If specialists in architecture in their work were guided only by the standards of manufacturers of building and finishing materials, then cities and houses would be approximately the same. These are standard cubic structures, somewhat reminiscent of anthills. But fortunately, architects have a good sense of style and keep up with the times. Artistic taste is based on rational calculations. Of course, this gives the builders and interior decorators some difficulties. These are work with porcelain stoneware, wood, fitting of plastic and metal elements, as well as other works.

Specifically, porcelain stoneware is quite a modern material and there are questions about working with it. For example, not every master knows how to cut porcelain tiles at home. But laying tiles necessarily implies cutting. Below we consider the most effective ways that are available at home without a special tool.

Classic porcelain stoneware is a beautiful rectangular tile with or without a pattern.

How and how to cut porcelain tiles at home: description, technologies, methods and recommendations

The image can be both superficial and deep with the imitation of natural stone. However, the properties of the tile from this material far exceeds the stone. Porcelain tiles can be used for facing works on floors, walls, window sills. Looks great this finish on the countertops. Often with porcelain stoneware trim bars and store shelves.

Material characteristics

It combines the characteristics of ceramics and the properties of natural stone. This finishing material is obtained by pressing the powder. This is a mixture of sand, clay, kaolin. The resulting powder is prebaked in kilns. Modern technologies allow to produce tiles of any color. Special coloring oxides are added to the powder. You can also get any texture. Today sold glazed, matte, polished, structured and other types.

Among the properties of the material can be identified high strength. It is much stronger than analogs. Also, the tile has a high wear and frost resistance. Porcelain tile is fireproof and has an aesthetic appearance. The tile is durable, environmentally friendly. High strength is caused by the almost complete absence of pores in the structure. Also, the material can not be scratched, it is not painted. That is why many are wondering how to cut porcelain tiles at home.

Ways to Cut Ceramic Granite

Often, such a tile has extraordinary strength, which means that high demands are placed on its processing. The process of cutting ceramic granite is quite complicated and requires special skills and tools.

Despite the popularity and widespread prevalence, there are not so many ways to cut. Methods differ in the instrument used. Cutting with mechanical tile cutters is possible. You can also use an ordinary and familiar grinder. There is also a method using electric tile cutter. Art cutting is carried out using waterjet technology.

All methods can be divided into two groups that are performed independently or in industrial environments. The first three options can be performed at home. But for the work of the hydroabrasive method will require production machines. The process is quite noisy, requires a large consumption of water and electricity. Therefore, we consider how to cut porcelain tiles at home.

Mechanical tile cutter

This tool is effective in cases where you just need to cut the product in size without any artistic delights. If you need to get different cuts and corners, then this option will not work.

But at the same time the mechanical tile cutter allows you to get enough accurate dimensions. Another plus is the simplicity of work. But in operations with porcelain stoneware, several factors must be taken into account. The material has a different structure than ceramics. There is a high risk of chipping in the process of breaking. There are some rules of how to cut porcelain tiles at home with this tool.

The diamond wheel on the working surface must be carried out no more than once. In this case, the movement should be as smooth as possible, and the force should be the same along the entire length of the cut. Tile necessarily hold hands. In order to split the porcelain stoneware, the lever is pressed smoothly, but quite strongly. Mechanical tile cutter allows you to cut tiles quickly and clearly. And if you need to correct chipped, it can always be done with the help of a grinding wheel.

Work with grinder

With this tool you can cut anything. And our material is no exception. If we cut porcelain tiles at home, then we should purchase a special diamond-coated circle.

The cutting process will be dry. In order not to spoil the cutting line, and not to damage the tile surface, the outline of the future cut is pre-marked with chalk, a marker or a pencil. Next, the tile must be mounted on a stable surface. The disk is installed in the direction of movement and must make a great effort in the process. Before starting to cut, it is recommended to retreat a little from the marking line. Move the tool smoothly, and slow down at the edges. Among the disadvantages of using grinders for these purposes are a high level of risk of chipping. And this is a marriage. This is true when working with glazed tiles.

Electric tile cutter

The owners of electric machines can tell how to cut ceramic granite tiles at home. With the help of this equipment you can get higher accuracy and speed than with a mechanical analogue or grinder. The design of the device is simple. The tool consists of two parts. This is a desktop and an electric drive. For all its simplicity, there are a huge number of modifications of this equipment. So, porcelain tile is chosen as the finish. How to cut faster, easier? Of course, electric tile cutter.

On sale you can find mechanisms with a fixed type of drive, as well as a moving cutting tool. The first group of devices requires manual material feed under the cutting edge. This will require maximum concentration and some experience. The second group is a safer and more accurate cutting of porcelain stoneware. The better to cut at home, everyone decides for himself. But it must be borne in mind that the process is very dusty. In the case of electric tile cutters, it is deposited in a container of water.

The advantages of electric tile cutters

The main advantage is the ease and speed of work. In a short time, you can handle large enough volumes of the tile. Also there is no need for additional processing edges. The cut is as smooth and clean as possible. The disk is equipped with a special turning mechanism. You can fix the position at any angle to the table. This allows you to get cuts at different angles.

An experienced specialist is able, with the help of electric tile cutters, to perform even shaped cuts of any shape. On sale is a special floor stoneware tiles. What and how to cut it? The answer is only with electric tile cutters. In other ways you can only spoil the expensive material.

Also, the advantages of this equipment and the method of cutting porcelain stoneware include the ability to adjust the feed of the cutting element at different sites. So, at the beginning and end of the feed should be slow, while in the middle it can be accelerated. With this equipment, effective cutting of porcelain stoneware is performed. The technology of perfect cut here can not even be used.

Even with a little experience, the cut will turn out perfectly even without any chips.

Cutting of porcelain tile by a hydroabrasive method

This technology is used only on production sites. In addition, specialized equipment is used here. Tile simple form can be cut as you like. But you can get a complex profile, elements of various panels, complex shapes and compositions only in this way. Waterjet technology implies water and special powder. The mixture is fed to the nozzle of the system under high pressure. Cutting is carried out by a thin stream. This ensures the highest accuracy. This method is used for the production of artistic compositions based on porcelain stoneware. The cutting process itself is quite fast.

So, now home craftsmen know how and how to cut porcelain tiles at home. This will greatly facilitate the process of laying tiles. Even beginners will be able to cope with this business.