Beautiful hair, as in advertising shampoo - this is the dream of almost every woman. Ladies use all means in pursuit of beauty! Everything is used: from expensive professional care products to masks made according to the popular recipes of grandmothers. In the first case, it is easy to become a victim of advertising, and in the second there is a risk to associate with colleagues the persistent smell of onions and raw eggs.

Jokes jokes, but the cosmetic industry is also concerned about the beauty of the hair of the best half of humanity. That is why every year new products and procedures appear on the beauty industry market, aimed at restoring and improving the quality of curls. One of these new products is Botox for hair (we will examine in detail the feedback, effects, photos and essence of the procedure).

Botox for hair: reviews, effects, photos after the procedure

What is botox for hair?

Botulinum toxin is a medication that causes muscle paralysis. It is for this purpose that it is actively used in cosmetology. The local administration of the drug in the correct dosage causes paralysis of the facial muscles, which leads to the smoothing of wrinkles.

What does botulinum toxin have to do with hair? That's right, no. The word “Botox”, already at the subconscious level, is associated in all with youth and beauty. Therefore, the temptation to use the promoted term was great. Then another question. What is botox for hair? Reviews, consequences and description of the procedure show that this is a set of hair care products that are applied to the strands in a specific order. Let us examine in more detail the composition of these funds. Oh yes, it comes complete with a syringe for mixing the components and more convenient applying them to the curls. That is why, probably, “Botox”.

How it works?

The active component of Botox for hair is intra-silane. This is an innovative molecule, activated by the action of water. When the preparation containing intra-silane is applied to the damaged strands, the active ingredient penetrates into the structure of the porous hair and fills the voids. When the moisture in the composition evaporates, the intra-silane molecule takes on a dense but flexible state, remaining in the hair.

Each brand produces Botox according to its own recipe, but the composition of almost all brands, in addition to the active molecule, contains:

  • Vitamins A, D, C, Groups B.
  • Hyaluronic acid. It attracts water molecules and holds them inside the hair.
  • Elastin. It gives curls elasticity.
  • Valuable vegetable oils. Nourish and give shine to dry, brittle ends.
  • Keratin. Promotes the filling of voids in the hair.

Indications for the procedure

Who should try botox for hair? Reviews of the procedure confirm the fact that the more porous and damaged hair before the procedure, the more noticeable the result after. You should try Botox if your hair is:

  • Discolored.
  • Exaggerated under the influence of sunlight, hair dryer and irons.
  • Thin and devoid of gloss.
  • They have split ends and brittle ends.
  • Subjected to the transition from dark to light.
  • Subjected to chemical perm.

Some believe that the tool can straighten curly hair. But in fact, the procedure is not able to get rid of curls. Strands are saturated with moisture and the protruding ends really stop to push and become smooth, but completely straighten hair through this procedure will not work.

Hair after Botox (reviews are proof) look saturated and glowing with health. Strands get a glossy, almost mirror shine. The protruding hairs become smooth and dense. The volume of each hair increases, so their whole mass looks thicker.

There is no evidence that the drug favorably affects the scalp and improves hair growth. You should not take the procedure as a medical treatment, it gives a cosmetic effect that you need to constantly maintain.

On the market of the cosmetic industry there are several manufacturers producing Botox for hair (reviews, photos of various products confirm this). The composition is about the same, but there may be a difference in the technological process: the procedure of applying the means and the exposure time.

  • L´Oreal. The restoring Fiberceutic series promises to give hair shine, smoothness and deep hydration for three months.
  • Honma Tokyo. An Asian product that contains vitamins, oils, cysteine, and green tea extract. The effect of the product will last up to two months.
  • Kallos Hair Botox. The product is a European brand, includes collagen and hyaluronic acid.
  • Kashmir Keratin Hair System. Biphasic cosmetic comes from Israel.

How is the procedure?

The “botox for hair” procedure (testimonials from clients confirms this) is started with the fact that they wash their hair with a mild cleansing shampoo. Next, a towel containing an intra-silane molecule is applied onto the towel-dried strands using a dosing syringe. After 5-10 minutes, apply the second composition containing the caring components. Curls are warmed with a film and a towel and left for 20 minutes. After the time, remove the film, gently massage the scalp and blow dry. After drying, when the moisture evaporates, the intra-silane molecule hardens in the hair structure.

Products of not all brands work in the same way, some brands of the technological process suggest washing the product off the hair after the exposure time, and only then proceed with the hairdryer.

Contraindications to the procedure

It is not recommended to carry out the procedure in the case of:

  • Pregnancy and during the entire period of lactation.
  • The presence of allergic reactions to any component of the drug.
  • Violations of the skin of the head, inflammation, irritation, wounds and ulcers.
  • Disorders of the nervous system.

This can also be attributed to the negative effects that Botox on hair can carry (customer reviews show that such a reaction is possible):

  • Short effect. Given the high cost of the procedure, the result does not always hold as much as the manufacturer promises. Unfortunately, this can not be predicted, since everything depends on the properties of the body and proper home care.
  • Scalp irritation. It is impossible to know in advance how the body will react to the procedure and whether an allergic reaction will appear.
  • The need to reduce the number of hair dyes. The repairing procedure is poorly compatible with frequent staining.
  • After you can not do biowave or chemical hair straightening.
  • The procedure does not solve the problems due to which the hair weakens. If the reason is an insufficient amount of vitamins and microelements or a disease of internal organs, Botox is not a panacea. Treatment of hair is better to start with a trip to the doctor and passing the necessary tests. Eliminating the disease, you can safely restore the curls in the beauty salon.

Customer reviews

There is a lot of information about such a procedure as Botox for hair (reviews, consequences, photos after and before). Clients are happy to share their opinions, which for many is decisive. Some reviews about the procedure inspire action, and someone reading about the negative experiences of others is unlikely to decide on Botox.

Such a procedure as botox for hair, reviews have both positive and not so much. Given the cost of the procedure, clients weigh the pros and cons, but unfortunately, what is good for some is not always good for others. In more detail about all the pros and cons can be found only from your master hairdresser, who knows well the specific products with which you work and your hair.