Almost every woman dreams of having a beautiful figure. Therefore, there is a huge amount of tools designed to reduce weight. Among them, special attention should be paid to slimming teas, which are available, effective and safe. They serve as a good solution for those who can not force themselves to stick to a diet, do not want to go to the gym, do not have the opportunity to undergo expensive weight loss procedures.

Range of drinks for slim figure

Tea for weight loss in the pharmacy: species, which is better, the use of

Slimming tea in the pharmacy is offered in a variety of options. For example, in the fight against overweight, the most effective are:

1. Mate. It is rich in useful minerals, has a positive effect on the heart, slows aging. Effectively reduces appetite, prevents obesity, makes metabolism faster.

2. Green. Possesses many nutrients as it is processed slightly. It promotes the acceleration of metabolism, thereby reducing weight.

3. Puer. Strengthens the immune system, stimulates the heart and nervous system, fights depression. Helps control weight by activating the digestive tract.

4. Oolong. Increases the rate of metabolic processes, quickly burns fat, reduces cholesterol.

5. Blueberry. This slimming tea, sold in a pharmacy, weakens the addiction to food. Removes harmful substances from the body, improves eyesight, stabilizes blood sugar.

The range of drinks that help to lose weight is very wide. In addition to the above options, the following types are popular: white, black, ashvaganda, red, mint, with goji berries or lemon, ginger, barberry, kava-kava, karkade, matcha and others.

Tips for choosing

A variety of drinks to fight overweight is great. Therefore, getting lost is easy. To purchase the best option, you should follow the following recommendations:

1. You need to buy that tea for weight loss in the pharmacy, the reviews of which are more reliable and positive. Those who have already experienced the effect of drinks on themselves will be able to provide a lot of useful information.

2. It should be trusted only proven and well-known manufacturers.

3. You need to carefully read the composition. Not bad, if it contains: garcinia, corn silk, kommifor, fucus, ephedra, senna, mint.

4. Should be absent any chemical additives, flavors and dyes.

5. No need to take seriously the information on the package, promising to get rid of all serious diseases.

6. It is also important to remember that one cannot rely only on the miraculous powers of tea. It is important to combine its use with measures to control the consumption of food and strength exercises. Only in this case, the result will be positive.

How do body shaping drinks work?

Slimming tea, sold in a pharmacy, is composed of certain substances that help lose weight. Most of them act on the body in this way: they speed up metabolic processes, have the effect of a laxative drug, act as a diuretic.

Thus, getting rid of extra pounds is due to the removal of harmful toxins and fluids. At the same time from the body will sometimes leave trace elements that benefit. Therefore, it is important not to forget that it is necessary to combine vitamin complexes and diuretic teas for weight loss, in the pharmacy you can immediately buy both.

Similar drinks are recommended to be used in three situations. First, when the excess weight is small and you need to adjust the figure only slightly. Secondly, if it is necessary to avoid the appearance of unwanted pounds. Thirdly, with an integrated approach to combating obesity, which in addition to the consumption of tea includes physical activity and diet.

Recommendations for use

Methods of use may be different. Specific advice depends on the type of means for losing weight. For example, black and green can be drunk in large quantities in the absence of serious diseases. But you can not add sugar and honey in them. Usually start with two mugs per day. If the reaction of the body is not negative, then the reception can be continued, increasing the dose if necessary.

Drink with hay should be used in small quantities. The norm is two cups per day. Any slimming tea, inexpensive, purchased at the pharmacy, or premium class is not important, should not be consumed for too long. Usually they drink it from ten days to three months, then they take a short break, after which you can continue taking it.

Some infusions are permissible and cold. However, the optimal temperature for their reception is equal to seventy degrees. If the drink does not cause side effects, then the volume of the liquid you drink can be increased to one and a half liters per day.

Contraindications and possible side effects

Although the drink as a whole affects the body positively, some people should stop using it. It is harmful to persons who have diseases of the stomach, urinary system, kidneys, and liver.

