The image of St. George is considered one of the most revered in the Orthodox Church. He represents the intercession for all believers, those who are somehow connected with the military, protects George, and farmers. When military conflicts petition also asked George. Before the throne pray for those parents whose sons are serving. They are asked to protect and defend their children St. George. Hospital in St. Petersburg, which bears his name takes the afflicted: here all ready to help.

Than the famous St. George? Hospital of Saint George in Saint-Petersburg: address, branch, reviews

Who is George?

The memory of the great Martyr St. George Church honors on may 6. In Beirut, into a wealthy Christian family, born and brought up George. When he grew up, he entered the military service. Thanks to his abilities he soon attained the rank of captain, he is very respected by the Emperor Diocletian.

During the persecution of Christians, George gave away his possessions to the poor, and professed himself a Christian in front of the then ruling Emperor. He was inclined to abandon Jesus to go to the Gentiles, but the faith was unshakable and he was solid. After a painful, prolonged torture he was executed via beheading. In Palestine (Israel) in the city of Lydda is a Church, which bears his name, there is stored the tomb with the relics of St. George. In Rome there is also a temple of the GreatMartyr George, where the head.

On the icons St. George is depicted on horseback, with a spear, he strikes a terrible Serpent. According to legend, after the martyrdom of St George, was in Beirut. On the shore of the lake, he killed a Snake, which the locals sacrificed the most beautiful girls. This time he managed to save the Princess, which just left as a sacrifice for the monster. After the miracle all residents of the city appealed to the faith of Christ.

In our days I remember the heroism of the Saint turn to him with prayers for help. His name is consecrated churches, hospitals. All the believers of St. George. Hospital in St. Petersburg, on the North, proudly bears his name.

The meaning of the icon of St. George

St. George is known not only to all Christian believers, heard about it and people of other faiths. Who is this Saint George? The hospital bears his name, it is known to all in Peter, and what can we ask this of God's countenance? Answer, not everyone can. But the image helps all who sincerely prays to him in prayer.

The icon depicting a warrior slaying an evil Serpent, represents courage, nobility and greatness of military courage. The face of the Saint can be found on many flags, emblems and even on coins. Everyone knows the penny got its name due to the lance of St. George. In Georgia, the face of St. George is one of the first revered the virgin and the Savior.

The most important and powerful in human life is faith, for her sake, George suffered torture and lost his life. Did not deceive him neither power nor wealth. It therefore took him to the saints.

During the life of Georgy through faith in the power of God could help everyone who turned to him with requests. While in prison, he cried out his prayers to God he heard it, carried out petitions, and gave in need help and healing.

The famous episode of the warrior of victory over the Serpent also confirms the power of adamant faith. Thanks to the prayers he defeated the monster, rescued the townspeople, and most importantly – their souls from the destructive influence of the devil, creating in them faith in the Lord.

What helps the icon of St. George

  • Svyatets protects all military personnel, as well as those in a war zone.
  • Turning to George and those who hope to get protection from the enemy, to find peace not only for themselves but also for their neighbors. The Holy heard you need to put a candle before his icon and make your request.
  • In addition to the above, the icon helps to protect yourself from various diseases. Many believers pray to St. George to help them to heal. There are proven facts that helps the Holy and in the treatment of female infertility.
  • Offer a prayer to the divine Saint George and victory.
  • Pray all ranks: men, women, and children. He hears and is ready to ask our Lord. You only need to have in the soul a persistent faith.

St. George – St. Petersburg: history

The history of the hospital begins with 1870. It was founded on November 26 at the initiative of the Chairman of the red cross Elizabeth Heiden and princes Maria Feodorovna (later Empress). Already in the Charter, it was stated that the main goal is to prepare nurses to care in a time of war to the sick and wounded. Naturally, the patron Saint of the community was St. George. The hospital has provided the opportunity to use its free services to the needy class, the poorest part of the city. Led at the time by the hospital Botkin, Politeno, Manassein.

Began operations of the hospital with a dozen beds, pharmacy, outpatient appointment. Located community on Grebetskoy in the house Fomina, later moved to the life surgeon Naranovich.

An important stage in the history of the participation of nurses in the Russo-Turkish war (1877-1878). From this period the sisters of the St. George community always participated in all subsequent military conflicts in which Russia finds itself.

In 1882 it was arranged by two of the new barracks on the Vyborg side with 45 beds each, the names they wore the Mariinsky and Alexandrovsky. Already in 1910 the St. George community took a year to 300 thousand visits. Delivery of drugs to the poor was carried out free of charge. Also for free served 120 beds. For a year I took over 600 inpatients.

Hospital named after Karl Marx: XX century

After the October revolution of 1917, contrary to the prevailing historiography of nursing community in St. Petersburg has not stopped its activities. Worked city hospital of St. George in 1918. While continuing their educational activities: the sisters of mercy have not only had the opportunity to practice, but listened to a theoretical course. It was here in 1919, transferred all the pupils of the St. Petersburg communities to prepare for and obtain the title of sisters of charity. First, the school had the name of the Liquidation. Later opened a normal school at the hospital of Karl Marx (this is the name of the institution was to carry Oct 1918). She was transferred to the health authorities. Housed the hospital of Karl Marx on the Vyborg (St. Orenburg, 4) until 1986. In 1986, the North building was erected under the project of Speransky and Kondratovich, moved here hospital. In 1995 there was opened and consecrated the Church of St. George, since that time, the clinic called St. George.

Modern hospital

One of the leading hospitals in St. Petersburg is St. George. The reviews patients leave the most different, but mostly I write words of gratitude to the staff. Hundreds of lives saved by the doctors in these walls and, of course, he comes to the aid of the invisible George. Professional services are providing all adult residents of the city. You can get both paid and free assistance. General hospital works as planned and emergency hospitalization. The institution has 580 beds. Operates ten offices: three cardiac, three surgical, orthopedics and traumatology, gynecology, two therapeutic.

Additionally produced beam, functional diagnostics, endovideoscopy. Laboratory, radioisotope research, working office ultrasound. All members of the medical staff are highly qualified, have the first and highest category. Doctors have become laureates of the award "Golden scalpel". Working at the hospital Church of St. George.

Multi-hospital 580 beds, DMS, OMS, emergency hospitalization, all hospital St. George. Offices accepting patients:


Outpatient consultative Department of the hospital of St. George:

  • Provides outpatient care and counseling of patients with pathologies: surgical, urological, gynecological, pulmonary, therapeutic, cardiologic, nephrologic. Works well as traumatology and orthopedics.
  • Monitoring of the patient in the postoperative period.
  • Planned tests. Preparation for surgery.
  • The possibility of referral for emergency admission to hospital.
  • Preventive examinations and monitoring of patients consisting on the account.
  • Supervision in the conditions of a day hospital.
  • Conduct of medical examinations.

St. George's Hospital: address, how to get there

The hospital is located at the address: North Avenue, house 1.

How to get to St George's hospital from the metro stations: