There is a category of people who are said to be a person who is not capable of loving. At least such individuals are considered very strange, because they stay away from the society and do not communicate with anyone. In psychology for such behavior there is a definition - misanthropy.

Man in its essence is an individual, striving for collectivism. Each person has a circle of his communication, which can be varied in number and importance. However, an individual who does not show interest, and sometimes is aggressive towards the society and each person separately, is called a misanthrope.

A man who does not love people - who is he?

Not always the presence of such traits of character is caused by dislike for people. Sometimes this can be the result of inability to communicate with others.

What's the matter?

A person who does not love people (misanthrope), causes in the others sharply negative emotions and associations. As a rule, when questioned, he is described as an extremely unpleasant person. He is perceived as an evil person whose task is to initiate conflicts with other people.

Misanthropy is an aversion and a feeling of hatred for all of humanity, the established rules of society, its moral and behavioral foundations.

This concept rather categorically describes a person with inherent negative character traits. And a person who does not love people, appears before us in the form of a monster. However, in reality, the degree of its manifestation can be different.

A person who does not love people, as a rule, experiences negative emotions to the entire human society, which may not be reflected in its individual members. Often this is expressed in contempt for the established dogma and behavior stereotypes, weaknesses and herd instinct, propagated in society.

Such a person does not seek to acquire close relationships with other people. Usually he has his own circle of communication, which is limited to a few individuals who do not cause him negative feelings.

Sociopath, social phobia or misanthrope?

Very often the concept of misanthropy is confused with sociopathy and social phobia.

It should be clearly understood that the social phobia is afraid to be in the company of other people or is driven by fear and inability to communicate.

Sociopath is an aggressively minded person who absolutely negatively regards social norms of behavior.

Misanthrope is not afraid of communication and does not attack people around him. He can resent, grumble and refuse to communicate, but does not show signs of other behavior.

Disease - do not like people

Misanthropy can be as one of the traits of nature that were established in childhood for some good reasons, and be acquired in the process of life experience. A person does not love anyone, as a rule, when he has his own reasons for this. Most often this is due to an unsuccessful one-time or multiple-use communication with various unpleasant or aggressive individuals.

Also, this behavior is often associated with denial of people's actions, for example:

  • Extermination of rare animals.
  • Destruction and pollution of the surrounding nature.
  • Political wars.
  • Inadequate or cheeky behavior in public places.

Why people do not like?

The development of misanthropy can contribute to a number of causes and problems that inevitably arise in the life of each person:

  • Too much communication causes its overabundance and the subsequent accumulation of both positive and negative experiences. A person who has a low stress tolerance can not emotionally withstand such loads. An example is the work related to the constant communication and resolution of a number of problems placed on his shoulders.
  • The state of depression that has arisen due to unpleasant communication or non-acceptance of a person in society.
  • Problems of self-esteem.
  • Excessive sensitivity, hypertrophied thirst for the triumph of justice against a background of subtle spiritual organization can lead to frustration in people and society.
  • A sense of pride, a dazzling self-awareness.
  • A feeling of loneliness, when a person is not loved.

How to fix?

It is important to understand that misanthropy is not a disease, but a specific trait of a person's character. It can not be innate and is acquired only in accordance with the experience gained in participating in various life quarrels. A person who does not love people can not fundamentally change himself, but he is able to make efforts to abstract himself from his negative and learn to live in a society.

For this purpose it is possible to carry out such types of therapy:

  • Return to childhood, when all grievances are petty, joy is sincere, and the world is bright and problem-free. It helps to abstract from life's problems and feel loved.
  • Animals, as part of psychotherapy, perfectly prove that emotions and love can be free and genuine. Communication with them charges with positive and distracts from negative emotions.
  • Loneliness, as a treatment for misanthropy, on the one hand contradicts the basic concept. However, the lack of time, when a person remains alone with himself, inevitably leads to psychological breakdowns and depressive states.
  • Misanthrope, who does not refuse to communicate with people, but does not want it in real life, can easily solve such a problem with modern means of communication, such as the Internet.
  • Replacing aggressive feelings with positive ones, such as sympathy or humor. When thoughts are filled with negative opinions about a particular person, they can easily be replaced with positive emotions, without changing the meaning. For example, the idea that the person facing you, you absolutely worthless, you can replace: "Unfortunate, he does not even suspect how helpless and stupid he is."

Do not try to please everyone. This is one of the extremes of one person. It is necessary to understand and accept the fact that it is impossible to be loved by everyone, so do not rest on yourself and step over yourself, tolerating rudeness or mockery of an unpleasant person. Not everyone is like that. Be sure to find one, communication with someone will be easy and trust.