Chanel Allure is an expression of the impression of the most luxurious and mysterious woman in the fashion industry, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel. The enchanting aroma is capable of captivating feelings and throwing into the ocean of illusions, where every modern lady can turn into Coco and reveal the secrets of perfumery.

The creator of perfume

"A real wizard in the world of perfumery" - that's how Jacques Polje was named by people who are familiar with his talent. It was he who created the fragrance Chanel Allure. Jacques gave the world such flavors as Chance, Coco, Les Exclusifs, which enjoy incredible success among buyers.

In an interview he was asked: "What was the inspiration for creating the masterpiece of Chanel Allure?". To this he replied: "The main inspiration before starting work on any perfume is the image of Mademoiselle Coco, which I consider to be a legend in the fashion world." And it is difficult not to agree with him.

Chanel Allure - toilet water, released in 1996. It became not only the first creation of the now famous Jacques Polje, but also a launching pad for creating other masterpieces for the fashion house Chanel.

Uniqueness and uniqueness

Connoisseurs of perfume know that any flavor is based on a three-stage pyramid:

The uniqueness of Chanel Allure is that when creating fragrance Jacque moved away from traditional rules and created a hexagonal pyramid in which it is impossible to single out the predominant note. This is what made the toilet water not similar to the rest.

Unsurpassed hexagonal fragrance is based on a unique and harmonious combination of floral-spicy notes with fruit. This creates a charming mixture of fragrance.

Invented by Jacques Polje perfume Chanel Allure, having a changeable flavor, perfectly conveyed the unstable mood of the fair sex. It is also impossible not to notice that every woman perfume will be revealed in different ways. Is not it uniqueness?

Advertising person and first award

Actress Muglalis Anna, who for many years was the creative muse of the great couturier Karl Lagerfeld, in 2002 agrees to become the face of the fragrance Allure Chanel. Photos on advertising posters were hung on the streets of many cities in different countries. Frenchwoman of Greek origin completely managed to convey the oriental fragrance of toilet water from the "Chanel" and display the image of a sensual, imperious, but at the same time tender woman. Lagerfeld himself recognized the modern classical beauty of Anna Muglalis and noted that she is not like the rest.

The most significant award caught up with the fragrance in 2009, when the list of Duftstars was announced, where they chose the best scents for men and women. Perfume Chanel Allure also got to enter this list and become one with perfume masterpieces.

Minor changes and the appearance of a new fragrance

The original composition in 2000 was subjected to small changes. Three components of the oriental flower line were replenished with new notes, which were subsequently encased in a beige bottle with a black lid created by Jacques Hally. These two shades were the favorites of Coco Chanel.

Stunning impressions of graceful movements, charming eyes and low voice of actress Anna Muglalis a couple of years after the changes of the original fragrance of perfume inspire Jacques Polje to give the world to Allure Sensuelle.

At first glance, the aroma and packaging are no different from the original composition. Only the composition of the components has changed. Perfume added a little Turkish rose, mandarin, incense. Also, the color of the cap changed - it became lilac.

Men's perfume variation of classic flavor

The novelty was released in 1998. Allure Chanel men's fragrance, like women's, deviates from the standard traditions in the world of perfumes. It has 4 main facets:

Sensuality (vanilla and ambergris);

- wood (sandalwood and cedar);

- freshness (bergamot and jasmine).

The usual bottle of square form, according to the creators, is a symbol of nobility and strength.

The new version, which appeared in 2004 under the name Homme Sport, was a repetition of the original composition with the exception of the line responsible for freshness. Having a rich sea flavor, perfume has become a leader in the market. Spirits are designed for self-confident men who lead an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time sports. The fragrance is enclosed in a silver bottle, where a ring of steel hue is wrapped around a black cap.

In 2008, the men's perfume line Allure Homme celebrated its 10th anniversary. On the occasion of such a jubilee date, the fragrance Allure Homme Edition Blanche appeared.

Customer's opinions about the perfume line Chanel Allure

Opinions about Sensulle:

  • a unique combination of ingredients made the fragrance more mysterious and mysterious than other perfumes of this series;
  • thanks to oriental notes some kind of warmth appeared, but the sweetness is moderate and unobtrusive.

According to the stronger sex about the aroma of Homme Sport, it is a worthy perfume that even smells expensive. If you compare it with Allure Extreme, then the first on the background of the second looks more solid and has a softer flavor. The highlight of Homme Sport's toilet water is that it raises a man to a height that can not be easily avoided, so many members of the stronger sex have used these spirits for years and do not change their choice.

Chanel Allure, according to women, absorbed all the elegance of the great Coco. A gentle and quivering fragrance, created on the basis of fruit and floral notes, takes to the world of luxury haute couture. Already after the first "pshika" you want to dress in a beautiful, light dress and spin in a dance with a beautiful prince.

How to distinguish the original from forgery

Any popular toilet water has fakes, and inexperienced buyers sometimes can not distinguish the original from the replica. This fate has not bypassed the men's perfume line Homme Sport.

Let's start with the packaging. The letters depicted on the forgery box are circled in a light contour - this means that the printing equipment is of poor quality.

Next, turn the package over and see the barcode. The original has a white background, in a fake it is depicted in the dark.

If the soldering of mica on the cellophane on the side has neat stitches, then the original is in front of you.

The party number on the package must be legible and coincide with the batch code that is on the vial.

Next, open the box and take out a bottle of toilet water. Look closely at the name of the spirits, namely the letters. The fake has a powdery paint (slide and feel rustling), and the letters on the original are smooth with a uniform texture.

In the production of counterfeit products, low-quality equipment is used. Pay attention to the bottle: there should be no scratches or dents. If there are any, then you have a fake.

Next, look at the nebulizer. The original is gray, and the lid on the fake is wider and lighter in color.

Well, the last thing you need to pay attention to is the image of the logo and the height of the cap. Any fake Homme Sport has an inaccurate and smeared emblem of the brand and a high cover.

Unfortunately, there are forgeries for every perfume line "Chanel", but if you follow the advice given above, scammers will not get you deceived.