The owner of the oval face is envied by many, because this form is classic, and, accordingly, almost all types of haircuts and eyebrow contours will suit such a girl. It is believed that the oval face has perfect proportions, so it almost does not need to be corrected through makeup.

Key recommendations

Before choosing eyebrows for an oval face, you need to familiarize yourself with several important recommendations for plucking them:

  • For a start, you should pay attention to the three ideal points that define the inner, outer boundary and the place of the bend.
  • Correction should be carried out only on the cleared face. Otherwise it will be difficult to pull out eyebrows.
  • It is desirable that the treated area and instruments are always moistened with antiseptic preparations. Otherwise, unwanted acne and pimples may appear on the skin.
  • If you need to draw eyebrows, it is better to use a special pencil or shadow. It is desirable that the color is not very different from the eyebrows (it is possible that it was a shade darker or lighter).

Correction methods

Many girls ask: "What eyebrows for an oval face fit?". In fact, such a face is almost perfect, so any eyebrows will look good with it. But first of all it is necessary to find out in what ways their correction can be performed, and afterwards to decide which eyebrows will be created.

Of course, plucking is the most popular way to make eyebrows for an oval face. Any girl knows the essence of this method: hair removal is done with tweezers. Another way is wax. With it, you can remove all unwanted hairs in minutes, but this procedure is very painful. Therefore, many do it in beauty salons, and not at home. Getting rid of hair with depilation cream is a very quick and effective remedy. But we must remember that with the wrong dosage of this tool may irritate the skin.

Straight eyebrows

Horizontal eyebrows for an oval face will help to visually round it. This form is suitable for those girls whose face is too elongated. But such eyebrows should not be frowned, as the look will seem inhospitable. At the same time, if during a conversation they will rise and fall, the interlocutor will understand that you are friendly. But you need to understand that incorrectly plucked eyebrows will also look unaesthetic. Especially frowning look will seem, if the head of the eyebrow is too low. This deficiency can be corrected if it is slightly rounded, and the tips of the eyebrows are extended with a pencil. It is also very important that the eyebrows are completely symmetrical. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of cosmetics for eyebrows. Too dark shades can visually emphasize all the flaws of your face. Therefore, it is better to give preference to natural colors.

Eyebrow shaped

Such eyebrows for an oval face, the photo of which can be seen a little lower, look like an arc. Their owners will look serene and balanced, as these eyebrows soften facial features. If there is a desire to create them, then you need to be prepared for the fact that this form will require care in working out all the lines. It is very important that there is a clear balance: length-thickness-height. If transitions are moderate, eyebrows look very natural.

Broken eyebrows

The most correct eyebrows for an oval face have a broken shape. They are ideal for romantic, feminine girls, because thanks to them the look will be frank and frank. In addition, their owner will look much younger (so this form is suitable for women in age). Ideally similar form of eyebrows is combined with almond-shaped eyes. However, the kink should be soft, not very curved and raised. Otherwise, the look will seem constantly surprised, predatory, angry.

How to shape eyebrows?

If you independently model eyebrows for an oval face, then first of all you need to decide on their length. To do this, take a pencil. One side needs to attach it to the sinus. In this case, the second end should pass through the inner corner of the eye. At the intersection with the eyebrow and will be its inner point. The outer border can be determined if the pencil passes through the outer corner of the eye. Almost all women know that in order to divert attention from wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, eyebrows should be shortened. Great attention should be paid to the width of the eyebrows. As a rule, it is she who determines the facial expression. If it is narrow, then it is better to use eyebrows of medium width. If the eyebrows are thin, rare, then this deficiency can be corrected with a pencil. Great importance should be given to the choice of its color. It must be combined with skin tone.

If the eyebrows are naughty (hairs grow in different directions), then you can apply a special fixing gel. In this case, their direction can be changed with a special brush. Beautiful eyebrows for an oval face emphasize all its advantages. If there is no need to adjust them, you should still carefully care for them.

Proper care

Many girls are interested in what eyebrows are suitable for an oval face. But they forget that it is important not only to choose the form, but also to be able to care for them. As a rule, young girls can not adjust the eyebrows, because they are so beautiful. But if any changes have already been made, then they should not be run. Regularly care need eyebrows with absolutely any shape. It is especially important to constantly remove newly grown hairs behind the line of the created contour. If you do not do this, then eyebrows for an oval face will look ugly. If you have not done this before, it is better to seek help from a beauty salon. Here a specialist will make a quality correction. But we must remember that the correction is quite expensive, so not everyone will be able to pay for it constantly.

Depilation should be done only taking into account the direction of hair growth. If you pull out against their growth, then subsequently ingrown hairs may appear. In addition, there is a risk of injuring the bulbs, which can cause irritation of the skin. It is best to use tweezers with rounded tips, which captures hairs much faster.