Virtually every woman dreams of possessing a beautiful figure. Therefore, there is a huge amount of funds designed to reduce weight. Among them special attention deserves teas for weight loss, which are available, effective and safe. They are a good solution for those who can not force themselves to adhere to a diet, do not want to go to the gym, can not undergo expensive procedures for weight loss.

Assortment of drinks for a shapely figure

Tea for weight loss in the pharmacy: the kinds of what is better, the application

Tea for weight loss in the pharmacy is offered in a variety of options. For example, in the fight against extra pounds, the most effective are:

1. Mate. It is rich in useful minerals, positively affects the work of the heart, slows down aging. Effectively reduces appetite, prevents obesity, makes metabolism more rapid.

2. Green. It has many nutrients, since it is processed only slightly. Promotes the acceleration of metabolism, thereby reducing weight.

3. Puer. Strengthens immunity, stimulates the work of the heart and nervous system, struggles with depression. Helps to control weight, activating the digestive tract.

4. Oolong. Increases the rate of metabolic processes, quickly burns fats, reduces cholesterol.

5. Blueberry. This tea for weight loss, in the pharmacy sold, weakens the addiction to food. It removes harmful substances from the body, improves eyesight, stabilizes blood sugar.

The assortment of beverages that help to reduce weight is very wide. In addition to the above options, the following types are popular: white, black, ashwaganda, red, mint, with goji berries or lemon, ginger, barberry, kava-kava, karkade, match and others.

Tips for choosing

The variety of drinks to combat excess kilograms is great. Therefore, it is not difficult to get lost. To get the best option, you should follow the following recommendations:

1. You need to buy that tea for weight loss in the pharmacy, reviews about which are more reliable and positive. Those who have already experienced the effects of drinks on themselves will be able to provide a lot of useful information.

2. You should trust only proven and well-known manufacturers.

3. You should carefully read the composition. Not bad if it contains: garcinia, corn stigmas, commix, fucus, ephedra, senna, mint.

4. Any chemical additives, flavors and colorants should not be present.

5. Do not seriously take information on the packaging, promising to get rid of all serious diseases.

6. It is also important to remember that you can not count only on the miraculous powers of tea. It is important to combine its use with measures to control food consumption and exercise. Only in this case the result will be positive.

How do beverages work to correct a figure?

Tea for weight loss, in the pharmacy is realizable, has in the composition of certain substances that help to lose weight. Most of them act on the body in this way: accelerate metabolic processes, have the effect of a laxative drug, act as a diuretic.

Thus, getting rid of excess kilograms is due to the removal of harmful toxins and fluids. In this case, from the body, at times, micronutrients that benefit us will be released. Therefore, it is important not to forget that you need to combine vitamin complexes and diuretic teas for weight loss, in the pharmacy you can immediately buy both.

Such beverages are recommended for use in three situations. First, when excess weight is small and you need to correct the figure only slightly. Secondly, if you want to avoid the appearance of unwanted pounds. Thirdly, with an integrated approach to combating obesity, which, in addition to consuming tea, includes exercise and diet.

Recommendations for use

Ways of using can be different. Specific advice depends on the type of means for weight loss. For example, it is permissible to drink black and green in large quantities in the absence of serious diseases. But you can not add sugar and honey to them. Usually start with two mugs per day. If the body's reaction is not negative, then the reception can be continued, increasing the dose if necessary.

A drink with hay should be used in small amounts. The norm is two cups a day. Any tea for weight loss, inexpensive, in a pharmacy purchased, or premium-class - it's not important, do not consume too long. Usually it is drunk from ten days to three months, then take a short break after which you can continue to receive.

Some infusions are permissible and in a cold form. However, the optimum temperature for their intake is seventy degrees. If the drink does not cause side effects, then the volume of liquid drunk can be brought to 1.5 liters per day.

Contraindications and possible side effects

Although the drink as a whole affects the body positively, some people should stop using it. It is harmful to people who have stomach, urinary system, kidney, liver problems.

