Vomiting and stomach pain are a sure sign of poisoning. There is such an unpleasant phenomenon due to the use of spoiled or low-quality products, or substances unsuitable for eating. What can be poisoned? The answer to this question should be known to everyone, because to prevent a dangerous situation is much easier than trying to improve health and eliminate its consequences.

General list of hazardous substances

So, let's make a general list of what can be poisoned in the living conditions. The most common danger to human health are the following categories:

  • expired products;
  • products stored in violation of the necessary conditions;
  • poisonous excretions of plants, fungi or living organisms;
  • household chemicals;
  • funds used for construction and finishing works, other household needs;
  • fertilizers and chemical compounds intended for the care of plants;
  • medications;
  • alcohol and tobacco.

It must be remembered that poisoning can occur not only through the gastrointestinal tract, but also through the inhalation of vapors of a toxic substance.What can be poisoned: a list of hazardous substances and products

Which of the following is the most dangerous than you can quickly get poisoned? In the first place, everything depends on the dose, but it is generally accepted that household and industrial poisons act much more actively than bacteria that lurk in food.

About drug poisoning

What drugs can you poison? Recently, this question has also acquired considerable relevance for all categories of citizens, ranging from children and the elderly, to adult, sensible people. There are quite a few reasons for this, someone is being poisoned by chance, and someone deliberately prescribes inappropriate treatment for himself without consulting a doctor. What preparations can become not only useful, but also dangerous? Their list should include the following positions:

  • Painkillers (often taken in large quantities, which leads to unpleasant consequences). In addition, many people drink several different tablet names at once, forgetting that such a mixture can be dangerous and strictly contraindicated.
  • Aspirin (even 5 tablets of this innocuous drug can provoke serious liver damage, while doubling the indicated dose can cause death).
  • Psychotropic drugs (extremely dangerous in case of non-compliance with the rules of admission, as well as individual dosage, prescribed by a specialist).
  • Herbal sedatives and any other homeopathy (such a category of remedies easily leads to serious enough poisonings). Most people sincerely assume that such drugs are absolutely safe, they can be used in any quantity and for as long as you like, but this is not at all the case. Excessive consumption of herbs and homeopathy for a long time leads to a cumulative effect, eventually provoking a person's poisoning.

In addition, answering the question of what can be poisoned from drugs, it should be noted iodine solution, vitamins, vasoconstrictor drops, hormone-based drugs. Conventional and affordable medicines can become dangerous if they are not stored and used.

Features of poisoning

Answering the question of what can be poisoned, it is recommended to pay attention to the fact that the same substances can be perceived by the body of each individual person differently. With a general weakening, even the smallest dose of a dangerous drug can be lethal, but strong people are able to withstand a greater concentration of toxic products. In the zone of greatest risk are women, children, old people, pregnant women. It should not be forgotten that even the strongest men are much more sensitive to a certain type of medicine than fragile women.

What is the danger to pregnant women?

With particular attention should be approached to the issues of their health expectant mothers. Counseling women about what can be poisoned during pregnancy, many experts recommend not only paying attention to the shelf life and storage conditions of products, but also carefully adjusting the diet, removing from it the most potentially dangerous food. These include seafood, canned and pate, eggs, dairy products, sweets with cream. It is strongly recommended to abandon mushrooms and watermelons, to exercise particular care when buying meat and fish, fruits and berries, soft cheeses.

It should be remembered that the possible poisoning adversely affects not only the health of the mother, but also the fetus in her womb. A disease of this kind deprives the unborn child of the nutrients necessary for its normal functioning and development. Dehydration, cramps and other unpleasant consequences of poisoning can lead to miscarriage or premature birth, the formation of pathologies in the infant.

Disturbing symptoms

In case of admission of poison to the victims, first aid should be provided immediately. Prompt about what happened poisoning, help the following symptoms:

  • a sharp increase or decrease in temperature;
  • vomiting;
  • convulsions;
  • burns in the place of penetration of the substance into the body;
  • bad breath;
  • impaired respiratory function and swallowing reflex.

First Aid Algorithm

Knowing what products can be poisoned, anyone can properly organize a sequence of actions to neutralize hazardous substances. The event algorithm should be something like this:

  • call an ambulance;
  • removal of poison through drinking and subsequent vomiting (drink as much water as possible with a small amount of soda);
  • neutralize residues of hazardous substances with activated carbon or other absorbent;
  • provide peace and recovery.

In the case of the use of toxic poisons, urgent gastric lavage is necessary in a medical facility.