"Burpy" is an exercise that many people have probably heard about. It is thanks to him that there is an opportunity to conduct an excellent training without using additional equipment. Everyone will be able to achieve the desired results in a short time.
Burpy - exercise for weight loss

This name received a very effective exercise from the discipline of the crossfit. As is known, crossfit implies the fulfillment of two or more disciplines at one time. Based on this, it can be argued that this type of training usually takes place within the framework of intensive and sufficiently functional exercises.

Before you do crossfit, you should definitely achieve the highest possible level of preparedness and endurance. On average, in just 15-20 minutes of work in the maximum intensity mode, a person spends a huge amount of calories, and most importantly - the main projectile is his own body.

What muscles are involved

"Burpy" - an exercise in which several muscle groups are involved simultaneously. First of all, the legs are loaded, namely caviar, quadriceps and buttocks. Also considerable load is received and pectoral muscles, and along with them deltas with triceps. In addition, do not forget about the rectus abdominis muscle. All these muscles get enough load, because of what exercises can seem too heavy for beginners. But due to the constant tension of the body, the fat burning processes are activated - the extra weight leaves almost instantaneously.


When a person discovers something new, he must necessarily take an interest in other people's opinions and advice from professionals. This should be done in order to avoid unnecessary problems and get as much benefit from the exercise as possible. To achieve the ideal result, the simplest tips will be good helpers:

  1. As well as before any training, for the beginning it is necessary to be warmed up properly. This will prevent unnecessary injuries, as well as charge the body with energy.
  2. At runtime, you need to monitor your own breathing, without delaying or accelerating it.
  3. "Burpy" is an exercise for men and women that helps even speed up the metabolism. But to achieve this goal, it must be done in the morning.
  4. Control of the neck and back is an equally important point. The more repetitions of the exercise, the more difficult it is to keep these parts of the body in a level position.
  5. The jump up should be as high as possible, because exactly it helps stretch the muscles of the back and neck, not giving them the opportunity to restrain themselves.


As already mentioned above, this exercise is a combination of standard exercises that provide a sufficiently high load only if they work in the complex.

From the initial standing position it is necessary to make a squat, then to rest your hands on the floor and to throw your legs back, turning to the position of the bar, that is, to take the emphasis lying down. Then one push-up is done (beginners can skip this step for the beginning), and then you should tighten your legs to the chest and jump out, while raising your hands up. All this is considered as one repetition.

The number of accomplishments each person must determine for himself, since there are no specific boundaries here. Beginners will be enough and 10 times, but more experienced athletes will have to perform 30 or more times. An important rule is that the rest between the approaches should not be more than a couple of minutes, otherwise the muscles will relax and every subsequent repetition will make it even more difficult.

Additional load

Now it is clear how to do the exercise "BURP" for weight loss, but this information is not enough to begin to perform. Next, you need to understand how to complicate the workout in time. After all, everyone knows that the body is able to quickly get used to the load, and when this happens, the desired effect can not be achieved. And this problem can be avoided with the help of an additional load. It can provide:

  1. Standard push-up.
  2. Wave pushup.
  3. With pulling (during the jump).
  4. With the run in place (during a light race it is necessary to perform the basic exercise with a clear periodicity).

Level of training

"Burpy" - an exercise, the benefits of which, of course, is available to every person.

But nevertheless there are certain complexes that are divided between people with different levels of training:

  1. Easy level. Approaches for a couple of minutes, only 4 receptions, rest - no more than one minute.
  2. Average level. Two-minute approaches, consisting of 6 receptions, a minute rest.
  3. High level. Rounds for 3 minutes in 6 receptions, rest is one minute.
  4. Professional level. Performed exactly the same as at a high level, but the rest time is reduced by half.

Benefits of training

In addition to the fact that the exercise "burb" makes the stomach flat, it also has many other advantages, thanks to which it is gaining popularity among men and women:

  1. Force. Exercise of this type trains absolutely all muscles. After the first sets are performed, the pain in the hands, feet, hips and press will immediately be felt. Each of these parts of the body will gradually improve.
  2. Fat burning. Increased intensity will contribute to the active burning of fat, since the entire body is subjected to stress. According to statistics updated over the past few years, it can be seen that the "burr" allows you to get rid of fat deposits by 50% more than during any strength training. And for people who specifically sit on diets for weight loss, this exercise guarantees the acceleration of metabolism. Therefore, you can easily lose weight without hunger.
  3. Maintaining the form. To acquire and maintain the ideal physical form, people spend quite a long time in sports halls. Of course, the appearance of the relief on the hands, feet and the press amazes everyone around, but the presence of excess weight is still noticeable always. It will help to solve this problem drill, because it will get rid of fat deposits, help develop endurance and add energy, which will help in the future to overcome any obstacles without much effort.
  4. Saving. To perform regular training of this type, there is no need for extra expenses for gyms, swimming pools and so on. To achieve the desired goals, it is only necessary to find comfortable clothes and the location of the session (this can be a street or a small room).
  5. Anaerobic performance. This factor does not increase for every person. Fortunately, the "burr" helps to increase the volume of the lungs, as well as improve the performance of the heart.

Training on the basis of "burb"

For those who crave diversity and even greater effect from training, there are several options for programs based on the exercise "Burr". Among them:

  1. A log in descending order. The first set should consist, for example, of 10 repetitions, and each subsequent should be reduced by 1 repetition. Rest between them - no more than a minute.
  2. 100 burbits. It is necessary to execute "burrs" 100 times as quickly as possible. Fans of the competition can detect the time and daily try to beat their own record or the achievements of an opponent.
  3. Marathon. A more simplified version, the essence of which is to perform as many repetitions as possible in two minutes.
  4. A scaffold with sprints. It is done exactly the same way as the ladder in descending order, but instead of a minute rest you should run a hundred meter or just run for one minute on the spot.

Undoubtedly, the exercise "burb" reviews is different. In general, athletes are satisfied with this technique, since they were really able to lose weight without worsening their own health.

Many people who tried to do the training for the first time already found in it a lot of advantages and independently developed a plan for increasing the load.

Both beginners and more experienced athletes are satisfied with the results achieved. The ideal body was reached, a noticeable relief appeared, the excess weight went away irrevocably. And all this was achieved in a short time and without unnecessary problems.