Slimming tea, purchased in a pharmacy, can contribute to the appearance of negative consequences, exacerbation of ailments, deterioration of health. In this case, a better not to risk it. It is also recommended to consult with your doctor before buying, who will give professional advice on this issue.

A side effect may be digestive upset, as well as dehydration. This is due to laxative and diuretic effects.

Drink chang-shu

This means of getting rid of excess weight has an unusual shade, pleasant aroma and rich taste. Previously, only Tibetan monks knew about him, but today he is popular everywhere. Infusion keeps health and youth, prevents aging, strengthens the immune system, gives energy. It also fights fat deposits and helps reduce appetite.

Tea for weight loss Chang-Shu, bought in a pharmacy, you need to drink in the mornings and evenings for three months. Systematic use will make unnecessary kilograms quickly disappear. It is not addictive and side effects, so you can drink it without fear.

Tibetan slimming tea

This infusion effectively copes with increased excretory functions and metabolism. It has a diaphoretic and diuretic effect. If you add chopped dried apricots and a spoonful of honey to a cup of tea, then it is quite possible to replace it with a full breakfast.

Many have already experienced the Tibetan slimming tea, you can buy it at an affordable price in a pharmacy. It should be consumed twice a day, a quarter of an hour before meals. The course should last two to three months.

It is necessary to use the drink not only for weight loss, but also health promotion in general. It is useful for sclerosis, diabetes, cholecystitis, hypertension and many other chronic ailments.

The best drinks for weight loss

Choosing cheap teas for weight loss in pharmacies is important, guided not only by their effectiveness and composition, but also by their taste. If the infusion causes disgust or irritation, then it is better to buy another look. Experienced nutritionists argue that the drink for the correction of the figure must be pleasant, deliver positive emotions, then the benefit will be maximum.

The best teas are selected according to their purpose. If you want to improve digestion, then acquire options with yarrow, chamomile, anise, alfalfa. To accelerate the burning of calories - with duckweed, corn silk, levzey. To speed up the metabolism - with ginger, hawthorn, dandelion, large burdock. To reduce food cravings - with fennel, nettle, burdock, kelp, flax seeds. For the removal of fluid - with a horsetail, bearberry, avian highlander.

As for the most popular brands, the best are considered: Turboslim Cleansing tea, Flying Swallow Extra tea, Pohudin tea, Altai No. 3 herbal tea, Evalar ginger tea, Monastyrsky drink.

It is necessary to acquire funds in pharmacies, avoiding small outlets, as this will help avoid fakes and low-quality products. It is also important to monitor the integrity of the package and its appearance.

Popular Recipes

You can buy herbal teas for weight loss at the pharmacy or prepare them yourself. The following options are suitable for this:

1. Mix dogrose, nettle leaves and dry rowan at the rate of 1: 3: 1. Then pour the mixture in half a liter of boiling water. Insist at least four hours. Drink three times 150 grams.

2. Take mint leaves, parsley, fennel seeds, dandelion root and buckthorn bark in the same proportions. Next, pour a glass of hot water. Leave in a warm place for 15 minutes. Insist drink two months for a few spoons before meals.

3. Make a dry mixture of calamus bark and buckthorn, mint, nettle at the rate of 1: 3: 2: 3. On one spoonful it is necessary one and a half glasses of boiled water. Eat before meals three times a day for 250 milliliters.

4. It is necessary to mix nettles and rowan in proportions 1: 3. Infusion should be held in a warm place for three to four hours, and then used in the intervals between meals.

Thus, slimming teas are a simple and easy way to lose weight. For maximum results, you need to combine their use with food control, as well as physical exercises. Drinks are presented in a wide range, which means that there is a suitable composition for every taste. Some infusions have minor contraindications, so it is important to consult with your doctor before using them in order not to cause harm to the body by accident.