Among the outstanding players are rare athletes who had a lot of talent besides football and who were able to realize those talents. One of those players is Alexander Bubnov. He tried himself after his football career on different fronts. Although the talents of Alexander were varied, however they all revolved around Alexander's first love – football.

Football career

Bubnov Alexander was born in Moscow region (Lyubertsy) in 1955. In that distant Soviet time, little Sasha, like all children of that time, dreamed of becoming a footballer, growing up in the examples Yashin, Beeskow, and many others. Driving the ball in the back yard of the Moscow region, Alexander Bubnov not only love football, but has made it a top priority.

At a young age he started his studies in the Rostov sports boarding school and in 1972 it finishes. Simultaneously, speaking at the youth championship of the USSR for the team SKA Rostov. And in a year he made his debut in the Highest League of the USSR championship in football.

Two seasons Alexander performs for Spartak Ordzhonikidze, where he spent 26 matches and even scored one goal. Having a great physique (height 189 cm) and good football technique, Bubnov Alexander came in sight of the breeders Dynamo Moscow, for whom he played over two hundred games in eight seasons. And since 1983, Alexander enters the Moscow “Spartak”, where there will be a further six years to defend the colors of this team.

In “Spartacus” Alexander will play a little less games, slightly more than 150, and score three goals. Alexander performed the role of the extreme defender, but if necessary can also play Central defender or defensive midfielder.


As we have seen, in the championship of the USSR Alexander played almost four hundred games, which at the time was a decent enough result. He had been repeatedly urged in various national teams of the USSR and achieved good results. The greatest achievement of Alexander was the victory at the European championship on football among youth teams in 1976. In the adult national team Alexander was called for ten years and played more than thirty matches, scoring one goal.

If to speak about the achievements of a footballer in the domestic arena, three times he was the owner of gold medals of the championship of the USSR, and the same number of times – silver and bronze awards. With such success Alexander only once won the USSR Cup in football. Also this year he and a team wins the super Cup of the USSR. The latest achievement of Alexander as a player is to win the world Cup among veterans in 1994.

End of the football career, the beginning of the coaching

After the end of the season 1989 Alexander accepts the invitation and moves into the French “Red star”, where he spent one season, playing for the team of about thirty matches and scoring one goal. At the end of this season he finishes his playing career and beginning his coaching career in the same team.

In 1994 he became a graduate of the Higher school of coaches and receives the status of a professional trainer teams of the championship of Russia on football. Starting his coaching career in the football club “Dynamo-Gazovik” as a breeder, where the next year becomes a head coach. A year later he was invited to work with a team of the Highest League of Belarus “Slaviya” (Mozyr).

In this team Alexander Bubnov holds his last match as a professional football player. The last season in the coaching field, Alexander spent in 2004, thus giving this profession ten years.

Bubnov Alexander - football commentator

After that Alexander tries his hand as a commentator, going along with the team at the world Cup in 2002 in Japan. This was the first trial of a former football player on radio and TV. Alexander Bubnov, a photo of which you see below, at this time looked something like this.

It was at this time displayed the talents of Alexander as a representative of the media industry. During this period of his creative life of an athlete is actively being invited on radio and television. He leads several of his own media projects.

The analytical talents of Alexander Bubnov

But the main talent of the former football player will open a little later. Alexander Bubnov - football analyst, that's how most fans know this man.

In 2014, a former footballer tries himself on another career - writing. This year his book "Spartacus: Seven Years of Strict Regime" is published.