Side rod, as you might guess from its name, is a gear designed for fishing from a boat. It is not usually distinguished as a separate class in fishing equipment. Moreover, it is not possible for special tooling. Fishing onboard a fishing rod possible in deep places and in the vicinity of the boat. It is these assumptions and due to the design features.Side rod

Advantages and disadvantages

Side rod is very easily assembled by the fishermen themselves. If fishing is expected to be conducted to a depth of five meters, then as many people use fishing rods winter fishing. In this production you have to draw out manually, such as from the hole in the ice. Side rod is extremely sensitive, and this is its main advantage. However, a drawback of many professionals is called the following of its characteristics: reel in fish production does not participate, and therefore to pull some "spirited" fish weighing one kilogram is quite problematic.

In large reservoirs at a deep (over 5 m) are most likely to use a rod with optimal length and a half to two meters with the test from sixty to one hundred grams. Snap-in side rod assumes obligatory presence of the coil. Such length of the rod due to the fact that fly fishing is always near the boat, but because the angler is not necessary to make long-range casts.

Moreover, production often goes under the craft, and they need to get around the anchor rope. Such manipulations are easier to carry out short spinning. Another feature that must have snap of the side rods is a stiff whip with a soft tip.

Because of the large depth of fishing and the current that exists under the boat, the rod must be consolidated. Otherwise, during the bite decent on the weight of the trophy angler at risk of losing their gear, which will quickly be out of business.

Fishing from a boat involves the use of three side rods at the same time. Effectively, if they are all the same type. For fishing in the night is well suited onboard a fishing rod, a rod "crocodile". It is painted white and has a bright red tip, which is very convenient for fishing at night.

Signaller of bite

Side rod with a nod used more often than a bell. The reason is that for short rods the first option is preferable. Although specialized stores are sold nods with bright tips, made from springs, however they have one downside: they quickly stretch out and become useless from zahlyosta line. Therefore, professionals prefer to make the snap with his hands, using a cane with a diameter of three millimeters. The coil is used as inertial and free-wheel, with bearings not less than three pieces. In their spool should fit up to seventy meters of fishing line with a diameter of 0.35 mm.

Hooks and fishing line

Stinger size is selected not under the intended prey, and the size of the bait. Fishing from boats on-Board fishing is most often conducted in feeder hooks as they are made of thick wire. Experts recommend that this component of the snap not to save. Their years of practice shows that when strikes occur, but the catch is not, should change the hook.

In the design of the side rods is "work" scaffold type "feeder" or "carp expert". They are quite soft and not much exposed to chafing. On a leash you can use the line and thinner – with a diameter of 0.15-0.3 mm, although sometimes this choice greatly complicates the cuttings. The equipment is simply irreplaceable will be hard, especially when fishing from a boat goes to big fish. It is better that the painting was from the line: in this case, it is much easier to remove the hooks hooked.

For fishing you need to choose low, light and quiet craft. The boat should also have the accessories needed to zacharenia from two sides: on the nose, and aft. Since often fishing side fishing is for bream, it is necessary that the sides were low. As the anchor is usually used a bunch of stones or iron bars with a weight up to ten pounds. If you take too light a load, the boat can go with the flow, and conversely, if the anchor is very heavy, it can cause problems with his recovery.

Fishing from the boat

Most often, side rod catch of bream, which sometimes find difficult. The best sign of a good place are the slopes of underwater plateau, surrounded by deep water and the edge of the pits and coming to the shore stingrays. The bottom on these "fish" stations should be firm and consist of clay or limestone and clay.

Before fishing should be securely in the boat rods. However, keep in mind one important point: the rod should not be sinking, because the loss of it overboard it will disappear and you can lose it. In addition, if mining dragged it, with unsinkable embodiment, it will be easy to find on the surface of the pond.

Choosing a place for fishing

Correctly selected area for the upcoming fishing – half success. Beginners should listen to the advice and recommendations of the local old-timers-professionals. More experienced anglers can find productive areas, using such an indispensable thing as a sounder.

But if not at hand, and to measure the depth of a strong current is sometimes very difficult, the professionals try to identify the most promising sites visually. For example, substitution of steep banks and bends, the branches should immediately take note. These areas – the places most likely to the presence of prey. Here you need to look for pits, underwater hills, and river channel drop offs.

Selecting the efficient location and lowering it to the anchor, the angler must immediately implement starting complementary feeding. For this dry foods should be in very small proportions to add water, which should be diluted liquid flavors. And to do this required very careful not to accidentally overdo it, otherwise the fishing will be doomed to failure before it even started.

Mixture should be moist to stick in tight balls, about the size of a big Apple. For starters, you can make seven or eight pieces of bait. Moreover, the mixture must be kneaded, while still on the shore. As the Foundation experienced anglers use a variety of dry mixes, better from domestic producers to make it cheaper. To them some add the shredded halva.

Fishing from the boat at a fairly fast current on-Board the fishing rod will require a significantly greater amount of feeding: about twice or three times the number used when angling on standing water.

In order for the bait soon reached the bottom of the reservoir and to maximize slowly eroded to the water flow, some to one part of dry mix add approximately two to powdered clay. To increase the weight to the balls of "stone" go down in lure mixed with a few small pebbles. All components should be thoroughly mixed in a bucket.

Technique of catching bream on the side bait

If the place is chosen correctly, then the biting starts almost immediately – within one to three minutes. But usually the bream, being careful fish, swims up to the boat after 30 minutes. In the absence of bites in the course of sixty minutes, there is a sense, leaving tame at this point the buoy of foam, to send the boats in search of a better place.

Usually experienced lestnici starting to catch on two tackles various tips. Side rod for bream is something between increased winter and greatly reduced in size with the rod "Bologna" type. The components of a "crinoline" standard – arm with reel and fishing line, whip and, of course, warning.

At the approach of the production should determine the bait. Making sure that at the place of bream bite better, you should go fishing. This "works" only one side of the rod, and the other wound is in the boat as a backup option. Prokormil primarily along the perimeter of the Board, at the beginning of the fishing "crinoline" you need to throw in different places: the goal is to try to find the slope of an underwater hump or a hole, where the delay eroded bait. At such points often collects the loot.

On the cast side rod goes in the water and opened the arc of the line bale. At this time, should closely monitor a gathering cord. Once it starts to slow down, clear: the shipment has reached the bottom. When fly fishing in a fast stream should be periodically lifting the snap, off the line. Through such manipulations, the nozzle is like "steps" along the bottom, slowly moving away from the boat. As a result, possible to sh in a large space.

At long range bream are biting much more confident, so solid booty there more often than directly under the boat. If the hook caught a big catch, then by loosening the friction-brake, slowly start to draw out it. The technique of fishing on Board the fishing rod is simple. It is important not to release the rope from his hands and nod when rectified, it is necessary to strike. In this case, procrastination is dangerous, because the bream is only to feel heavy bait as he instantly spit it.