The modern world can not be imagined without stylish and modern gadgets. That's for amateur athletes were invented smart GPS-hours for running Polar M400. They help to achieve the goal and are a personal trainer in sports training.

Polar M400: Overview

This device is a waterproof watch to account for physical activity. With their help, you can make any workout as productive as possible. Have built-in GPS. The Polar M400 can be connected to a phone, which will allow it to receive messages coming to the social network and stay up to date with all the news.

The clock, while in communication with the phone, allows you to accept or reject incoming calls. On their screen, you can read messages that come to your phone, even if it is not nearby. M400 reminds of planned events, tracks every movement, motivates. With its help you can easily master a new racing route and not get lost. The device has many functions for training and takes into account daily activities.

Sold in several colors Polar M400. Black and White are the most popular. The device is presented in the following configuration:

  • sports watch M400;
  • heart rate sensor;
  • USB cable;
  • user manual in Russian.

On sale there is a complete set without a heartbeat sensor.

The watch belt, according to the owners, is soft and pleasant to the touch. Watches are waterproof, they can be immersed to a depth of 30 m. M400 allows you to record the results of training sessions and store them in the Polar Flow service.


Polar M400 watch: manual, reviews

During the training hours, a GPS sensor is built, whose operation is connected to the satellite system AssistNow. There is a sensor of activity, heart rate. You can perform the installation of load stages, which is carried out in both manual and automatic mode.

The device allows you to receive sound notifications, is waterproof and has a flash memory, designed for 4 MB. Battery foundry-polymer, M400 is rated at 190 mAh. Recharged. Supports continuous operation of the device up to eight hours. Service Polar Flow is compatible with many modern operating systems. The program actively interacts with the mobile application Polar Flow. It is updated regularly and supports many foreign languages.

Functionality of the device

Built-in GPS sensor allows you to track the pace of physical activity, distance and height. The function "To the beginning of the route" allows you to memorize and explore new routes for jogging. The Polar M400 provides information about the number of steps and activity of a person around the clock. Informs about the time period spent in a dream, and also about the calories spent for physical activity.

The heart rate sensor helps to carry out training, relying on the work of the heart, which gives the most tangible results.

The bracelet helps to monitor the frequency of the step when running, the exact time of finishing and allows you to plan, synchronize workouts. You can share your achievements with your friends. Still there are such functions:

  • Fitness test.
  • Running index.
  • Training advantages.
  • Smart Calories;
  • Guide to an active lifestyle.
  • Use of activity.
  • Polar Flow Web Servise.
  • Polar Flow Mobile App.

According to consumers, these and other modes increase the effectiveness of sports training. Motivate. Allow to share with friends their achievements.

Getting started with the device

The Polar M400 watch should be set up at the very beginning of use. To do this, go to the official website of the company and download the software FlowSync, which helps to communicate the device with the online service Flow. After FlowSync is installed, you should connect the clock to the computer - and then the device will exit the standby mode and start charging.

Online service Flow will be automatically released in the browser. Here you will need to create an account. If you have already registered, you will need to sign in. The site lists the physical data of the user, which affect calorie calculations and the performance of many functions. After entering the necessary information, you should click on the synchronization of data between the online service and the M400. After that, FlowSync will display the status "completed".

You can also configure the device from your computer. To do this, the clock should be connected to it via the USB port. The display will show "Choose a language". Then you need to lead the remaining melons, and to save them you need to click on the "Start".

Thus, you should set the time, date, units of measurement. You must specify your weight, height, gender and date of birth. In addition, the experience of training is indicated:

  • episodically - physical load from 0 to 1 hour per week;
  • regularly - from 1 to 3 hours per week;
  • often - sports training from 3 to 5 times a week;
  • intensively - about 5-8 hours a week;
  • semi-professional - exercise 8-12 hours per week;
  • professional - from 12 hours a week.

After entering the desired data on the screen, the phrase "Done" will be displayed, and the M400 will be in the time display mode.

Accumulator charging

The Polar M400 HR watch should be taken out of the box after the purchase and fully charged. The device has a built-in battery that can be recharged. In order to fully charge the M400, it needs to be connected to the computer via the cable that comes with it.

You can also charge the battery from an electrical outlet, but for this you need to purchase a USB adapter, which is not included in the kit. The adapter must be labeled "output 5Vdc" and a minimum of 500 mA.

After the device is connected to a power outlet or to a computer, the display shows "Charging", and after it is completed, the message "Charging is complete" appears.

Do not leave the battery empty for a long time and do not use all the time only a fully charged device. This may cause a battery failure.

If the watch is wet, they can not be recharged until they are dry. Do not charge the device at temperatures below -10 ° C and above +50 ° C. The operating time of a fully charged battery is eight hours, taking into account the use of the service with GPS and heart rate sensor.

