For each woman, choosing a bra is a difficult process. It is important that this part of the wardrobe was comfortable and beautifully looked. Which bra is best to choose?

What's new?

Innovation today - this is a bra with a silicone back. Such a thing in the wardrobe of the modern ladies will always be in demand and loved. The functional part is excellent, the chest is supported and looks full and beautiful, regardless of whether this part of the body is flawed or not. Women love open clothes, especially in summer, and an ordinary bra will spoil the whole picture, standing out through clothes or showing straps on their shoulders.

Bra with silicone back allows you to wear all models of clothes, without thinking about what is wrong and indecent in the image. In this case, the shape of the breast will look perfect. An important factor is convenience. Ordinary bras often rub the delicate skin of women, which causes discomfort. Such models of linen can crush, forming red stripes and irritating the skin. Silicone back bras are barely felt, however, support the breast, which gives the woman lightness and self-confidence. Silicone is an excellent material, especially for underwear. When it comes into contact with the body, it creates a pleasant impression that something soft caresses the skin. In addition, silicone is almost invisible visually. When wearing open items, you can not worry about the fact that some parts of the bra will be visible and spoil the image.

A good option is a bra with a silicone back, SPb can present a huge collection of such models.

Special features

Bra with silicone back has its own characteristics. Such bras can not be worn every day, because silicone with all its virtues is not a very practical material. In addition, in hot summers, women with sensitive skin should be careful because irritation may occur.

Silicone is a non-allergic material. Now such bras have become very fashionable. If a lady is going to have a social event, the outfit for which is chosen, as a rule, with an open back, a bra with silicone is the best not to spoil such a dress and emphasize the dignity of a woman. This bra has removable backrest details that can be adjusted by adjusting to the shape of a woman. The straps are removed by crushing the body crosswise, which is very convenient.

Where to find a quality bra?

You can find such a bra in the catalogs of one of the most famous chain stores “Milavitsa”. In addition, there is such an option as a bra with silicone straps and back. This bra is almost invisible on the body, only the cup perfectly wrapped around the chest. A great thing - a bra with a silicone back, “Milavitsa” has developed this model.

For ladies who have a magnificent chest, this option is hardly suitable, it is better to choose a model with wide straps. “Milavitsa” has become famous for its quality and assortment of beautiful, comfortable and functional linen.

In addition, there is still a mass of manufacturers of quality underwear, so each woman will be able to find a suitable model for themselves.

How to choose a bra?

Feeling when wearing a bra play a major role for a woman, but the quality of the product must also be considered. Brand models are made of quality material, silicone in this number. It is quite dense and does not cause stickiness, unlike its cheap competitors, which can crack and tear during tension. The most famous women in the world prefer new models of bras. For active life in the theater, cinema and on stage, they need to feel protected from various kinds of troubles associated with a bra. In this they will help bra with a silicone back.

In their normal lives, celebrities also do not neglect such models of underwear, because they are very comfortable. Women who go on a romantic date, prefer such bras, because these items of seduction look flirtatious and elegant, which will ensure success and men who will be delighted with their ladies. For business meetings, this option is also preferred. In general, as you can see, the underwear described is suitable for any occasion.


Every woman is special and undoubtedly deserves the best. Bra with silicone back plays a huge role in self-esteem, the formation of posture and the impression of the figure. Various options of good linen contribute to the creation of an individual image and style, affect the mood. You can not downplay the role of great linen in the life of modern women, as a woman should always be smiling, luxurious and in excellent mood.