Cosmetics are never enough - any woman will easily confirm this dogma to you. What can you do, men love with their eyes, which means that the representatives of the tender half of humanity must always look great, and you cannot do without a quality foundation.

The “Bourgeois” foundation captivated the hearts of millions of women due to the fact that it is really capable of performing the duties assigned to it - to gently mask the minor imperfections of the skin without creating masks on the face. It seems that the “Bourgeois” was created for real nymphs, because the cosmetics are so delicate and delicate that they are suitable even for the most delicate and demanding skin care.

In addition, probably, only this brand can boast of really pleasant floral and fruit aromas that their cosmetics exudes. Any lady who prefers cosmetics "Bourgeois" will be able to recognize her without any problems even with her eyes closed, because this delicate fragrance cannot be confused with that which any other, even the most expensive, cosmetics gives. But for such glory and love from its consumers, the brand has been going on for a very long time.

Entertaining story of your favorite brand

Of course, such a sophisticated cosmetics could begin its history only in all beloved Paris - the city of love and real female beauty. Interestingly, its creator was not a young artist or stylist with a delicate and vulnerable soul, but the comedian Joseph-Albert Ponsan, who dreamed of creating the perfect makeup. In his free time, he adored making new makeup options for his friends and colleagues on the stage and even tried himself (by the way, quite successfully) as a perfumer. Such an interesting hobby very soon turned into a lifelong pursuit - the creation and improvement of the Bourgeois brand, which was officially “born” back in 1862.

The first cosmetics, which bore a similar name, were of excellent quality blush, which not only lay down very easily, but also surprised the Parisian fashionistas with their unique resilience. By the way, colleagues on the stage of the father of the brand were also in awe of such products. The glory about quality very quickly swept all over Paris, and as a result, these rouge began to be used in all theaters, which lasted a long time.

And who came up with a name for the brand?

Yes, Joseph-Albert Ponsan created beautiful cosmetics. But he gave such an original name to his brand for a reason, it was a kind of gift for Joseph's true friend, Alexander Bourgeois, who soon became the owner and manager of this business, since Ponsan could not give up the scene for the sake of the enterprise.

The first store that bore the brand name

Alexander turned out to be such an excellent leader that already in 1879 the first Parisian store was opened under the name of "Bourgeois", in which the representatives of the tender sex without problems could find, perhaps, everything to improve their external beauty.

Let's start to consider the most popular foundation creams from the beloved "Bourgeois". The foundation is the thing that you can probably find in the makeup bag of every modern woman, if she watches her appearance with pleasure. After all, there is no need to visit beauty salons every morning, if there are always the most high-quality and ideal products in personal stocks. Why do so many women prefer products of “Bourgeois”? How are their tonal creams better than products of other brands of world renown? Today we will find answers not only to these questions, but also to many others.

How do Bourgeois creams work on the skin?

Each “Bourgeois” foundation earned honest admiration for the reviews, as many ladies, after applying this particular cosmetic product, say with confidence that their face becomes perfect.

How is this possible? Simply unique formulations of tonal creams of this brand affect the skin as follows.

1. No fatigue effect. If you work from day to day and, of course, use cosmetics, you might notice that the skin begins to look worse over time, it just gets tired of the constant stress. And if you start using the Bourgeois foundation (the reviews confirm this), you will immediately notice the pleasant changes for the better. The skin seems to begin to shine.

2. Feeling fresh. Many women, especially those with oily or combination skin, are tormented by the feeling of a permanent “mask” on their face due to the fact that skin fat is mixed with cosmetics. But professional stylists say that using, for example, the “Bourgeois Healthy Mix” foundation, you can forget about this feeling.

3. No dull complexion. Familiar problem? You know, you can overcome it very simply - it is worth finding your perfect foundation “Bourgeois”.

4. Beautiful makeup will last a very long time. Testimonials from regular customers of Bourgeois products confirm that only tonal creams of this brand are able to give an immaculate face tone for a long time.

Healthy Mix Series. Will skin really look healthier?

Bestseller all over the world - “Bourgeois Healthy Mix” foundation - the feedback really doesn’t receive gratitude, because he presented an excellent opportunity for women from all over the world any day, to look great and fresh at any time.

Why does the “Bourgeois” foundation work like this on the skin? It's just that his smart creators guessed to enrich the composition with fruit extracts, which have a very positive effect on the state of the cells. So in fact, when you do makeup with the use of similar cosmetics, every time you give your skin a charge of living energy.

The “Bourgeois Healthy” foundation is a mix from the extract of your favorite apricot, fragrant melon and a real source of youth - an apple. Consider them in more detail.

An apple is a source of youth for each of your cells. Our ancestors also dreamed of getting a rejuvenating apple, and now all of its strength lies in a bottle of “Bourgeois” foundation.

Apricot - elements that are in this fruit, help even the most dull and tired from the daily makeup skin shine with new force.

Melon - even the oily skin needs regular moisturizing. And what could be better than moisturizing with natural extracts? That's why your skin looks so perfect, if you use this foundation, it just lacks moisture.

In addition to all these natural components, the product contains only safe and beneficial substances, which together create the perfect texture of the foundation and perfectly cope with the task of masking minor imperfections of the skin.

Healthy Mix Serum - why is it so loved?

As the unshakable sales statistics keep saying, it is this product that is at the height of the Bourgeois product line. In addition, regardless of age category and skin type, many women in one voice assert that the Bourgeois Healthy Mix Serum foundation cream deserves full encouragement and praise. Why? Because in the modern market there is no foundation, which could compete with this tool on the usefulness of the composition.

Real Therapy with Favorite Fruits

The Healthy Mix Serum foundation tinted cream deserves admiration even thanks to the consistence as it reminds gel a little. And this means that even a person who has nothing to do with professional makeup artists will be able to evenly put it on the skin with flaws.

The formula, which involves three fruits with "superpowers" - goji, lychee and pomegranate, is really perfect. What is the benefit of each component? Let's open the veil of secrecy.

Oriental goji berry is a powerful antioxidant, and it is this property that makes it an indispensable component of modern cosmetics for women who live in megalopolises and whose skin is unable to breathe normal air. Also in the berries have a whole bunch of vitamins that nourish the skin better than any chemical components.

Lychee is a berry that has been almost prayed in China for 2,000 years. Why such a special relationship? "The fruit of the emperor" consists of the concentration of all the necessary vitamin C and essential potassium. Litchi has the full right to wear his other title - “the perfect fruit”.

Pomegranate is a delicious multivitamin “bomb” that perfectly tones the skin of the face, makes it resistant to external factors and, of course, nourishes.

One-two-three - and you are beautiful!

Foundation "Bourgeois 123" has long found its buyer. In terms of quality, many concealers of the same price category are inferior to it.

5 reasons to buy cream "123"

What he deserved positive feedback?

1. This is a foundation that belongs to a new generation of high-quality cosmetics.

2. It has three different pigments, which allow the cream to really adapt to the face.

3. No tired look, because the composition also has a refreshing elixir of green tea, which helps the skin to show its inner radiance.

4. Foundation "Bourgeois 123" reviews deserve admiration also because it includes protection from harmful UV light.

5. No “mask” or “wax face” effect, only naturalness and only freshness.

Rested skin can now be each

Remember those wonderful days when you don't have to get up after the alarm call, when you are in no hurry and you feel just fine, because you were able to sleep. But on such days not only the mood is good, even the skin becomes much better, since rest is very important for its internal and external beauty. But the pace of modern life does not allow itself to indulge in such situations often, but to give the skin a feeling of regular rest, according to reviews, you can, you just need to buy the “Bourgeois 10 Hours of Sleep” foundation.

How it affects the skin (according to the users of this cosmetics)

It is clear that simply “awakening” the skin of cosmetics will not work, therefore the complex is enriched with vitamins E, B5 and others that are useful specifically for our skin. In addition, in the composition there are minerals that are necessary for the human body no less than vitamins.

Many people like the bourgeois cream from Bourgeois because of its texture: it is very light, it falls on the skin like a thin veil, but at the same time it masks even well-visible imperfections. This tonal cream, if you believe the reviews, does not burden the skin, allows it to breathe and function normally. He really awakens her and nourishes with necessary elements, and the skin of her face, in gratitude for such care, begins to look better and better each time.

Learning how to choose your perfect foundation from "Bourgeois"

Did you know that if you follow the elementary rules for choosing the tonal means, you will never encounter an unpleasant situation when the tone simply does not fit, and as a result, the tube will remain dusting somewhere on the shelf with unloved perfumes.

So, check whether the tone is right for you, just on the neck or on the brush. The makeup cream produced by Bourgeois in a small amount needs to be applied to one of these areas, wait a little for it to absorb, and only then evaluate the result.

It is necessary to choose the priority properties of the foundation. For some, this is a mating effect, for others, a high level of UV protection is important, while someone is looking for a keystone that will add freshness to the face. You know exactly what your skin needs, so when choosing a foundation, try to pay special attention to this factor.

The consistency must also be correct. Any concealer produced by Bourgeois is good, if you believe the reviews. But here for someone a thick texture is suitable, and oily skin from it will suffocate. Therefore, it is better to give preference to light tonal means. Although these are absolutely not suitable for dry skin. It is better not to try to check this observation for yourself, and if you are the owner of oily skin, then do not buy a heavy headset, and finally open for you the tonal means-fluids.

Packaging should be not only beautiful, but also convenient for use, because some people have a tonal cream on the nightstand in the bedroom, and someone wears it constantly in her purse.

Why is it impossible to dislike tonal cream from “Bourgeois”?

It turns out that even the statistics confirm that those ladies who like to experiment and therefore often change the foundation, still remain faithful to the products of “Bourgeois”, if they have experienced it at least once. The company also does not stand still and regularly pleases its fans with new products, which are improved with each new release. The fact that this brand is not afraid to develop for the sake of its consumer, and not just “skim the cream” off its popularity, ensures the love of every woman.

Any brand products are remarkable for their durability. This also applies to tonal creams. For modern women who do not have the opportunity to regularly correct or redo makeup during the day, this is very important, because you should always look perfect, no matter how busy you are.

The price of foundation creams from this brand is another big plus. Yes, it is not the lowest on the market. But if we compare it with the products of the price category in which the brand is located today, other manufacturers are often inferior in quality to the Bourgeois.

Although there is no guarantee that the products of the brand will suit every woman, it’s worth a try. It is normal that you have to search for your foundation for a very long time and often by the method of attempts and disappointments. And if you have not yet found the perfect tone for yourself, perhaps this is one of the options from Bourgeois. Worth a try, because millions of satisfied women will not lie about the quality of products. In addition, after studying all the useful information that we have provided to you, this task will be fairly easy for you to accomplish.