Dress - the main component of women's wardrobe. Selection of clothing color will help make the figure slimmer and sleeker. Maroon dress will help create a spectacular and beautiful image for any girl.

Who is suitable?

Burgundy shades are versatile and practical. For girls with blond hair fit more calm and muted tones. For dark-haired fashionistas ideal colors such as wine, ruby, mahogany. Burgundy dress definitely need to try on in front of a mirror. This will help you choose the most appropriate shade and style. Burgundy color in clothes is able to give an image of attractiveness and shine.Burgundy dress

This color has in the first place to the choice of an evening dress. Having correctly picked up accessories, it will turn out to create an incredibly bright image. Maroon dress in the floor will decorate the shape of any girl, make her slimmer and sleeker.

Textured knitted dress is suitable for everyday wear, and also emphasizes the color favorably, will give its nobility. If the style is chosen correctly, it will hide any figure flaws.

Mini dress will look good in red and burgundy color. Do not forget that such shades require bright makeup.

Casual style

For everyday wear, burgundy dress goes well with cardigans and short denim jackets.

In the summer, you can create a fashionable set using a combination of a dress made of light flowing fabric, a thin knitted bolero of a milky shade and shoes with a low heel. You can complement the image with a thin strap and a handbag to match.

On a cool autumn day, a knitted burgundy dress is perfectly combined with high boots of black color. Complete the image with a red handbag on a thin strap and a scarf.

Dresses to the knee in the absence of a color dress code can be safely put on the work at any time of the year.

Burgundy dress on the way out

To make the dress look stylish, a girl with an incredible sense of taste should wear it. Burgundy dress in the floor, made of chiffon, will look amazing. To him need only pick up accessories. You can complement the kit cardigan olive or gray.

A short beige dress is also suitable for special occasions. It can be worn with a white fitted blazer. In the evening make-up bright in tone dress should be lips.


Jewelery for a burgundy dress must be chosen correctly so that the overall style is harmonious. Accessories of yellow and white metal are suitable for clothes of this color. It is better to select them based on the hair color of the girl. White silver and platinum will suit blondes and gold for brunettes. The use of red and burgundy shades in accessories is not excluded.

The quantity depends on what level the event will be. For the correct laconic image of a shoe and a handbag, it is desirable to choose the same color. Classic black will be an excellent choice and not overshadow the shade of the dress.

Selection of shoes

Burgundy dress requires a special selection of shoes. It all depends on where it will be worn. Wedge-heeled shoes are suitable for everyday wear. They will be comfortable, and they are ideal for an office suite.

For evening dress shoes for a burgundy dress are selected on the heels. They need to choose the right clutch.

Five best images

To make your choice easier, you can rely on ready-made sets of clothes and shoes. Maroon dress allows you to create many beautiful images for any occasion. Five best sets:

  1. The dress of a simple cut knee-length is combined with a light-milk fitted jacket. Maroon shoes in medium heels will emphasize the slimness of the legs. Clutch is selected to such a neutral set, for example, red and beige. To emphasize elegance, you can complement the outfit with a thin gold chain.
  2. An excellent set for a date would be a burgundy dress, knitted of wool. You need to wear it with tight black tights and ankle boots. From accessories fit sunglasses in a burgundy frame, scarves in the box.
  3. For a festive evening, a long dress with a touch of Lurex will suit well. It will give shine to the girl. Shoes must be on the black heels or in tone to the dress. The clutch can be chosen in gold tone, and earrings with a red pebble will give the image conciseness.
  4. For the office version of a burgundy knit dress can be combined with a beige jacket. Low-heeled shoes and a handbag are matched to the top. You can diversify the set with a silk scarf of gray-pink shades.
  5. A simple and cute look will create a combination of a light flowing dress and low-heeled sandals. A thin belt with a gold buckle will add elegance.

It is necessary to approach a choice of a dress thoroughly. It is able to hide all the flaws of the figure and emphasize the advantages. Selection of accessories should be carried out in front of the mirror, so that you can see how all the elements of the image are combined.