Tea for weight loss, in a pharmacy acquired, can contribute to the emergence of negative consequences, aggravation of illnesses, deterioration of health. In this case, it's better not to take chances. It is also recommended before consulting to consult with the attending physician who will give professional advice on this issue.

A side effect may be a digestive disorder, as well as dehydration. This is due to laxative and diuretic effects.

Drink chang-shu

This means of getting rid of excess weight has an unusual shade, pleasant aroma and rich taste. Previously, only Tibetan monks knew about it, today it is popular everywhere. Infusion preserves health and youth, prevents aging, strengthens immunity, gives energy. It also perfectly fights with fat deposits and helps to reduce appetite.

Tea for weight loss chang-shu, in the pharmacy bought, you need to drink in the mornings and evenings for three months. Systematic use will make unnecessary kilograms disappear quickly. It does not cause addiction and side effects, so you can drink it without fear.

Tibetan Slimming Tea

This infusion effectively copes with the enhancement of excretory functions and metabolism. It has a diaphoretic and diuretic effect. If a cup of tea is added crushed dried apricots and a spoonful of honey, then it is quite possible to replace a full breakfast.

Many have already experienced the Tibetan tea for weight loss, buy in a pharmacy that can be at an affordable price. It should be eaten twice a day for a quarter of an hour before meals. The course should last two to three months.

You need to use a drink not only to reduce weight, but also to improve health in general. It is useful in sclerosis, diabetes, cholecystitis, hypertension and many other chronic ailments.

Best beverages for weight loss

Choosing cheap teas for weight loss in pharmacies is important, guided not only by their effectiveness and composition, but also by taste. If the infusion causes disgust or irritation, it is better to buy a different kind. Experienced nutritionists claim that the drink for the correction of the figure must necessarily be pleasant, deliver positive emotions, then the benefit will be maximum.

The best teas are chosen according to their purpose. If you want to improve digestion, then get options with yarrow, chamomile, anise, alfalfa. To accelerate the burning of calories - with duckweed, corn stigmas, leuzea. To accelerate the metabolism - with ginger, hawthorn, dandelion, a large burdock. To reduce the craving for food - with fennel, nettle, burdock, kelp, flax seeds. To remove the liquid - with a field horsetail, bearberry, bird mountaineer.

As for the most popular brands, the best ones are: "Turboslim cleansing" tea, "Extra flying swallow" tea, "Pohudin" tea, "Altai №3" phytotea, "Evalar" ginger tea, "Monastyrsky" drink.

Acquire funds at pharmacy points, avoiding small outlets, as this will help to avoid fakes and poor-quality products. It is also important to monitor the integrity of the package and its appearance.

Popular Recipes

You can buy herbal teas for weight loss in the pharmacy or cook them yourself. The following options are suitable for this:

1. Mix rose hips, nettle leaves and dry mountain ash at the rate of 1: 3: 1. Then pour the mixture half a liter of boiling water. Insist not less than four hours. Drink three times for 150 grams.

2. Take mint leaves, parsley, fennel seeds, dandelion root and buckthorn bark in equal proportions. Then pour a glass of hot water. Leave in a warm place for 15 minutes. The infusion is drunk for two months with several spoons before meals.

3. Make a dry mixture of bark aira and buckthorn, mint, nettle at the rate of 1: 3: 2: 3. For one spoon you need a half cup of boiling water. Use before meals three times a day for 250 milliliters.

4. It is necessary to mix nettle and mountain ash in the proportions of 1: 3. Infusion should be held in a warm place for three to four hours, and then used in breaks between meals.

Thus, teas for weight loss are a simple and easy way to reduce weight. For maximum results, you need to combine their use with control over food intake, as well as with physical activities. Drinks are presented in a wide range, which means that a suitable composition is available for every taste. Some infusions have minor contraindications, so it is important to consult with your doctor before using them to accidentally not cause the body harm.