Control buttons

Sports watch Polar M400 (the instruction in English details all the nuances of using the device) are equipped with five buttons:

The "light" button illuminates the screen. The "back" function allows you to exit the menu. Returns to the previous settings. Allows you not to change the settings made or to cancel their selection.

The up button is used to navigate through the lists. Allows you to configure the already selected value. The "start" button confirms the selection. It enters the pre-training mode. Confirms the selection made for display on the display. The "down" button navigates through the lists. Allows you to confirm the setting of the selected value.

The role of each button depends on the selected mode. In general, the menu entry and navigation in it are carried out by the buttons "down", "up". Any choice is confirmed by pressing "start", and to exit the menu, use the "back" button.

Device Menu

According to user reviews, Polar M400 watches are easy to manage, and their menus are presented in several sections:

  • "Today's activity."
  • "A diary".
  • "Settings".
  • "Fitness test."
  • Timers.
  • "Favorites."

The menu "Today's activity" allows you to set daily goals. It takes into account the time spent actively, as well as the number of calories and the number of steps. The "Diary" displays data for the current week, information for the past four weeks and activity for the next 28 days. It is enough to select a date to view the result of a certain day. Another "diary" reflects the planned training.

The "Settings" section allows you to change the sports profile, edit the physical parameters, make general settings and set the time. Section "Timers" has two categories - interval and ending. The first one sets the exact parameter based on time and distance, the second one helps to set the time when running at a distance.

"Fitness test" measures the level of physical fitness at a time when a person is resting. The "Favorites" section stores, through the Flow service, the routes for jogging and the set goals.

Polar Flow application

Polar Flow is designed for mobile devices. Allows you to estimate the results of training offline, synchronizes the data of the Polar M400 HR and the online Flow service.

This application allows you to view the route on the map, analyze the training process and learn the beginning and duration of sports activities. Gives the maximum and average speed. Allows you to determine the run index. Tells about the heart rate, indicates the calories consumed and the percentage of fat lost.

According to many users, the application is easy to use. Improves the quality of training. Motivates. Allows you to analyze physical activity over a long period.

The advantages and disadvantages of the device

Polar M400 (the instruction to the device is attached and stage-by-stage describes all its settings) to "excellent" copes with the declared functions. To the positive moments of its use users include:

  • the possibility of measuring the pulse (if there is a heart rate sensor);
  • remembering activity;
  • water resistance;
  • built-in GPS;
  • backlight;
  • alarm clock;
  • a good battery that keeps charging for a whole week;
  • ease of use;
  • stylish design.

Among the shortcomings buyers note:

  • an inconvenient application for "Android";
  • malfunctions in data synchronization;
  • USB-connector, which often breaks;
  • low-functionality applications for phones;
  • absence of vibration.

Most people note that sports watches fully justify their value. They work without failures and perfectly fulfill all the declared functions.

Care of the device

The device Polar M400 requires a careful attitude. It must be cleaned regularly. This especially applies to the USB port, which must be washed underwater after each workout. To do this, raise the rubber cover from the USB connector and place the watch under running water. The port is waterproof, so these manipulations will not damage the electronics inside the device. After rinsing the USB port, the rubber cover is left open so that the water on the appliance is completely dry.

When connecting the device to the USB port, make sure that it is free of moisture, dust and other contaminants. If there is dirt, then it must be cleaned with a damp cloth, if contamination is in the cavity of the connector, then it can be removed with a toothpick. Do not use sharp objects to clean the device, as they can scratch the surface.

Sports watches can be washed in a mild soapy solution and rinsed in running water. Do not use detergents with abrasives or alcohol.

The cost of the Polar M400 in stores ranges from 10 to 14 thousand rubles. The price of the device is affected by its configuration and trade margin. The device with a heartbeat sensor is more expensive than without it.

Polar M400: reviews

Sports watches deserve a lot of very different reviews. Some users are completely satisfied with them, others are disappointed in the accessory. Those people who liked watches, consider them a real assistant in sports. They note that they are quickly charged, perform accurate measurements of the pulse and physical activity. Motivate. These people talk about the presence of an integrated GPS sensor, a stylish and modern design and its compact size. They say that it is convenient to charge the device through micro-USB, pay attention to the readable screen, the menu in Russian, the full functional and water permeability Polar M400 HR.

The negative reviews indicate an inconvenient application to Android and regular failures during data synchronization. It is said that the USB port on the watch quickly goes out of order, as well as the wrist strap. Some users do not have enough vibration to notify you of messages and calls to the phone.

In general, users are happy with this acquisition. They say that it motivates and helps to achieve sports results.