How to repel mosquitoes from a child? This is a question that concerns all moms. Because, firstly, the bite of this insect can cause not only itching and pain, but also an allergic reaction in the crumbs. Secondly, there is a risk of infection, because children always comb their wounds. Thirdly, there are "domestic" mosquitoes and "foreign". The latter can be carriers of a number of complex diseases, including yellow fever, malaria and others.

Ways to protect the child from mosquitoes

There are several ways to use which your crumb will not become the purpose of a bloodsucking mosquito:

  • folk ways;
  • chemicals;
  • vaccinations.

Say no to mosquito repellents

On the shelves of supermarkets you can find a staggering amount of funds for all sorts of ways to fight with bloodthirsty creatures. However, it is no secret that chemical preparations are mostly harmful, moreover, they represent a danger to human health.

Than scare mosquitoes: folk remedies

Folk remedies for mosquitoes - a great alternative to modern chemicals. There are quite a few options for dealing with these small pests by folk methods, among them there are both ineffective and effective, which are not inferior to the store.

How to repel mosquitoes in the house if there are no special preparations or a desire to use them? To get started, use the protection that can provide a mosquito net. There are many varieties of mosquito nets on the market: mosquito nets on the windows, on the cot, and even on the stroller. The considered accessory is considered one of the most effective means in the fight against mosquitoes.

Folk remedies for mosquitoes for the home

If the mosquito net did not help you, and you no longer know how you can scare away mosquitoes, let's turn to folk remedies.

Reception number 1. The attack of bloodsuckers can prevent the essential oil. They should lubricate the bed in the headboard. It will be perfect if you are still in the room, place a night light with the smell of cloves, which is not like mosquitoes.

Reception number 2. Make a decoction of wheatgrass weed. For decoction, you should use the root of this plant. It is worth noting that wheat grass helps protect not only from mosquito bites, but also from other bloodsucker insects.

Reception number 3. Put the house branches of elderberry. Fresh elderberry is a great way to scare off mosquitoes from a child, and copes well with its task.

Reception number 4. Camphor against bloodsuckers. Take 100 grams of camphor and evaporate it over the burner. This is an ideal tool that can get rid of flies and mosquitoes, not only small but also large rooms.

Reception number 5. Pyrethrum. This is nothing like Caucasian chamomile. The stems, flowers or leaves of this plant are dried and laid out in the apartment, house. Where there is a pyrethrum smell, the mosquito dares not to fly for at least a week. By the way, this is a folk remedy that solves the problem, than to scare away mosquitoes, is one of the ancient ways to combat these blood-sucking insects.

Reception number 5. Carbolic acid. From the attack of bloodthirsty pests will save carbolic acid. To feel its scaring effect, you should sprinkle its wall surface near the bed, near the headboard, and in order to achieve the maximum possible effect, this acid is diluted with water and a weak solution lubricate the face and hands. After such a procedure, good sleep is guaranteed!

Reception number 6. It will be appropriate for those who do not know how you can scare away mosquitoes, but have an electric fumigator filled with liquid. Fill the device tank with 100% eucalyptus extract and mosquito protection activated.

Folk remedies for bloodsuckers for the street can also be different. Let's figure it out.

Visit the spices department and purchase dried unblown clove flowers - the clove. As a rule, it is packaged in bags of 5 grams.

Method of preparation: pour the clove flowers into a container and pour water with the calculation of 250 ml of water for 5 grams of spices, then put on the fire and boil for 15-20 minutes. Cool it down.

The resulting decoction is mixed with cologne and applied to exposed skin, which can become a victim of bloodsuckers. If you do everything right, then the question of how to scare away mosquitoes will not worry you for 2-3 hours.

Essential oils

Here it is worth remembering the smells that mosquitoes can not tolerate. These include anise, eucalyptus, basil, cloves. You can buy the essential oils of these wonderful spices at the pharmacy. Any of the above means - the main weapon in the fight against mosquitoes.

Method of application No. 1: add 2-3 drops of essential oil to body cream or milk and apply on exposed skin.

Method of application No. 2: on 3-5 drops of oil to drip on a source of natural fire (fire) or artificial (incandescent lamp, aromatic lamp) of origin.

You went on a picnic with the whole family and you do not know how to scare away mosquitoes in nature? Then this is a folk remedy for you. It is hard to imagine a picnic without a fire, and the forest is without fir cones, isn't it. Surely you already guessed what to do. Yes, yes, throw cones of fir in the fire or dry branches of coniferous trees and forget about bloodsuckers for this wonderful family evening!

Will help to become unattractive for mosquitoes fish oil. It is only necessary to lubricate the open areas of the skin.

Cedar oil

Cedar oil is known to the whole world due to its healing effect. It turns out that this tool takes an honorable place not only in traditional medicine, but can also be useful in pest control. Mosquitoes do not tolerate the smell of cedar oil, so if you become a carrier of it, they will not affect you.

Method of application: Apply cedar oil to open skin.

Universal recipes for protection against mosquitoes

1. Cream. Ingredients: baby cream - 1 tube, vanilla powder - 1 bag, sunflower oil - 50 ml. Method of preparation: Stir the vanilla powder, oil and cream until a homogeneous mixture.

2. A mixture based on tea tree oil. Ingredients: tea tree oil - 30 ml, vegetable oil - 50 ml, clove oil - 5 drops. Method of preparation: mix all three types of oils. Store in dark glass containers.

Also known deterring agents such as valerian or tobacco smoke.

Useful recommendations and tips

Before deciding how to scare off mosquitoes from your child, take note of a few rules / recommendations that relate to preventive measures:

  1. Dress the baby with arms and legs closed. Only in this case, the mosquito will not be able to get to the skin of the crumbs.
  2. Prefer clothing that does not fit tightly to the body, and its color scheme should be calm, pastel, light colors. Remember that mosquitoes are attracted to bright colors.
  3. When you are going for a walk, set aside the perfume with a pungent odor to the side and under no circumstances use them. Otherwise, you will become the evening prey of bloodsuckers.

How to scare away mosquitoes at home, how to use a folk remedy, it's up to you to decide! But, as they say, who is aware, he is armed! So arm on health and do not become prey for annoying bloodsuckers.

And if bitten

When the protection measures were not taken in time, the mosquito bite is simply unavoidable. The bite of this insect entails local pain and itching, as traditional medicine knows how to get rid of them.

To stop the wound from scratching, grease it with a solution of baking soda with the calculation of 0.5 tsp. soda to 250 ml of water. A weak solution of potassium permanganate or ammonia (1: 1 with water) will relieve from itching.

The pain of a mosquito bite will remove the slightly crushed leaves of plantain, mint, bird cherry, parsley.

And if there is no kitchen garden under the window, and there is neither manganese nor alcohol at hand, then treat the bites with ordinary kefir or sour cream.

The methods of treatment of mosquito bites are even more than ways to scare away these annoying blood-thirsters. But it is better to warn than to treat, is not it?