In accordance with the current legislation, there are several levels of higher education:

  • graduate school;
  • master
  • academic and applied bachelor degree.

What is the difference?

In accordance with Federal state standards of higher education, which take effect from September 2014, the BA now has the opportunity to obtain a qualification, academic or applied bachelor's degree. Thus, in addition to the traditional until recently, the academic qualification there are also so-called applied bachelor's degree, in connection with which many people to this day do not know what kind of qualification, and what are the major differences between them.

What distinguishes the applied baccalaureate academic? Which is better - applied or academic bachelor?

Features of the academic form of education

Until recently, many doubted that, as a form of education "undergraduate" is possible in principle to obtain the relevant diploma of higher education. To date, many ask another question: "What to choose – the academic bachelor's or applied bachelor's degree?" But first and foremost it is necessary to consider what exists this form of learning.

The question of what it means the applied baccalaureate, began to appear relatively recently, when in 2009 it was issued the decree to start the experiment, aimed at the development of similar forms of learning in different educational institutions.

This form of learning has a base in the form of various educational programs of higher education that focus primarily on getting very serious theoretical training in conjunction with programs of secondary education, have already aimed at providing students with practical skills directly at the workplace. However, in 2014 with the introduction of new forms of learning, many have wondered about the meaning of academic and applied baccalaureate.

Who is this bachelor?

Bachelor is a graduate of the University wide profile, that is, it provides a complete database of all skills and knowledge that need to have people with higher education, including fundamental training, and various humanitarian disciplines.

However, some highly specialized subjects taught by specialists exclusively in the fifth year, bachelor and does not examine, because all of these skills and the knowledge he will be able to receive directly by the company, that is working in a specific job. Not a secret, it is specific training that is offered at the senior courses of the universities, often does not correspond to the queries, which were submitted by employers, resulting in the majority of cases it is necessary to conduct re-training on new equipment or technological lines. From this point of view, and there is a difference between applied and academic bachelor degree, because in the first case provides much more practical knowledge to each student.

At the same time, in accordance with the basic meaning of an academic form, it is sometimes better to get a universal preparation and carefully master the basics before starting to work.

How does this help in the future?

Bachelors, who have the experience have a good basic training, can successfully operate almost any engineering or economic fields, resulting in a narrower are already receiving special education in accordance with the needs of the specific company or organization.

New level-based training system, which is present in modern universities, allows everyone to choose the best possible personal educational trajectory in accordance with one's own life situation, and intellectual and financial capabilities or certain professional interests. Do not forget that after the person receives the diploma of higher education, as well as acquiring the qualification of "bachelor", he has the opportunity to continue training in a magistracy.

How does it work?

In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of science and education, more than 50% of the total workload of the educational program in this case made up entirely practical, which is a significant increase compared with the progress of the programme academic bachelor degree. In connection with the fact is definitely not to say that it is better applied or academic bachelor degree, as they have their pros and cons.

The practical focus in this case is expressed additionally that bachelors ready for certain businesses of certain industries, resulting in the process of drafting and further implementation of the educational program will also take into consideration the wishes of particular employers. The program used in the bachelor of applied type, has a standard term of development of four years, during which students are provided with training, the practice-oriented and specific to different educational institutions of secondary special education. At the same time provides theoretical and professional training, which is renowned for academic bachelor degree. Thus, considering that it is better applied or academic baccalaureate, first and foremost, it should build on the goals of the student and also interested in his field of activity.

Why is it necessary?

Some professions over the last few years become much more difficult, if earlier, from mid-level professionals, it was decided to demand only technical skills, we nowadays need to have more substantial theoretical basis. In the majority of cases, the various colleges or technical schools are not allowed to provide the training on this level, while graduates of universities, which for several years received a good academic education, differ little experience in actual production conditions. That is why, pondering what is better – a bachelor or applied bachelor's degree, many choose the second option, as it was introduced as a new quality of current higher education.

It was created with the purpose to combine the efforts of the average professional and higher education, adopting only the most important forms of theoretical and practical training. We continue to view the applied baccalaureate, and baccalaureate. Their differences lie in the fact that in the application form along with the diploma of higher education the student receives the maximum skills and knowledge required to begin work on a specialty without the need for any additional training.

How does it happen?

Similarly, as in the case with the standard form of training, after the training the graduates are granted a diploma and qualification of "bachelor". What else not like the applied baccalaureate and bachelor degree? Their differences lie in the fact that in the application form the student is provided a specific qualifying category on a specific or several different professions.

Thus, applied bachelor – specialized educational skills provided to those students who have completed the program's highest level of education at the undergraduate level. At the same time, understanding that better – bachelor's or applied bachelor's degree, not to mention the fact that in the application form after graduation the student has the competence to solve various technological problems in different socio-economic spheres, and could begin professional work immediately after graduating. The only difference in this case is a much greater amount of practical teaching, therefore the pupil is provided and the qualifications of workers or a certain position of an employee on the chosen profile.

What are the benefits?

Today many do not understand what constitutes a baccalaureate and applied baccalaureate. What is the difference between them, described above, and then consider the benefits application forms.

Of course, the main advantage is that trained highly qualified specialists, focused primarily on practice. It is expected that those students who will undergo four-year training programme this form will eventually be good practitioners who have a good theoretical training relevant to higher education, and that is why many people are thinking about what to choose – baccalaureate academic or the applied baccalaureate.

It is in these specialists are interested in all employers who make an active participation in the process of curriculum development. It also distinguishes between baccalaureate and applied baccalaureate. What is the difference between these forms can be expressed in the fact that in the latter case the specialist is prepared under a certain working place in popular technology and almost has a guaranteed place of employment immediately after graduation.

Thus, for a particular employer is extremely important, the presence of such forms of learning, if he is willing to participate in the training of specialists knows about what workers it needs at the moment, and what may be needed in the long term.

What is science?

Primarily scientific employees often think of what differs from the applied baccalaureate baccalaureate. In this case also provides the opportunity for further training, i.e. the student can proceed to graduate school. However, the main difference from this point of view is that the applied mandatory in the first place should go to the production for which he was preparing, not in science.

Other differences

It is also worth noting a few other facts of the difference between the applied baccalaureate from a baccalaureate. Application form of study eliminates the gap that is formed between the working professions, as well as inherent to the graduates of higher education institutions higher social status. Roughly, by 2018, more than 30% students will engage in programs of applied baccalaureate, and they may be converted about 50% of programs for secondary special education available today.

What does applied baccalaureate mean for a modern student? This is a great prospect for students who are going to continue to work in applied areas.