With the advent of the rosy-toddler in the family, parents immediately begin to argue about the first personal transport of the baby. How to choose to prevent stupid mistakes and subsequent inconvenience in use? This question is asked by many new parents. No need to panic at the diversity of the options presented, because the Bebetto lineup - strollers that will be in our zone of attention today - offers some of the best options considered by moms and dads.

Familiar strangers

Polish strollers from Bebetto have long been loved by parents of European countries. Every single staff of this company are professionals in the production of goods for karapuz. In the manufacture of such a necessary means for the predvlaeniya karapuzika, like Bebetto (such strollers are of high quality), the company is guaranteed every effort to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers. Therefore, the main issue remains the functionality, safety and aesthetics of the strollers.

How to attract a buyer?

When buying a baby carriage, parents want to buy a reliable, functional and high-quality product. The baby stroller Bebetto meets all these requirements.

The company wants transport buyers for the little ones to be satisfied with stylish, functional, reliable and beautiful strollers. After all, even parents, despite the fact that they are already adults and respectable people, should enjoy the use of this product.

Brand Bebetto: Strollers

The materials of which the strollers are made are modern and breathable; easy to wash or wash. The color scale is huge: there are bright colors saturated and pastel. Just manage to look at everything. At the same time, the company annually produces even more advanced vehicles for babies.

Transformers strollers

This product is the most popular. Bebetto - strollers produced by a famous Polish company - are designed for babies from the age of birth until they reach the age of three.

  • This transportation toddler four position adjustable backrest (baby will be so much easier in different situations).
  • The cradle is mounted both in the direction of travel, and against.
  • The handle is adjustable.
  • Plastic wheels, easy to dismantle.
  • Thanks to the spring mechanism of the shock absorbers move stroller will be able to handle even fragile woman.
  • There are seat belts.
  • The weight of the stroller is approximately 12 kilograms.

There is also “Bebetto-Super-Kid” - a model that will prove to be very useful as a deep recreational vehicle. Mom can remain completely calm: the baby will be in absolute safety thanks to a self-locking locking system, the much-needed brakes (after all, they can be seen in Bebetto in two types - front and rear) - strollers. Such a vehicle will travel very gently, even on an unpaved road.

Well, what are we buying?

Parents in the choice still will be helpful to pay attention to the product under the name "buggy Boy", which reviews are extremely positive. An important factor (especially for mom) is that this kind of transport for the little ones, you can easily overcome a huge number of borders, which is more than enough. This is a real jeep or a Rover. Bebetto strollers of Polish origin are the same kind of transport with which to go camping. Even on a forest path, it can roll, especially without straining. Will travel almost everywhere and in any weather. For baby “transportation” quite roomy and comfortable. The kit included a carrying bag. Important information for moms that stroller can easily carry bags of groceries (there is a large and roomy shopping for products). Every detail of the baby carriage is very convenient and strongly fastens on the buttons.

In general, when buying should be very careful, even somewhat picky to consider all the proposed options, but it is more correct and logical to choose that in each individual case will be the most suitable.