Family - this is what is, if not each of us, then many certainly. Everyone understands what is meant by this word. A family is a union of people (at least two), based on blood relationship or on a married marriage. This is the definition. And it is useful for everyone to know what needs of the family are satisfied by joint work, since this topic concerns each of us.

Double Strength

So, the smallest and standard family consists of two people who have married. After signing the papers in the registry office they are considered to be native people. And what needs of the family are satisfied by the joint work of their two? In fact - almost any.

Here, for example, housing. Each of us needs a roof over his head. And if neither the guy nor the girl had it before marriage - that together to an apartment to earn much easier. In any case, the amount of 2-3 million rubles a person will save longer.

By the way, in terms of finance: in most families joint budgets are formed. The savings go to pay for utilities, the purchase of food, clothing.

Doing business

This should also be mentioned, talking about what the needs of the family are satisfied by joint work. The household is the activity of the family members in the content of their housing and the organization of everyday life.

This includes joint registration of the apartment and its planning, management of hired workers, if their services are indispensable, the organization of cleaning of premises. Also, management implies planning and keeping the notorious budget.

Washing dishes, buying the things necessary for the house and the subsequent cooking, washing clothes, keeping the house clean, and household appliances and everything that it includes, in good condition - it is also included in the joint work of children and adults. If the spouses decided to acquire the "colors of life," their care, upbringing, training, and everything a child requires is also part of their mutual responsibilities.

But that's not all. What other needs of the family are satisfied by joint work? This list also includes representation of the interests of the union in different organizations (housing office, court, registry office, etc.), preparation of legal documents, appointment of visits to doctors, delivery of households in the right places to the stated time and even organization of family holidays and meetings.

Segregation of duties

This is a very important topic. Many people, before entering into an official marriage, live together for some time - in practice, to understand who can perform with what duties and whether they are compatible in everyday life. But some do not even discuss this issue. And then it turns out that his wife does everything in the house, and her husband - nothing. Or vice versa. Types of joint work were listed above - and it is not surprising that then one of the members of the family is indignant that he has to do everything. Because there are really many duties.

Although, in fact, it's people who complicate things. Before marriage, each of the members of the union does everything previously listed for themselves. After the beginning of a joint life, he only needs to remember about the partner, that's all. And if each of the spouses does not know how to do something, you just need to discuss it and decide who will take care of yourself. It will be fair - the duties should be divided equally. It is not for nothing that the topic concerns the needs of the familyjoint  work. Social science, by the way, includes it in the course.

And the separation is very simple. Does a man master the art of cooking? So, he will not only repair everything in the house, but also prepare. And his wife to teach, then to alternate the process. The spouse will keep the house clean and buy food. The principle of separation is simple, the main thing is to evenly distribute the burden on each member of the family.

About other needs

But besides the above, there is something else. More important than deciding who will wash the floors and who will bathe the cat. It's about emotional needs. After all, for the sake of their satisfaction, marriages between two loving hearts are made.

Ideally, spouses are passionate lovers, loyal partners and best friends. A strong foundation for their relationship is love, affection, trust and sincerity. Therefore, first of all, each of them must take care of the emotional and spiritual harmony of their partner, and also that their "flame" does not fade away, but only flared up in the process of living together. This is important, but, unfortunately, this component is often killed by domestic issues.