owners of summer cottages prefer to use this kind of top dressing as strawberry infusion for strawberries. Prepare it as follows:

  • a bucket of chopped and mashed nettle is poured with heated water,
  • leave the solution to infuse for several days,
  • strain out the liquid.

The resulting infusion process plants for the first time in the spring - in the formation of the bush. It is also used for feeding plants in the fall. As a result of the use of infusion of nettle on the bushes grow very large and juicy berries.

Thus, we have figured out how to feed strawberries after harvest, during flowering and fruiting. The use of all the above fertilizers can significantly increase the yield of this crop. You can use any of them. The most important thing is to comply with the dosage and time of application.