Each bank offering its services on the market holds various promotions and launches programs in order to attract as many customers as possible. Is no exception and the largest domestic state bank Sberbank. In this article we will talk about one of his tools to reward his customers - about the “Thank you” program from Sberbank. How it works, who can be useful, as well as what are the reviews about it - read in this article.

Bonus program Thanks from Sberbank: reviews

About the program

First of all, it should be noted that the program is intended for users of credit cards issued by Sberbank. Its essence is to encourage people shopping in certain stores, cafes or restaurants. For the fact that a person pays with a card, he receives various bonuses (“Thank you” from Sberbank). Reviews show that in the future they can be spent on purchases.

Thus, the scheme is very simple: the more goods and services you buy, the more you end up with.

The program has been running for several years, thousands of people have managed to face it. Some of them were satisfied, others - not quite. In this article we will try to analyze feedback from such customers in order to find out what they liked about the program and what didn’t.

How to save?

Dedicated to “Thank you” from Sberbank reviews claim that to accumulate bonuses for future use is not so difficult. Especially if you live in large cities, where the bank’s partner shops are represented. If you want to get as many bonuses as possible, try to buy things more often in networks that charge “Thank you”. It is easy to understand. Just pay attention to some special rules. For example, bonuses are not accrued on cards with the logos MTS, Aeroflot and others, issued in cooperation with other companies. The same goes for the “Social” card.

There is another feature - if you follow the special actions held by the bank, you can accumulate bonuses on your card much faster. You can find out which of them are currently operating in a special section on the bank’s website or directly from the institution’s employees. Read more about what actions are carried out here, read further in the article.

In general, you can find out how many “Thank you” you can in the special online catalog of partners on the bank’s website. The bonus program “Thank you” from Sberbank (reviews confirm this) implies charging a certain percentage of the purchase depending on the store or cafe. For example, in Burger King they can charge up to 10%, in Euroset - 0.5%, in the “Yuterra” network - 5 percent. This rate, as you understand, varies depending on the trading network.

How to spend?

Received bonuses can be spent on making new purchases. This is actually the meaning of the whole action. Again, you can find out which stores or services accept bonuses on the bank’s website. It is noteworthy that you can spend and save bonuses not only in real, but also in online stores, buying items via the Internet. Here, for example, the Sberbank credit card holder can pay in bonuses both in the Pyaterochka grocery retail chain, on the WB.RU website, and at other points of sale. There are more than a hundred partners in the catalog. In fact, the program “Thank you” from Sberbank, the reviews about which we describe a little further, is constantly expanding by adding new stores. Therefore, even from this point of view, it makes sense to become its participant.

As for the shares held here, they can significantly speed up the process of accumulating bonuses, if we take them into account. For example, there is the so-called happy day. Its essence lies in the fact that all bonuses received by the client per day are multiplied 5 times. This allows you to get instead of 10% bonuses all 50.

Partner shops

As for the shops and retailers that are presented as partners Sberbank, a lot of them, to the person making the purchase, did not feel uncomfortable about the need to change the usual place where it happens regularly. That is, for example, if you previously bought products in “roundabout”, even using “Thank you” from Sberbank (the reviews say that many do – continue to visit the same shops), you can continue to buy food there! Additionally you will earn a bonus of 2% of the value of the check. This is a very nice, considering that no additional action is required. And you will be the time to return the money from their purchases.

Positive reviews

Given how profitable and convenient the program is, it is not surprising that there are a lot of positive recommendations dedicated to it. As part of the writing of this article, we compared some of the “Thank you” from Sberbank reviews and, thus, were able to get a general picture of how the program works.

In general, we can say that people from the positive side appreciate the opportunity to return the money spent. Many people talk about how they managed to save up enough money to buy some nice things that they couldn’t raise money for. For example, to give a child a mobile phone, buy a new e-reader for themselves, organize a weekend holiday and many other things - all this is available to anyone who pays for Sberbank credit cards. Moreover, such "amenities" appear, in fact, without a contribution from your side.

Especially enjoyable in the reviews called ongoing promotions. We have described only a few, but in reality they are much more. If you are planning to buy a new thing, just look at which of the days Sberbank will offer an increased bonus accrual rate, and choose it for shopping!

Bonus accrual

You yourself will not notice how “Thank you” on your card will be more. And, say, a few months later, the amount will be enough for the next purchase. Only, as reviews of the Sberbank Bonus Program “Thank you” show, it is important to confirm your bonuses in time. The thing is that if you don’t use the card for a long time, they can be canceled. Some users are offended to tell how bonuses accumulated over 2-3 years were written off. Therefore, opening a card, ask when you need to confirm all your “Thank you” in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

As some users write, the process of accumulating bonuses can become something of a gamble. Buying milk or bread every day, you gradually, but increase the balance of your “Thank you”. Interest from the “game” is to accumulate a sufficient amount to purchase the desired product.

Waste of bonuses

Those who have already bought something for the “Thank you” bonuses from Sberbank (we also managed to find feedback from these people) write that it is very pleasant: to realize that the thing you purchased was actually paid for nothing - only thanks to the stock from the bank. Therefore, in fact, the game is worth the candle - the pleasure to pay with bonus funds is really worth it to use credit cards anytime and anywhere. We wish that you could experience this feeling when you make the desired purchase with the funds received for free.

Negative reviews

However, the program is praised in every way, there is also a category of negative reviews, in which card users complain about certain circumstances. In order to understand what problems the program has, we studied them. Further, we simply collected typical situations that bank clients faced and explain why this happened to them.

Loss of bonuses

In fact, there are a lot of cases when the accumulated funds disappeared from the user card. In order to understand why this is happening, it is necessary to go to the “Rules” and get acquainted in more detail with the main conditions of the program. In particular, it is stated here that all bonuses can be written off if no operation has been performed on the card in the past 12 months. Or bonuses have not been used for 36 months from the time they were received. And also if the contract with the bank on participation in the program was terminated. In addition to these, there are other reasons that are independent of the client. For example, this is a situation where a partner company cannot fulfill its obligations. Or she simply refused to participate in the program. The feedback tape dedicated to the “Thank you” program from Sberbank is replete with comments from people who have forgotten about the rule of 12 or 36 months and as a result lost their bonuses. Keep this in mind when you are going to save bonuses for a more serious purchase.

Security measures

There is another category of cases mentioned in the reviews. These are possible checks on the validity of accrual of bonuses by the bank. Again, there is a category of recommendations that describe the action “Thank you” from Sberbank. Reviews indicate that immediately at the time of purchase (when a bonus should be written off), the card can be blocked by the bank security representatives. Some users describe that by calling the hotline in order to understand what was happening, they heard the consultant’s comment that the card would “hang” in a locked state until the owner sent the details of some of their purchases. This happens, in particular, if a payment was made from a card to a foreign online store. By sending screenshots of the operations performed, you can unlock the card and return “Thank you” from Sberbank. Reviews, discussions of the program by those who have already gained some experience with it, testify, however, that this does not always work. And the bank can really find some kind of operation suspicious by refusing to accrue bonuses.

Why are these partners?

Many of those who are interested in the program ask the question “Why are these partners?”. What is the benefit for a store or restaurant to return to the buyer 2.5 or 10 percent of the value of the goods?

It is obviously “Thank you” from Sberbank negative reviews of partner organisations (as, indeed, positive) to find us, most likely, will not succeed. Attention should be paid to the fact that the program is constantly growing the number of partners (stores that are willing to give bonuses). So it is profitable from the point of view of advertising, attracting customers, increasing sales.

So, we have analyzed the reviews of Sberbank of Russia (“Thank you”). For Sberbank, this program is a great way to increase the number of card users and motivate people to hold funds not in cash, but in accounts. Partners, apparently, it is beneficial in terms of promotion. But to people who pay for purchases with a card, and as a result they get the opportunity to buy even more, such an action makes it possible to save. Let the interest rate of return of the spent funds is rather low, as a result, it will take a long time to save. The main thing is that everything happens unnoticed, in fact, without your participation. And after a couple of months, you see the accumulated amount and rejoice that at one time have issued a Sberbank card.

It is only important to familiarize yourself with the details of the program and read its rules in order to know how bonuses are charged and written off when they are burned. So you, at least, will be sure that “Thank you” will not disappear just like that, but will delight you with a new purchase!